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I want to install again the WINDOWS 2000 Professional and i can't do it because it shows a blue image and says that i've to put the win 2000 pro disk on the diskdrive and i put. when i go to the installation the computer says that its any disk on the drive what sould i do? And i don't know any hot key to reset my BIOS password because i forgot it. so.....can you help me here???

Answers :

What is the boot order in the BIOS? Set that to 1=FDD 2=CD-ROM 3=HDD
While the PC is still on, put the Windows CD in the drive
Restart the PC, watch the screen for a prompt to boot from cd - press a key
The installation will start, you will need to choose where to install Windows
If you do not need to save any data, format the C: drive and install window there.
Follow the prompts the rest of the way through the installation.
You will need to enter the Windows License code at some point.
It is a good idea to change the regional settings to match your location and how you want the date and time formatted.
Most things should be detected and installed automatically, so you are safe to accept the defaults.
After about 45 minutes you will need to restart the PC and then you should be ready to enjoy Windows 2000.
Be sure to go to Windows Update and install all of the patches.

Good Luck and let me know how it goes.

~ Spoem
\015\012\015\012Installing Windows 2000 ProfessionalTo install Windows 2000 Professional, follow these steps:\015\012
  1. Start the installation by using one of the following methods:\015\012
    • Start from the Windows 2000 Professional installation CD-ROM. Make sure that the CD-ROM is set to start before the hard disk starts. Insert the CD-ROM, and then when you are prompted, press any key to start the Windows 2000 Professional Setup program.
    • \015\012
    • Start from boot disks. Insert Disk 1, and then insert each of the remaining three floppy disks when you are prompted to do so. For additional information about creating boot disks for Windows 2000, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:\015\012197063  How to Create Setup Boot Disks for Windows 2000
    • \015\012
    • Start from within a current operating system. Insert the CD-ROM, and then, at a command prompt, type drive:\\i386\\winnt32.exe and then press ENTER, or if this is an installation on a computer that has no previous installation of Windows, type drive:\\i386\\winnt.exe and then press ENTER, where drive is the letter of the CD-ROM drive.
  2. \015\012
  3. Setup inspects your computer's hardware configuration and then begins to install the Setup and driver files. When the Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional screen appears, press ENTER to set up Windows 2000 Professional.
  4. \015\012
  5. Read the license agreement, and then press the F8 key to accept the terms of the license agreement and continue the installation.
  6. \015\012
  7. When the Windows 2000 Professional Setup screen appears, either press ENTER to set up Windows 2000 Professional on the selected partition, or press C to create a partition in the unpartitioned space.
  8. \015\012
  9. If you choose to install Windows 2000 Professional on a file allocation table (FAT) partition, specify whether you want to:\015\012
    • Leave the current file system intact.
    • \015\012
    • Format the partition as FAT16.
    • \015\012
    • Convert the existing file system to the NTFS file system.
    • \015\012
    • Format the partition by using the NTFS file system.
    Press ENTER after you make your selection. Setup examines the existing hard disks and then copies the files that are needed to complete the installation of Windows 2000 Professional. After the files are copied, the computer restarts.

    Important Do not press a key to boot from your CD-ROM drive when your computer restarts.
  10. \015\012
  11. When the Windows 2000 GUI Mode Setup Wizard appears, click Next to start the wizard. Setup detects and installs such devices as a specialized mouse or keyboard.
  12. \015\012
  13. When the Regional Options dialog box appears, customize your installation of Windows 2000 Professional for locale, number format, currency, time, date, and language, if necessary. Click Next.
  14. \015\012
  15. In the Personalize Your Software dialog box, type your name and the name of your organization, and then click Next.
  16. \015\012
  17. In the Product ID dialog box, type the 25-character product key, and then click Next.
  18. \015\012
  19. In the Computer Name and Password dialog box, either accept the default name that Setup generates or assign a different name for the computer. When you are prompted for an administrative password, type a password for the Administrator account. (You can leave the box blank; however, this is not recommended.) Click Next.
  20. \015\012
  21. In the Date and Time Settings dialog box, set the correct date and time for your computer. You can also specify which time zone you are in and set the computer to automatically adjust the clock for daylight saving time. Click Next.
  22. \015\012
  23. Setup installs the networking software and detects your network settings. When theNetwork Settings dialog box appears, click either

    • Typical to set default network settings such as File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks, Client for Microsoft Networks, and TCP/IP protocol that uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), or
    • \015\012
    • Custom to specify the network components that you require for your network environment,
    and then click Next.
  24. \015\012
  25. In the Workgroup or Computer Domain dialog box, specify the workgroup or the domain to join. If you indicate that you are part of a domain, specify your domain user name and password. Click Next.

    Setup installs the networking components.
  26. \015\012
  27. During the final stage of installation, Setup installs Start menu items, registers components, saves settings, and removes temporary files. When the Completing the Windows 2000 Setup Wizard dialog box prompts you to do so, remove the Windows 2000 CD-ROM, and then click Finish to restart the computer.
  28. \015\012
  29. After the computer restarts, click Next in the Welcome to the Network Identification Wizard dialog box.
  30. \015\012
  31. In the Users of This Computer dialog box, specify either that users must enter a user name and password or that you want Windows 2000 to automatically log on a specific user when the computer starts. Click Finish.
When the Windows 2000 Professional desktop appears, the installation is complete.

\015\012\015\012I will be grateful if you can give proper rating to the solution.\015\012
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I want to install again the WINDOWS 2000 Professional and i can't do it because it shows a blue image and says that i've to put the win 2000 pro disk on the diskdrive and i put. when i go to the installation the computer says that its any disk on the drive what sould i do? And i don't know any hot key to reset my BIOS password because i forgot it. so.....can you help me here???

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