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Toshiba a100 screen not working

\015 I have a Toshiba satellite pro a100, i can get the screen working, not even an external one. had this laptop for year now. recley put win 7 rc on,week after BSOD every 10 mins after start up.now wont even show the bios screen. i think the grifx chip is f***ed . but just wanted to get a 2nd option. oh and i'm really good with computers so give me all the detailsthanks\015

Answers :


The easiest and most foolproof method for testing your LCD screen is to\015\012hook up the laptop to an external monitor. If the video output on the\015\012external monitor looks fine, this means that the problem is with the\015\012video connector, with your LCD panel itself, or with the circuitry that\015\012turns on the LCD.

What do we do? It all starts with\015\012disassembling the notebook. Find the video connector on the system\015\012board (if the video is integrated on the motherboard) or on the video\015\012card that is attached to the motherboard. Try re-connecting the cables.\015\012You may as well locate the display connector on the back of the end LCD\015\012panel. Re-seat that one too. This way you can be sure that the problem\015\012is not related to connections.
Every now and then the switch located\015\012on the system board that turns the backlight of the LCD on and off can\015\012become stuck. If this is the problem then your LCD never powers on.\015\012There's a little switch that detects whether the screen of your\015\012notebook is open or closed. That's the one we're talking about. Try to\015\012push it down and hope it gets unstuck.

Disassembling the laptop\015\012to unstick this switch is an option, but sometimes you can get away\015\012with not taking it apart. Try lightly hitting that plastic switch. But\015\012wait, this isn't the only possible cause, unfortunately. Re-seat the\015\012other connectors and cables that are present around the LCD panel and\015\012the video on board (including the inverter).
All of the\015\012aforementioned can usually be fixed, but let's not forget about the\015\012screen itself. Sometimes the screen can become defective. Here we'll\015\012enumerate a few scenarios where the screen has gone bad and must be\015\012replaced: lots of vertical lines or bands appearing on the screen; half\015\012of the screen works fine but the other half stays either black (blank)\015\012or really white; the output on the screen looks blurred and changes to\015\012different patterns; and so forth. These are almost always signs of a\015\012defective LCD panel.

However, if the output on the screen is\015\012nothing but garbage, such as incorrectly placed special characters,\015\012shadows around the characters, unknown randomly placed marks of\015\012different colors, distorted or ugly-looking geometric patterns, or tiny\015\012little white dots all over the screen, then these are almost always due\015\012to the system board or the connection between the LCD panel and the\015\012video card. Re-seat the connectors.

All in all, these are some\015\012of the most common hardware failures. Nevertheless, before we finish\015\012this part, let's name some of the others that will be covered in the\015\012second segment of this guide, along with the promised system\015\012instability troubleshooting strategies. These include clicking noises\015\012coming from the HDD, which is the well-known symptom of a dying HDD.\015\012Thus, back up your important data as soon as possible and order a\015\012replacement. Overheating is also discussed thoroughly.

Hope it may helpful for you

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Hi..The easiest and most foolproof method for testing your LCD screen is to\015\012hook up the laptop to an external monitor. If the video output on the\015\012external monitor looks fine, this means that the problem is with the\015\012vi ... Toshiba Satellite A100-ST3211 Notebook

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