Having problems with your Toshiba Satellite A105 Notebook ?

My laptop gets so hot it blows hot air alot- whats wrong???

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On the bottom of your laptop is an Air Intake Duct. There is a small fan inside the laptop that draws air in through this duct, and distributes it to a Cooling Tube. The Cooling Tube is directly connected to a Heatsink, and the Heatsink is directly connected to the Processor.

As a processor works it creates heat. Electrons moving across tiny circuitry that is measured in Nanometers, makes heat. (Caused by resistance. Resistance creates heat)

The Heatsink is a block of metal with fins protruding. Heat from the processor is absorbed into the fins, and air blowing over the fins transfers heat out of the laptop.

Since the Air Intake Duct is located on the bottom of the laptop, this is a very good(?) area to draw up foreign debris. Anything other than air, is foreign debris. Dirt, Dust, Hair, Food Crumbs, Lint, and other debris is drawn inside the cooling components of the laptop.

The fan blades, center fan hub, and the outside structure around the fan, collects this debris. Eventually the debris adds up, makes the path of the air smaller, and the cooling capacity is dropped tremendously.
More heat is collected inside, and cannot be transferred outside the laptop. The air becomes hotter.

Solution is to clean the Air Intake Duct, with a can of compressed air for computers. This is done with ALL electrical sources for the laptop removed! AC adapter, (Charger), and Battery. The laptop is rested on it's side on a table, held with one hand, or a helper holds it. I rest them on a lint free soft cloth, so that the laptop does not become scratched, nor the tabletop.

Attach the plastic 'straw' that comes with the can of air, to it's nozzle. Use Short Bursts when cleaning the Air Intake Duct!! A Short Burst is squeezing the trigger in all the way, then letting go.
Reason for short bursts is the small fan inside the laptop. The fan is only designed to spin so fast. Spinning it faster than it was designed for, may lead to premature failure of the fan's bearings.

Sometimes the Air Intake Duct, and fan components are very clogged, and a can of compressed air for computers simply won't do it. The laptop needs to be taken to a competent computer repair shop, where the tech will open the laptop. The foreign debris is then removed with tools for the job, in addition to using a can of compressed air.

Also the laptop should be kept on a hard flat surface. It is very easy to accidentally block off the Air Intake Duct. If you put the laptop on your lap, your clothes may block it off. Same thing with having it on a bed, or couch, or directly on a carpet floor.

Using a laptop cooling pad helps also. There are some relatively cheap ones available. A $20 to $25 laptop cooling pad may be all you need. You can look these up online.

The following is just for Information purposes, and is designed in mind, to show you the internals of your laptop. Just so you can see the hardware components that I have been referring to. It is NOT a suggestion to open the laptop yourself!


(At the bottom of the main page you will see Page 1::Page 2::Page 3. The main page is Page 1. To go to Page 2 and 3, just click on them. You can click on each photo to enlarge them)
Hot spot, fan always runs? Many laptop brands and models have\015\012characteristic hot spots, like a particular corner of the keyboard or\015\012over the battery compartment. Before proceeding with the more invasive\015\012cleaning techniques that involve opening up the laptop (and potentially\015\012breaking something), spend some time searching the web for user\015\012feedback on your make and model. The bothersome hot spot on your laptop\015\012that none of your friends or colleagues have ever hear of may be a\015\012characteristic issue with your particular model and not worth a major\015\012panic.Similarly, if the fan always runs, or almost always runs, it may\015\012be a characteristic of the particular model that it simply gets hot in\015\012normal operation, or the fan control software might be poorly\015\012conceived. As long as the laptop isn’t overheating, I’d probably learn\015\012to live with a fan that seems to run too much if it’s typical for the\015\012model, and only get worried when I don’t hear it anymore.

On the other hand, if the settings are all on the defaults, the fan\015\012never comes on, and the system is overheating, it’s either a fan\015\012failure or a problem with the control circuit. The fan itself is a\015\012replaceable DC fan that usually can be replaced without removing the\015\012heatsink (if it’s mounted directly on the CPU or graphics processor).\015\012One simple test for notebook fans is to blow on them. If the fan\015\012doesn’t spin, either the bearing has failed or something is melted or\015\012jammed, because the motors are tiny. Testing the control circuit is an\015\012open-unit bench job that I don’t recommend unless you are an\015\012experienced technician. It’s easier to just replace the fan with a\015\012known good unit, and if it still doesn’t work the problem is in the\015\012controller or the power supply to the fan.

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My laptop gets so hot it blows hot air alot- whats wrong???

On the bottom of your laptop is an Air Intake Duct. There is a small fan inside the laptop that draws air in through this duct, and distributes it to a Cooling Tube. The Cooling Tube is directly connected to a Heatsink, and the Heatsink is directly c ... Toshiba Satellite A105 Notebook

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