Having problems with your SVA-USA VR 17S 17" Flat Panel LCD Monitor ?

When i turn on my computer all it tells me is sva no signal input please check video signal

Answers :

No Signal.
No signal coming from the computer.
The monitor is working, but there isn't any video signal coming from the computer.

1.Could be a bad video cable. The one from the monitor to the computer.
Do you have another computer available to test this monitor on? Use the video cable attached to it now.

You have a computer problem.

Doesn't work?
Use the video cable on the computer you're doing a test with.

You have a bad video cable.

Computer problem.

Does your computer have a graphics card, or is it Integrated Graphics that the monitor is plugged into?
(Integrated Graphics is also referred to as 'Onboard' graphics. ON the motherBoard)

With Integrated Graphics your monitor will be plugged into the I/O area on the back of the computer.
I/O = Input/Output

This area, is where the rectangular metal shield on the back of the computer is located. A mouse and keyboard are usually connected in this area.
Example of an I/O Shield,


A graphics card is a separate hardware component that is plugged into an expansion slot, and you will see it towards the bottom of the computer case. There are slots in the metal frame of the computer case, and you will see the outside edge of the graphics card located in one of these slots.

Example of a basic graphics card,


It could be a problem with the Integrated Graphics, (GPU soldered to motherboard), or an issue with the graphics card, if used.

The main problem I see when repairing are one of three issues, or a combination of two or more issues.
1.The inside of the computer is dirty, and the power supply.
2.The power supply is bad.
3.Electrolytic Capacitors have failed, or are failing on the motherboard.

1a.If the inside of the computer is dirty, so is the inside of the power supply. The power supply's fan draws air through the computer.

Dust/Dirt/Hair, and other foreign objects, are drawn in with the air from the cooling fan/s, and the power supply fan.
No matter how good a person is as a housekeeper, this foreign material is drawn in. It requires a regular cleaning of the inside of the computer, as well as the power supply.

The computer is turned off, and unplugged from power. Computer case open. A can of compressed air is then used to clean the computer. (Plastic straw attached. Do Not make the small processor fan spin too fast. It is only designed to spin so fast. Spinning it faster than it is designed for, can lead to premature failure of the fan's bearings)

2a.Power supply failure. This is a multifaceted problem.
When foreign material clogs the cooling components inside the computer, (Fan/s, and processor heatsink), plus the power supply, (Fan, and heatsinks inside), the power supply has to put out more power.

Heat = Wasted Energy.
The more heat due to cooling capacity drop, the more power is required. The power supply can only keep up so long, and components inside eventually fail.

Generally it's Electrolytic Capacitors as they are the weakest link. Electrolytic paste inside the capacitor develops a gas, and breaks the seal stature of the capacitor. This leads to Electrolytic paste oozing out, and capacitor failure to follow.

A power supply with failing, or failed capacitors has a weak voltage rail, or more than one voltage rail.
There are three voltages produced by a personal computer power supply.
A.3.3 Volts
B.5 Volts
C.12 Volts

With a bad power rail the power supply has enough power to light lights, and spin fans, (Usually), but not enough power to turn the processor on.
1.ALL the lights require less than 1 Watt.
2.EACH fan requires 2 to 3 Watts.
3.A typical processor requires 55 to 125 Watts. Depends on what processor it is.

(You may even hear the harddrive spinning. Enough power to make the harddrive motor turn, but with no processor, there is nothing to make the Operating System on the harddrive work. Operating System example: Windows XP)

3a.Bad Electrolytic Capacitors on the motherboard.

As mentioned, Electrolytic Capacitors have Electrolytic paste inside. The paste develops a gas, (Hydrogen Gas), and pushes against a rubber seal on the bottom of the capacitor. It can also push against the top of the capacitor, and break the capacitor metal case open.

(Usually there is an X or lK on top of the capacitor. This shape is stamped into the thin metal on top. It spreads open when there is too much pressure, alleviating the pressure that has built up. Paste oozes out of here also)

Electrolytic Capacitors that surround the Processor are Voltage Regulators. The Processor must have a clean, steady, supply of voltage. The Processor has a very small tolerance range.
Too little it doesn't turn on. Too much, and it won't stay on.

This details out the visual signs of Electrolytic Capacitor failure,


Electrolytic Capacitors do not always show visible signs of failure. The paste can dry up inside, and no external failure is present.

If you see capacitor failure on the motherboard, then you automatically know what is wrong.
If you do not see failure of capacitors, then you may want to try using a known, good, power supply for a test.

Would appreciate 'hearing' what the outcome is.
Sometimes the monitor could of blown or your graphics card has gone bad. first check and see if your graphics card still works. go to another monitor and hook it up if it works then your monitor has blown if it doesn't work then you have a graphics card problem.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for SVA-USA VR 17S 17" Flat Panel LCD Monitor

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