Having problems with your IBM ThinkPad A31 Notebook ?

Blue screen problem

\015 Hello, i have a refurbished IBM thinkpad A31 laptop that has worked beautifully for about a year. suddenly i got a blue screen that appears in the beginning. it says "bad image checksun" possible user 32.dl is corrupt. i do not have a recovery disk so i am not sure what to do or if there is anything i can do myself. can you help me?\015

Answers :

This Issue has 2 major reasons. There are several methods to fix the\015\012issue as Microsoft published on the knowledge base. I am adding the\015\012full info including the method that you can find on following link.\015\012Please post your questions if you need further assitance
\015\012"Bad Image Checksum"
\015\012\015\012SYMPTOMS\015\012loadTOCNode(1, 'symptoms');\015\012 When you upgrade your computer to Windows XP, you may\015\012\011\011 receive an error message that is similar to one of the following:\015\012\011\011 C0000221 (Bad Image Checksum) \015\012-or-\015\012 STOP: C0000221 - Bad Image Checksum in ModuleName\015\012-or-\015\012 STOP: C0000221 - Bad Image Checksum.\015\012\011\011 User32.dll is possibly corrupt. The header check sum does not match the\015\012\011\011 computed check sum.

\015\012CAUSE\015\012loadTOCNode(1, 'cause');\015\012 This issue may occur if any of the following conditions\015\012\011\011 exist: \015\012\011\011 \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012•\015\012A damaged file exists in the folder in which Windows is\015\012\011\011\011\011installed, and this file is not overwritten during Setup. For example, if you\015\012\011\011\011\011receive the error message that references the User32.dll file, the User32.dll\015\012\011\011\011\011file may be damaged. \015\012\015\012•\015\012One or more of the random access memory (RAM) modules that\015\012\011\011\011\011are installed in your computer is faulty, or the RAM configuration is\015\012\011\011\011\011incompatible. \015\012RESOLUTION\015\012loadTOCNode(1, 'resolution'); To resolve this behavior, use one of the following methods.\015\012Method 1: Extract a New Copy of the User32.dll File from the Windows XP CD\015\012loadTOCNode(2, 'resolution'); Extract a new copy of the User32.dll file from the Windows XP CD\015\012\011\011 to the drive:\\Windows\\System32 folder on your hard\015\012\011\011 disk, where drive is the drive on which Windows is\015\012\011\011 installed: \015\012\011\011 \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\0121.\015\012Insert a Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me) or\015\012\011\011\011\011Microsoft Windows 98 Startup disk into your computer, and then restart the\015\012\011\011\011\011computer.

NOTE: \015\012\011\011\011\011 For additional information about what to do if you\015\012\011\011\011\011 do not have a Windows Millennium Edition or Windows 98 Startup disk, click the\015\012\011\011\011\011 following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:\015\012\011\011\011\011 \015\012186300 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/186300/EN-US/)\015\012 How to Create a Windows 98 Startup Disk from MS-DOS\015\012\015\012267287 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/267287/EN-US/) How to Create a Startup Disk in Windows Me \015\012\015\012\015\0122.\015\012When the Windows Startup menu appears, use\015\012\011\011\011\011the ARROW keys to select Start Computer with CD-ROM Support,\015\012\011\011\011\011and then press ENTER. \015\012\015\0123.\015\012Make a note of the drive letter of your CD-ROM\015\012\011\011\011\011drive.\015\012\015\0124.\015\012Rename the User32.dll file to User32.old. To do so, type\015\012\011\011\011\011the following lines at the command prompt, pressing ENTER after each line,\015\012\011\011\011\011where Drive is the drive on which Windows is\015\012\011\011\011\011installed:\015\012Drive:
cd windows\\system32
ren user32.dll user32.old\015\012\015\0125.\015\012Insert the Windows XP CD into your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM\015\012\011\011\011\011drive.\015\012\015\0126.\015\012Extract a new copy of the User32.dll file from the Windows\015\012\011\011\011\011XP CD to the Windows\\System32 folder on your hard disk. To do so, type the\015\012\011\011\011\011following lines at a command prompt, pressing ENTER after each line, where\015\012\011\011\011\011CDROMDrive is the drive letter of the CD-ROM or\015\012\011\011\011\011DVD-ROM drive that contains the Windows XP CD-ROM, and\015\012\011\011\011\011Drive is the drive on which Windows is installed:\015\012a:
extract CDROMDrive:\\i386\\user32.dl_ Drive:\\windows\\system32\\user32.dll For example, if your CD-ROM is drive E and Windows is installed\015\012\011\011\011\011on drive C, type extract e:\\i386\\user32.dl_\015\012\011\011\011\011c:\\windows\\system32\\user32.dll, and then press ENTER.\015\012\015\0127.\015\012Remove the Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition startup\015\012\011\011\011\011disk from your computer, and then restart the computer.\015\012\015\012
\015\012Method 2: Remove or Replace the Faulty RAM\015\012loadTOCNode(2, 'resolution');Remove the memory modules that are installed in your computer,\015\012\011\011 leaving enough RAM for the computer to start and run Windows. Restart the\015\012\011\011 computer, and then run Setup again.
\015\012 For additional information about Windows XP RAM\015\012\011\011\011 requirements, click the following article number to view the article in the\015\012\011\011\011 Microsoft Knowledge Base: \015\012314865 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314865/EN-US/)\015\012 System Requirements for Windows XP Operating Systems\015\012\015\012 If the issue is not resolved, remove a different\015\012\011\011 memory module. To identify the specific memory module that is not working\015\012\011\011 correctly, you may have to restart your computer more than one time.
\015\012\015\012\011\011 For information about how to add and remove RAM to the computer, contact the\015\012\011\011 manufacturer of the computer, or view the documentation that is included with\015\012\011\011 your computer.\015\012Method 3: Install Windows to a Different Folder\015\012loadTOCNode(2, 'resolution');NOTE: Before you install Windows to a different folder, first try the\015\012\011\011 troubleshooting procedures in the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge\015\012\011\011 Base: \015\012\011\011 \015\012310064 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310064/EN-US/) HOW TO: Troubleshoot Windows XP Setup Problems During Installation When You Upgrade from Windows 98 or Windows Me\015\012\015\012 If the issue is not resolved by using the\015\012\011\011 troubleshooting procedures in 310064, install Windows to a different folder.\015\012\011\011 For more information about how to do this, see the "Installing to a New Folder"\015\012\011\011 section of the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: \015\012\011\011 \015\012316941 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/316941/EN-US/) HOW TO: Install Windows XP
Yes i can,,
\015\012well you are going to need a copy of windows...
\015\012if you can get the exact on your system is running that will be great..
\015\012Any WAY here are 2 methods the first If you dont have any important data you wish to recover , the second is how to recover it..
\015\0121.) Put the windows cd in the cd drive and boot from the disc..
\015\012 you might need to enter the setup and set the cd rom as the first boot device.
\015\0122.) When you boot from the cd, dlete the partation adn format the hardrive.
\015\0123.) it will automatically install windows and all you have to do after is install your drivers and software.
\015\012 IF YOU DONT HAVE YOUR RDRIVERS you can download it from the manufatures web page. e.g ibm..
\015\012METHOD 2 to recover data.
\015\0121.) Put the windows cd in the cd drive and boot from the disc..
\015\012 you might need to enter the setup and set the cd rom as the first boot device.
\015\012Levave the current file system intact and it will install windows for you without erasing anything.
\015\0122.) install a burning program and burn off all your important data (backup)
\015\012if you cant get a windows cd to buy you can borrow one and purchase the key online.
\015\012There are a few sites that have pirated versions of microsoft windows to download like www.phazeddl.com or www.thepiratebay.org (this requires a torrent client like bitcomet)
\015\012How ever pirating is illigal and i strongly condone it... The choice is yours..
\015\012Let me know if you need additional details concerning torrents or more help in formatting or anything at all for that matter.
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