Having problems with your Toshiba PSAFGU-058002 Notebook ?

Computer shuts down for no reason- fully charged

\015 A215-6804 shutsdown for no reason\015

Answers :

1.I suggest your laptop is getting too hot. When the processor becomes too hot, it shuts off. (BIOS turns it off, actually)
This is a fail safe feature, to keep the processor from burning up. (Literally! Like on fire!)

Processors usually become too hot, when the Air Intake Duct is clogged with foreign debris. Dust/Dirt/Lint/Food Crumbs/Carpet Deodorizer, you name it, is 'inhaled' through the Air Intake Duct.
With the laptop on, you've probably noticed that there is an opening the laptop brings air in, and an Exhaust Duct that heated air comes out of.

You may also have noticed that the Air Intake Duct is located on the bottom. Sometimes it's on the side, near the Exhaust Duct. A very poor place as the above stated foreign debris is easily brought into the laptop.
Add to this, that there is a small fan at the end of a funnel like opening, bringing the air in. The funnel like opening is called a Cooling Tube. The large size of the Air Intake Duct that you see, usually narrows down to a Cooling Tube that is the width of your finger width, and about half as thick in height. At the end of the Cooling Tube is a filter made up of a porous sponge like material. (Synthetic) This traps all of the foreign debris.

Laptops have a poor cooling design to start with. All of the hardware components are crammed into one small box, and there is a little fan to blow air over the components. Very inefficient!

To help rectify this, you could purchase a can of compressed air for computers, and try blowing the Air Intake Duct out. (NOT the Exhaust Duct!)
AC adapter removed, (Charger), and battery removed. Break the plastic lock tab off of the can of air's trigger mechanism. (It's on top) Insert the plastic 'straw'. Laptop held up on it's side on a table, with one hand, can of air in the other.
Bring the straw about 1 finger length away from the Air Intake Duct grille. NO closer than this, at this time! Start at the top left corner of the grille, and spray air across. Squeeze the trigger in all the way as you start, let go when you are at the end of the other side.
Drop down a row. The distance you drop down is up to you. Your 'Guesstimate' will be pretty accurate. Go across again. Keep going down until you are at the bottom.

Now bring the straw back up to the top. This time, put the straw right against the grille. BUT, this time use Short Bursts! Squeeze the trigger in all the way, BUT let go quickly!
You are using Short Bursts now, because of the small fan inside. The fan is only designed to spin so fast. Spinning it faster than it was designed for, can lead to premature failure of the fan's bearings!
(The fan's bearings will go out before they're designed to, and the fan will stop spinning)

While using the can of air for a length of time, you may notice that the air pressure seems to drop. This is because the air is coming out so fast, that the outside air's moisture is freezing. You'll see frost on the top of the can. Just let the can sit for a while, and warm up, then you can use it again.
You'll also note that tipping the can of air will cause propellant to come out. You're supposed to keep the can level while using it, but when doing a good job, this becomes hard to do. It's okay, just refrain from tipping the can a lot.

I suggest bringing the laptop back to it's normal position, and propping one end up with a book. This will give time, for any of the propellant that came out of the can, and went into the laptop, to dry out.
Give it about 10 minutes or so. When you are satisfied the laptop is dried out, reinsert the battery, and then plug in the AC adapter, (Charger) Give the laptop 2 minutes, then turn it on.

2.Listen to make sure the fan is spinning, and is bringing air into the Air Intake Duct. The fan may have quit in the first place, and this could be the problem.

You may also want to invest in a Cooling Pad. There are expensive ones, and inexpensive ones. Some of the inexpensive ones will do the job just fine. Here are some examples of Cooling Pads,

If the screen is blank with only the pointer you may need to flash your bios. I had that problem, and others too. I got the bios upgrade from Toshiba.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Toshiba PSAFGU-058002 Notebook

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Computer shuts down for no reason- fully charged

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