Having problems with your Legacy Interactive Emergency Room: Code Blue for Windows ?

Emergency Room: Code Blue

\015 I am tryng to play the game Emergency Room: Code Blue on my Windows xp machine. How can i get the older game to work? I tried using combatily modes but then the game wouldn't run at all. Any Ideas?\015

Answers :

If its a very old game then it might still run on dos. dos is the old operating system. you could run two opperating sytems if you want to do that then read this that i found on runing two opperating sytems
\015\012First you need to ask yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of a dual boot system. Is a multiple OS setup really for you? Of course it is. And throughout this tutorial, you will find that it’s not as hard as you may have thought. Lets discuss the pros and cons of a multiple OS system:




  1. \015\012It’s like having two computers in one. Different settings and appearances in each OS make them unique from each other. This can certainly help when you get bored with just one OS. And lets not forget how much we all loved Windows 98SE, it doesn’t have to sit on a shelf collecting dust.


  2. \015\012It’s an “insurance policy”. We have all seen the Blue Screen Of Death, and most of us have seen the Computer Reaper in some form or another. Having two OSes insures against lost data. One fails, and the other one is still there waiting for you. This provides a level of protection that allows you to back up important files that would otherwise have to be retrieved by buying a separate drive and slaving your old drive to it, or slaving your drive to a buddy’s computer.


  3. \015\012Reformatting is inevitable. It’s like your car’s oil change, It’s got to be done sooner or later if you don’t want hassles later on. A dual boot system provides the convenience of allowing you a time to reformat a drive. One OS goes south? No problem. You can still use your computer until it is convenient for you to do a reformat. No more staying up all night because your OS failed, and you just have to have your computer up and running the next day.


  4. \015\012Software compatibility. Not only can you share programs between OSes, but you can still utilize those older ones that you love so much. How many of us have upgraded to a new OS like 2000/XP and said to ourselves “this ran better in my 98/ME system than it does now”? With a dual boot system, you can have all the functionality of a program, with the benefits of running it like “it used to run”. Pretty nice for those of us that are a little reluctant to change.


  5. \015\012Hardware compatibility. How many of you have upgraded to 2000/XP only to find out your printer, CDRW, or other hardware is not supported? No sweat. If you prefer using your programs in 2000/XP, you can still save, then print or burn your work in the other OS. Saves you from having to upgrade and buy more hardware. You already paid enough for the new OS; and it’s like adding insult to injury when you discover your old, reliable hardware just doesn’t work the same or not at all in the new OS.


  6. \015\012It’s cool. Everybody likes choices. Having 2, 3 or more OSes on your computer is a smart thing, and just plain cool.




  1. \015\012Hard drive space. Yes, a second or third OS does take up valuable hard drive space, but compared to the level of personal security you get from a multiple OS system, it is really a moot point. Other than that fact, there are no disadvantages. You paid good money for 98/ME, and you paid good money for 2000/XP, why not use them both? You don’t just park your old car off to the side of your yard when you buy a new one, do you? Of course not. You trade it in (which is something you can’t do with an OS, unfortunately) or you utilize it as a second vehicle. *IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already have 2000/XP installed as a single OS on your computer, you cannot revert back and install 98/ME with the Windows boot manager. Unless you have a separate drive, and follow these instructions provided so generously by our PCMECH friend, Hpro. You can with System Commander 7™, but we will get into that later. Also, unless you already have your drive partitioned into 2 partitions, you will either have to 1) Reformat, Fdisk, and reinstall 98/ME, or, 2) Obtain a copy of Partition Magic™, and run it’s partition utility (System Commander 7 comes with it’s own partition tool, which will be covered later in this article).
    \015\012Now that you’ve made the choice to go with a multiple OS setup, lets get on to some basics. Every computer, no matter what OS is installed, has a “Master Boot Record” (MBR). This is located in the first partition of the first drive, AKA drive 0 (C:). Whether you have 1, 2, or 10 OSes, they all must start from the same place on drive 0 or C:. If you install a new drive and OS, then slave your old OS to your new drive/OS you aren’t going to accomplish anything, other than waste some disk space. That is because you have no set of instructions (MBR) telling your computer to boot to that hard drive. Unless you opt for a TRIOS, you HAVE to have a boot record for each OS, and it HAS to be on the first partition of drive 0. That’s just the way it is.

    \015\012Every OS should have it’s own partition. Now it is possible to install 2000/XP on the same partition as 98/ME. But, you are going to have problems eventually. My first experiment in a dual boot was 98 and 2000. I messed up, and did NOT install 2000 on it’s own partition. Things worked great for a few months, then one day I just couldn’t boot up. What a headache.
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Emergency Room: Code Blue

If its a very old game then it might still run on dos. dos is the old operating system. you could run two opperating sytems if you want to do that then read this that i found on runing two opperating sytems\015\012\015\012First you need t ... Legacy Interactive Emergency Room: Code Blue for Windows

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