Having problems with your Toshiba Satellite A105 Notebook ?

It turns off for no reason unexpectedly - Toshiba Satellite A105 Notebook

Answers :

Is the Air Intake Duct dirty? (Bottom of laptop where air is drawn in)

If so, this is an indication that the entire cooling system is dirty, as well as the other components inside the laptop.

[Laptop off view the bottom. Laptop facing you the Air Intake Duct is towards the left rear, and slightly in the middle. There is a grille opening. Shining a flashlight you may be able to see the fan blades]

For this laptop, the Cooling System is composed of the Air Intake Duct, the Cooling Fan, the CPU Cooling Module, the VGA Cooling Module, and Heatsink.

[CPU is the Processor. VGA is the graphics chip. The cooling modules consist of a cooling tube, with a flat metal shield going across the Processor, and graphics chip. The Heatsink sits on top of the processor ]

Dirt, dust, hair, food crumbs, you name it, is drawn into the Air Intake Duct. The best housekeeper in the world will not matter, as this foreign material makes it's way in, no matter how fastidious a person is about cleaning.

(If it isn't part of the laptop, and isn't just air, it's 'Foreign Debris'. Dirt, dust, etc.)

The laptop needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

When this foreign material cakes up inside the cooling system of the laptop, the cooling capacity drops tremendously.

The Processor must be kept below a certain thermal range, (temperature)
If the Processor becomes too hot, it turns off.
(BIOS turns it off)

This is a Fail Safe feature that is built-in. Keeps the Processor from burning up.
No Processor, no computer.

When the laptop is running, do you hear the fan spinning? If the fan does not spin when the laptop is being used for a program, the fan may be bad.

While the laptop is running, gently lift the laptop up a little, and place you hand towards the left rear. Do you feel air being drawn in?

Should you wish to clean your laptop's cooling system yourself, and avoid the expense of having a professional do it:

1.Buy a can of compressed air for computers. Many stores that carry computer accessories have this. Cost varies, but average is around $6.

2.Remove the AC adapter (Charger) if plugged in. Remove the Battery. There must be no electrical source to the laptop.

3.Depending upon how much foreign debris has built up, you may want to don a dust mask.
(If to your knowledge the laptop has never been cleaned, the amount may surprise you)

4.Snap the plastic lock tab, off of the top of the can of compressed air. Insert the plastic 'straw'.

5.Place a folded clean old towel, that you don't care about on a table.

Laptop closed, place the front side on the towel. (Laptop sitting on the front edge, bottom of laptop facing you. Hold the laptop with one hand, and the can of air with the other)

The hinges for the display are on top now, and the Air Intake Duct is to the top right side. You will see a grille that covers the Air Intake opening.

6.Bring the straw approximately 1 finger length away from the grille opening.
You are going to start at the top of the grille opening, from one direction, and go to the other side as you spray air.
(Left to Right, or Right to Left)

Spraying the air should be done as a professional spray painter paints.
Go across, then drop down a row, and go across again.
(The distance you drop down is up to you, to make the next row across. You may judge this by watching the dust that is blown off)

When you start spraying air, start before the grille opening, and when you end go past the grille opening.
Hold the trigger in all the way until you get to the other side, then let go all at once.

Keep going down in rows until you reach the bottom, and past the grille opening.

7.Now bring the straw right up against the grille opening.
This time you are going to spray the air differently.
You want to use Short Bursts.
Squeeze the trigger in all the way, then let go quickly.

The reason you are using this method now, is that you could spin the Cooling Fan too fast.
Spinning the fan faster than it was designed for, may cause premature failure of the fan's bearings.

The fan could stop spinning before it's time.
If you hear the fan make a 'Z-I-I-I-I-N-G' noise, back away a little bit. The fan is spinning too fast.

This time also you are starting at the top, but aiming the straw at an angle. Going from away from the top edge, to aiming down towards the grille.

You are trying to spray air at the top of the Air Intake Duct, and leave a path for the foreign debris to come out of the bottom.

During using the can of compressed air, you may notice that the top of the can, and the nozzle area tends to freeze up. (Frost)

This is normal. The air is coming out so fast that it tends to freeze the moisture in the outside air. Also the propellant used in the can of air cause freezing.

Lay the laptop down in it's normal position, and set the can of air down. Let the can of air sit for 5 to 10 minutes to warm back up.

You will also notice that the directions on the can of air, state to not tilt the can during usage.
If you do some of the propellant will come out also.

To do a good job, it is inevitable that you will tilt the can of air. To do as I have guided above, you will tilt the can of air.

Try to keep the can of air in a vertical position while using it, but in the advise above about tilting it, it will be okay for this short period.
(Close to grille with plastic straw)

8.When you are satisfied the Air Intake Duct is clean, and the cooling system inside, I suggest propping the laptop up on one side with a book.

Lay the book on the table, and prop up the side that is opposite of the Air Intake Duct. (Right side as the front of the laptop faces you)

This, will allow any moisture that may have occurred when cleaning with the can of air, to dissipate.

I suggest allowing 20 to 30 minutes.

When you are satisfied that the laptop is free from moisture, reinstall the Battery.
Attach the AC adapter.

Wait 1 minute, then turn the laptop on.

This link will show you what your Cooling System looks like inside your laptop, and more specifically the Cooling Fan.
If you are going to clean the Cooling System, I feel this may help you to understand, what you are cleaning.


This is a reference for removing the Motherboard from a Toshiba Satellite A105.
At the bottom of the first page here are the page numbers. [In white. Page 1::Page2::Page 3]

Go to Page 3, and Step 20. Left-click on the photo to enlarge.

Air is drawn in from the bottom by those fan blades.

Then air is pushed to the outside of the laptop, (Left in photo), over towards the copper finned heatsink.

This heatsink is finned, and attached to a copper Cooling Tube.

The Cooling Tube curves around, and is attached to another Heatsink above the Processor.
(The Processor isn't visible. It's underneath. Where Heatsink is printed in red, is where the Processor is at)

The copper squarish plate to the right, (With two corners cut off), is the heatsink for the graphics chip.

The first copper heatsink, that is right up against the fan's shroud, (Casing), is an area that builds up with the foreign material.

There is a filter placed at the opening of the fan's shroud, where it meets that heatsink. It's rectangular in shape.
(The material is a lot like that used in a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. The spongy, round, thin filter that goes on, before the paper filter is attached)

This filter can become so clogged after time, that the can of compressed air may not be able to clean it.

The laptop would have to be taken to a professional.
The tech will partially disassemble the laptop, remove the filter, and use soft brushes plus compressed air to thoroughly clean the laptop.

I apologize for the length of this solution, but I wanted to give you as much of an understanding of what may be the problem, and the solution to cure it.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Toshiba Satellite A105 Notebook

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