Having problems with your Sony VGN-A270: VGN-A270 Pentium M Centrino 745 1.8GHz, 512MB RAM, 40GB Hard Drive, DVD+/-RW Double Layer,... (VGNA270VGNA270PENTIUMM) PC Notebook ?

How To Install Hard Drive In Sony VGN-A270 NoteBook

\015 Hi, my 60gb Hitachi hard drive went bad so I purchased a new identical one, but I don't know where the hard drive is located in this notebook and I don't know how to properly get to it. Sony's website states it doesn't support hard drive replacement by end users.\015\012Please help\015

Answers :

I suggest you read this before you start so that way you know if it's somthing that you want to do.
\015\012This is for the VGN-A270 Laptop
\015\012but i'm sure it will work for your's
\015\012You will need a philips head screwdriver and a regular head screwdriver.
\015\012Put the laptop on top of a table or any other working area without anything that can caus static electricity which is not a computers friend.
\015\012Make sure the laptop is off and unplugged and remove the battery.
\015\012Turn the laptop over so the top is on a surface
\015\012Now you are looking at the bottom of the laptop and you will see a cover with vents.
\015\012There will be 2 silver philip head screws.
\015\012Remove those screws turn counter clockwise to remove those screws.
\015\012Now remove the plate.
\015\012You will see memmory and another card do not remove those.
\015\012On the top right hand corner where the plate coverd you will see another philips head screw.
\015\012Remove that by again turning counter clockwise.
\015\012Ok now there is 9 screws 4 on the left side and 4 on the right side.
\015\012You will see along the edges of the case 3 screws.
\015\012And in the middle right below the plate you will see 1,
\015\012on the bottom right, center right, and top right hand corner and right beside the battery compartment you will see 1 screw that's inside a square opening.
\015\012Now on the left side beside where the battery goes you will see 1 screw in a square again Remove that screw then again one in the top left side then 1 in the center across from the plate and one in the bottom left hand corner.
\015\012Now put the computer over the center of the working area you will be turning it rightside up and having the screws fall that you just removed.
\015\012Remember do not lose any screws that you don't want to do so you don't have to hold it to high so screws won't bounce everywhere.
\015\012Now you should have 10 screws on the working area if not turn it back over and see if any screws did not come out and loosin those screws and turn it over again.
\015\012Now set the laptop down right side up so you can open the lid.
\015\012Open the lid and the keyboard we have to remove now.
\015\012Take the regular head screwdriver or the flat screw driver and
\015\012There are 2 places where it snaps Above the F12 key and over the F4 key you will see that there is 2 tabs like and what you do is put the regular head screwdriver in there and push down towards the touch pad lightly and you will see the keyboard move down now lift up a little so the tabs are no longer in the slots that the tabs were in and the keyboard should lift up and out of the laptop.
\015\012Be careful with the keyboard and not drop it or pull on it just be easy with it.
\015\012Now the Keyboard is still plugged in which we need to unplug.
\015\012Now the ribbon is plugged into the keyboard and the other end into a latch which you take your nail and move it to your right and unlatch it.
\015\012And pull the cable up it will unsnap do not yank it.
\015\012Take the keyboard and set it down.
\015\012Now you will need to unplug the speaker cables which there is 1 opening to your right and you will see a red and white wire plugged into a white plastic box like just take your screw driver and pull to the right easy and it should unplug and then there is another opening to your right that is also red and white same thing unplug it do not rip it out gently unplug it.
\015\012Now there is a blue ribbon that is in the center you need to unplug that by putting the blue plastic tab and pull towards the lcd straight it should unplug easily enough.
\015\012There is 5 more philip head screws you need to remove in the center where the keyboard was you will see a opening and right to the left of it there is a thing a screw remove that and if you were looking at a clock at 10 o'clock there is another screw and right above that to the right at 1 o'clock
\015\012and another at 5 o'clock and the last one is right below the fan which you will see a little bit to your right and you will see that last screw remove that and put the screws with that one piece so you know where the screws are and what they goto.
\015\012Now below the lcd you will see the hinges you need to loosin this piece.
\015\012You just push a little on the center of the hinge on both sides and it should unsnap and lift up.
\015\012now pull up on the top and you will see at the top a white cable that's still connected so you pull up on the cable lightly to unplug it then put that top off to the side.
\015\012Now you will see the harddrive down at the bottom right and you will see the cable plugged into it on the motherboard grab each side of that cable on the edges and pull up it will unplug
\015\012Now there is 2 screws holding the cover for the harddrive.
\015\012The philiphead screws are closest to you one at the bottom left edge of the cover and one at the bottom right edge of the cover remove those set the cover off to the side and put the screws with the cover,
\015\012The cover now you will left up and your harddrive in in that cover.
\015\012Turn the cover sideways and there is 2 philiphead screws on both sides you need to remove those and the harddrive is in your hand and ready for you to insert the New HardDrive.
\015\012Once you put the new harddrive in reverse everything that you had to remove to put it back together again.
Easy, and simple, if your laptop not too old like 3-5 year ago. in the back of your laptop, there is a hardrive icon looks like, and around these, it will have 4 screws, it is regular screw, just take them off, and you will able to open the cover and you will see the HDD, and check which model is your hdd, i means IDE (will have many pins in your hdd), STAT (the new one with no pins, only 2 ports)........... go buy one , just simple plug in and replace the old.
\015\012next step will be reinstall the window operation system......
\015\012that's it, the most difficult part for your . non-computer man is reinstall the window system
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Sony VGN-A270: VGN-A270 Pentium M Centrino 745 1.8GHz, 512MB RAM, 40GB Hard Drive, DVD+/-RW Double Layer,... (VGNA270VGNA270PENTIUMM) PC Notebook

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I suggest you read this before you start so that way you know if it's somthing that you want to do.\015\012This is for the VGN-A270 Laptop\015\012but i'm sure it will work for your's \015\012You will need a philips head screw ... Sony VGN-A270: VGN-A270 Pentium M Centrino 745 1.8GHz, 512MB RAM, 40GB Hard Drive, DVD+/-RW Double Layer,... (VGNA270VGNA270PENTIUMM) PC Notebook

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