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How to install windows OS on Samsung N128 netbook

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My Windows XP installation has reached its half-life. (You do\015\012know that Windows has a half-life, don’t you? Every installation of\015\012Windows naturally degrades along a logarithmic curve until it becomes\015\012annoying, then unbearable, then unusable. Each successive revision of\015\012Windows has featured a slightly longer half-life. Back in the day,\015\012Windows 95 would last me about 3 months, while my copy of Windows XP\015\012has lasted me almost 9. I’m not bitter; when you realize that you’re\015\012measuring on a logarithmic scale, a factor of 3 improvement is really\015\012quite impressive.)
\015\012\015\012Still, the fact remains that my Windows XP laptop can no longer (a)\015\012print, (b) sleep, or (c) change network settings without crashing. This\015\012is not multiple choice; it can’t do any of those things. It’s time for a clean re-install.
  1. Back up entire d: drive to iMac upstairs. rsync rocks.
  2. \015\012
  3. Find Windows XP install disc.
  4. \015\012
  5. Reboot with Windows XP install disc.
  6. \015\012
  7. Asked for product activation. Curse Microsoft.
  8. \015\012
  9. Search my house in vain for my original, 100% legitimate, retail Windows XP box.
  10. \015\012
  11. Reboot.
  12. \015\012
  13. Search control panels in vain for a window, dialog, tab, or pane that displays my current product key.
  14. \015\012
  15. Search Google for “windows xp get current product key”.
  16. \015\012
  17. Find a utility on a cracker web page in Russia that displays the\015\012current product key. This is one of the more lame utilities, since most\015\012of the good ones allow you to change it. I don’t wish to change it; I\015\012actually have a perfectly good product key, I just don’t know what it\015\012is.
  18. \015\012
  19. Reboot with Windows XP install disc.
  20. \015\012
  21. Reboot repeatedly as required.
  22. \015\012
  23. Boot screen. Choose between “Windows XP Professional” and “Windows\015\012XP Professional”. Brilliant. Pick one. The wrong one. Boot into fucked\015\012Windows XP install. Hard reboot. Pick the right one. Make mental note\015\012to hack boot.ini later.
  24. \015\012
  25. “Welcome to Windows XP. You have no useful programs and no internet\015\012access. You have 30 days left for activation. Would you like to\015\012activate now?” Yes, I would, but I have no internet access.
  26. \015\012
  27. Unnecessarily loud and cheerful startup noises. Make mental note to turn off all sounds later.
  28. \015\012
  29. Search the “Network and Internet Connections” wizards in vain for\015\012some way to set up my Linksys wireless card. Having never done a clean\015\012install of XP (I previously upgraded from Windows 2000), and having\015\012been moderately impressed by the new wireless networking features in\015\012XP, I naively assumed this would “just work”. Silly rabbit.
  30. \015\012
  31. Search my house for my Linksys wireless card driver install disc.\015\012Find the install disc that came with the old card, that broke and was\015\012replaced by the new-and-improved version 3.0 card. Wonder if that will\015\012suffice.
  32. \015\012
  33. Fight with the “Add New Hardware Wizard” trying to install the obviously inferior drivers off this disc.
  34. \015\012
  35. Wonder where the “Device Manager” is hiding.
  36. \015\012
  37. Find the “Device Manager”. Right-click on the unknown device,\015\012“Linksys_Instant_Wireless_Card”. Update driver. “Windows was unable to\015\012locate a driver for this device. Would you like to search on the\015\012internet?” Yes, I’d love to, but I can’t, you moron. Install driver\015\012from specific location. Specify WIN2000 folder on old-and-inferior\015\012install disc.
  38. \015\012
  39. “This driver is not digitally signed.” OK.
  40. \015\012
  41. “This driver may cause your computer to become unstable.” OK.
  42. \015\012
  43. “This driver may anally rape *********** while pouring sugar down your gas tank.” OK.
  44. \015\012
  45. Nothing. No connection, no internet access, no acknowledgment of any device whatsoever.
  46. \015\012
  47. Reboot.
  48. \015\012
  49. Doesn’t work.
  50. \015\012
  51. “Take a tour of Windows XP!” I am.
  52. \015\012
  53. Reboot.
  54. \015\012
  55. Doesn’t work.
  56. \015\012
  57. Dig out old wired PCMCIA card. Take computer upstairs. Plug\015\012directly into switch. cmd. ipconfig. We have an IP address. ping\015\012www.google.com. We have name resolution and internet access.
  58. \015\012
  59. Fire up Internet Explorer. runonce.msn.com. No. www.linksys.com.\015\012Support. Downloads. WPC11. Windows XP. Linksys.com rocks.
  60. \015\012
  61. Insert Linksys wireless card.
  62. \015\012
  63. Back to Device Manager.
  64. \015\012
  65. Uninstall old-and-inferior driver.
  66. \015\012
  67. Update driver.
  68. \015\012
  69. “This driver is not digitally signed.” OK.
  70. \015\012
  71. “This driver may cause your computer to become unstable.” OK.
  72. \015\012
  73. “This driver may…” OK.
  74. \015\012
  75. cmd. ipconfig. We have internet access.
  76. \015\012
  77. “Add your .NET Passport to Windows XP!” No.
  78. \015\012
  79. Fire up Internet Explorer. www.msn.com. No. www.mozilla.org. Download Mozilla.
  80. \015\012
  81. Realize I should create an “f8dy” user because it will make my life easier later.
  82. \015\012
  83. Create “f8dy” as an administrator. Log out. Log in.
  84. \015\012
  85. Install Mozilla. Yes, I would like to make you my default browser. The world is happiness and glee.
  86. \015\012
  87. “Take a tour of Windows XP!” Sigh.
  88. \015\012
  89. “30 days left for activation!” Click. Yes, I would like to activate\015\012Windows over an active internet connection, now that I have one. No, I\015\012would not like to register with Microsoft. Yes, I have read the privacy\015\012statement and agree to give up my computer, my civil rights, and my\015\012first-born child. I wasn’t using my civil rights anyway.
  90. \015\012
  91. Back to Mozilla. Set up IMAP server. Set up SMTP server. Set up\015\012LDAP directories. Fiddle with endless settings. Ooh, 1.5 alpha has\015\012auto-login scripts in Chatzilla. Make mental note to get on IRC when\015\012this is all done and ***** about it to a bunch of Linux-loving hippies.
  92. \015\012
  93. Search Google for “windows xp tweakui”.
  94. \015\012
  95. Download TweakUiPowertoySetup.exe. Run TweakUiPowertoySetup.exe.\015\012“The procedure entry point GetDllDirectoryW could not be located in the\015\012dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll”
  96. \015\012
  97. Dig. Dig. Dig. Aha. TweakUI requires Windows XP Service Pack 1.
  98. \015\012
  99. Fire up Internet Explorer again. windowsupate.microsoft.com. “Do\015\012you want to install and run Windows Update V4 Control?” Yes. “Always\015\012trust content from Microsoft Corporation?” No.
  100. \015\012
  101. “Windows Update has found 39 critical updates and service packs.” Install now.
  102. \015\012
  103. “Service Pack 1 must be installed separately from other updates.” OK.
  104. \015\012
  105. Yes, I agree to bend over, grease up, and accept the End User License Agreement.
  106. \015\012
  107. Wait. Time passes.
  108. \015\012
  109. Wait. Time passes.
  110. \015\012
  111. Wait. Time passes. It is getting dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
  112. \015\012
  113. Reboot.
  114. \015\012
  115. “Take a tour of Windows XP!”
  116. \015\012
  117. “Add your .NET Passport to Windows XP!”
  118. \015\012
  119. Fire up Internet Explorer. “Windows Update has found 26 critical updates.” This we call progress. Install now.
  120. \015\012
  121. Wait. Time passes. Reboot.
  122. \015\012
  123. “Take a tour of Windows XP!”
You need a USB external CD drive to install Windows.
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