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I have a virus on my computer Toshiba Satellite

\015 I have a virus on my computer Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 and need to wipe my hard drive and restore it to factory settings. How do I do this. I do not have a disk.\015

Answers :

You're going to need a few bits before you start:\012

1) Drivers:  Start here:
...and download a complete set of drivers for the operating system you intend to install.  I couldn't give you a more exact page...there's 3 different flavours of A200.  You'll probably be able to tell which by looking at the label on the bottom of your machine.

2) Operating system:
Now you have an OEM copy of (presumably) Windows, so you're licensed to run a different copy of the same OS.  So go here:
...and pick out your OS.  You'll need a bittorrent client to download it, and there is a good free one here:
I can personally vouch for TinyXP Rev09 and Tiny7 Rev01, as I repair people's computers with them relatively frequently.  The big advantage to these versions of windows is that they come with driverpacks...so quite often your computer works without needing any additional drivers.  Sometimes you have to load one or two for your particular machine.

3) Insurance: Hiren's boot CD:
...it does come packaged with the eXPerience windows discs, but I find it more convenient to have it on a separate CD
Right, you have your drivers; a copy of Windows and Hiren's Boot CD.  Hiren's and Windows will come as disc images, and they will need burning to CDs.  A free burning program that does disc images is here:
...if you don't have one.  Burn the windows disc.  Burn the Hiren's one BUT add your Toshiba drivers to the image before you start burning (just drag and drop them in).  Hiren's is a shade under 200Mb, so there should be room on the CD for the drivers.
Now you have your toolkit, in the shape of a Windows install disc, and a Hiren's disc with your drivers on.  Nearly ready to start.  But!  Have you got any data you need to get off your infected machine?  You can buy a USB stick cheaply, or an external USB hard disk if you want to get a lot of stuff off.  Obviously you are the best judge of what you need to rescue, but some things commonly forgotten are:
-bookmarks from your browser
-work done (have a good look at your 'My Documents')
-email archives
-sometimes programs store data (chat logs for example) in the program folder.  These are easily missed.

NOTE: THERE IS A RISK OF CARRYING A VIRUS FROM YOUR BACKUP TO YOUR NEW SETUP.  You are almost certainly safe if you don't run any executables from the USB backup device; but backup; take it out of the machine when finished backing up and put it to one side for now.
We have the install CDs, we've backed up all the stuff you want to keep and we're ready to begin:
1) Put the Hiren's disc in and boot from that
2) If it doesn't boot, you'll need to restart the machine, hit F2 (repeatedly) as soon as it starts and in the BIOS change the boot order so that "Boot from CD" is above "Boot from HDD".  Save changes and exit.
3) An options list will come up- you want to "Start MicroXP"
4) Start Acronis Disk Director...it will show you 2 partitions on your hard disk.  Delete them both.  THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN...MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED OFF YOUR DISK BEFORE DOING THIS.
5) Put your Windows install disc in and restart your computer.
6) You'll get a list of install options...choose one of the "With added driverpacks" ones....whether you want to install Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player is up to you.
7) You'll need to create a partition; format it and install Windows on it- the windows setup will talk you through it.  Just follow the onscreen directions
8) Once you're past the partition creation and formatting, Windows will just install.  Don't worry about a serial number- it's all done.   Your machine will reboot a time or 3 during the install, but it'll tell you what it's doing as it goes along.
Now you have formatted your machine and have a shiny new copy of windows on it.  
1) The screen is probably too low a resolution, so right-click anywhere on the desktop; select "Properties" or "Screen Resolution" and adjust it upwards until you're happy.  If it doesn't go high enough, you may need to load the video driver (that you have a copy of on your Hiren disc, remember?).  
2) Do you have sound?  My advice here, is if your sound works, leave it alone.  I have had some computers where the 'proper' sound drivers have argued with the eXPerience ones, necessitating a reinstall.
3) Webcam?  You'll probably need the 'proper' driver.
4) Wifi?  Probably works already.  Leave it alone if it does.  Use Windows Zero Configuration and keep it simple...you almost certainly won't gain any advantage by installing the 'proper' drivers and may end up having to reinstall if it all goes horribly wrong.
Alright!  Shiny new Windows and it all works!  Remember that we're only here because of a virus, so a good idea would be to reduce the chances of it happening again.  
Download the following 4 programs and UPDATE THEM (you may choose different programs, but I use these ones...they're pretty effective (nothing is 100%) and they work well together.  And they're free!):
One final thing to do:  Plug in your backup disc of rescued data from the 'old computer' and do a full scan with Antivir AND Malwarebytes before you click on anything or let the files anywhere near your clean install.

That's it.  Good luck!

If the computer is running, shut it down -- by clicking Start,\015\012 Shut Down, and again Shut Down

Press and hold the 0 (zero) key on your keyboard and then press \015\012the computers power switch. When the computer turns on, the Toshiba HDD \015\012Recovery Utility screen will appear, presenting three options:


Press 1 to restore your hard disk drive to its original factory \015\012default state. A confirmation message will appear, indicating that all \015\012data will be overwritten and lost during the restore process. Be sure to\015\012 back up all important files before proceeding.
Click Yes to begin the recovery. A message will appear once the operation is finished, indicating the HDD has been restored.
Press any key to restart the computer.\015\012

If you don't have a recovery partiton then you will need to order recovery disks.


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