Having problems with your Majesco BloodRayne 2 for Windows ?

Problem getting out a level

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Posted by SellersCity on Sunday, April 15, 2018

\015 I am stuck in a level with bloodrayne 2 were i must open a door wich is destroyed with 2 knifes.I must make the electric work again and i don't know how.This level is following the train or metro station.The name of the level is:union station abandoned shopping plaza.I tried everything but I can not get out of this room.\015

Answers :

Mission Three: Union Station\015\012
\015\012Head through the hall and up the stairs and you will come out to the\015\012train yard. Hang a left and then enter the open door on the train. Go\015\012through the car and kill the enemies that appear and head out the other\015\012side. Enter the large building and a scene with more Kestrels will\015\012play. After the big bang, you are in for a tough battle with another\015\012Kestral and a few armed punks. After you get Kestrel down to the ¼\015\012health mark, she will take off to a platform high above. Head forward\015\012to the ramp leaning against the train and climb it. Go left and slide\015\012across the rail to the train across from it. Make a left and run to the\015\012end of the train and jump to the pole. Swing to the pipe and climb up.\015\012Back jump to the next pole and swing your way over to the platform\015\012Kestrel is on.
After the scene, head back down and across the ground to the\015\012doorway on the far side at the other end. Enter it and follow the\015\012hallway through until you reach the set of stairs on the other side of\015\012the sprinklers. Follow the stairs up and then follow through the\015\012hallway until a scene plays that shows a catwalk collapse. Head up the\015\012stairs there and take out the punks and then make a right at the top to\015\012head up more stairs. When you reach the top, swing across the bars to\015\012the next platform and then halfway down the stairs. Jump to the\015\012staircase on the left and head up to the next platform and more poles\015\012to swing across.
\015\012Enter the vent at the end and follow it through to a large room you’ll\015\012drop into. When the Kestrel shuts the gate, you need to open it up.\015\012This part can get a bit tricky. What you need to do is toss a body into\015\012the electrical panels on each side of the door and make sure you have a\015\012body on each panel at the same time. When you do, the gate will open\015\012for you to go through. The easiest way is to use your hook and throw\015\012the bodies into the panels. You can try kicking them in but it takes a\015\012long time and getting two up like that will not work quick enough. Use\015\012the hook to throw them into them and then go through after it opens.\015\012Follow the opening in the wall around and through until you reach the\015\012staircase. Head up and take out the punks there.
\015\012Continue up the next set of stairs and make your way to the end of\015\012the corridor. Go through the door on the left and enter the hallway.\015\012Head left and drop down the hole at the end. Follow the next corridor\015\012along to a set of stairs and go up and up and up to the top floor. Head\015\012through the door and go up another set of stairs. Take out the punks\015\012here and then you’ll be in a room with a large window. After the scene\015\012hop through and head to the left and around the corner to the door\015\012there. Kill all the enemies in sight and then a scene will play as a\015\012guy comes through the door there. Kill him and then go through the door\015\012to trigger another scene.
Head through the door on the left after the scene and head through\015\012the room to the right. Drop through the opening and head down the\015\012stairs to the ground floor of the club. Look up to the right and there\015\012will be a large neon sign that says Strages. Target it and then toss up\015\012your hook to grab it and pull it down. When it crashes down, run\015\012through the door there and you will come to the dance floor. When the\015\012punks attack, you will need to toss one onto each of the four speakers\015\012in the corners. When you have a punk in each speaker, the dj booth will\015\012blow and you can escape the dance floor. Make your way up the stairs\015\012and again until you come to the floor with a doorway directly across\015\012from you. Enter there and take out the enemies inside.
\015\012Target the ceiling and then pull it down with your hook. Jump up the\015\012debris and head down the corridor to the opening at the end. Go to the\015\012fence directly in front of you and start wall climbing up to the top.\015\012Jump over to the closest scaffolding and take out the punk there. Go to\015\012the corner of it and rail slide down the pipe and again on the next\015\012one. Jump to grab the pole and swing over to the next platform. Make\015\012your way to the ramp and run down it to the catwalk against the wall.\015\012Run to the right and head up the spiral stairs. Kill the rest of the\015\012punks and then enter the gear room. After the scene climb up the pole\015\012in the room with your back away from the gear. Back jump off to the\015\012flat gear and land on it.
From there jump up and grab the pole and then swing over onto the\015\012next gear. Jump from that gear to the right and then from there to the\015\012pole above. Swing up the poles and then over to the gear beside the\015\012weight going up and down. Climb the pole with your back to the weight\015\012and wait for it to lower. Jump back on to it and ride it up. Now you\015\012will have a little scene with Ephemera. After the scene, you will\015\012battle her for a little while until another scene plays. After the\015\012speech Ephemera gives, the mission will end.
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