Having problems with your IBM ThinkCentre S50 8183 - P4 3 GHz (8183D9U) PC Desktop ?

How to remove ibm thinkcentre p4 3.0 motherboard

Answers :

This is the link to the IBM ThinkCentre S50-8183, Hardware and Maintenance Manual,


On this page scroll down to the heading -
Publication type: Publications,

and left-click on the blue - 74p2660.pdf

This is a PDF file download. May take up to 25 seconds before you see the first page, and additional time to full download it.

Suggest you let it download all the way before looking through it.
Otherwise you may break the download connection.

(The file should also be downloaded all the way, before saving it to your computer.

If you do not know how to save this PDF file to your computer, and would like to know how, please come back and state so in a Comment)

If you cannot download the Hardware and Maintenance Manual, please come back, and state so in a Comment.
(I had to try to download twice, as the connection dropped on me. Second time was a charm)

The following is from me:
1) Computer off, unplug the power to the computer.

2) BEFORE you reach inside the open computer case, TOUCH the metal frame of the computer case, to relieve Static electricity from your body.

Static will fry out (Short Circuit) the delicate hardware components inside your computer.
(Even if this problem should relate to replacing a bad motherboard, you don't want to fry out the other hardware components. Processor, Ram Memory, Harddrive, and so on)

Should you get up, and walk away in the middle of working on your computer, when you come back touch the metal frame again.

Basic tips from me:
A) Opening the computer case.

Facing the front of the computer, there are two Cover Release Buttons. One on each side of the computer case, towards the front.

Press these release buttons in at the same time, rotate the cover up, and back.

The computer case is a 2 part type of case. The top opens like a clamshell, and is hinged on the back.
Should the cover not rotate it may be locked.
See if a lock is present on the back of the cover. If so remove it.

B) Looking at the inside of the Front of your computer, you'll note that the CD Drive, Floppy Drive, and Harddrive, are located inside a rectangular metal framework.

(Floppy Drive on the left, CD Drive on the right, Harddrive under the CD Drive)

This rectangular metal frame is the Drive Bay, and is hinged on the very front side of the computer case.
If you grab the side that is towards the middle, you can lift it up, and tilt it towards the Front.

The cables that you see coming from the motherboard to the CD/DVD Drive, Floppy Drive, and Harddrive, Do Not have to be disconnected from the drives.

THIS is in reference to the flat ribbon IDE cables, or round SATA cables.
These are Interface cables. Also known as a Signal cable.

( NOTE* IDE is also referred to as PATA. The term PATA was implemented to avoid confusion.

PATA is Parallel ATA
SATA is Serial ATA )

You can leave them connected to the drives themselves, just tie them up \015\012out of the way with a zip tie, or bread wrappers, and flop them to the \015\012outside of the computer case.

You Do have to remove the power cables to these three drives, to remove the motherboard.
They come from the Power Supply, and crossover the motherboard.

(Looking at the Hardware and Maintenance Manual, for the IBM ThinkCentre S50 series of Desktop PC's,
I see there are IDE and SATA connectors on the motherboard.

This means to me that you could have an IDE or a SATA harddrive. You MAY also have either an IDE or SATA optical drive. {CD/DVD Drive)

To avoid possible confusing information, I won't detail out how to remove both an IDE and SATA interface cable.
I'll let the Hardware and Maintenance Manual explain this.

IF, you are unable to download the manual, or if you need more detailed information than the manual provides, I will gladly give it.

We may have to post back, and forth, for the info you need. Just post your additional questions in a Comment)

BEFORE you disconnect any interface cable, that comes from the drives to the motherboard, I suggest you make drawings, and notes.

The Hardware and Maintenance Manual shows, and details information pretty well, but will never be as concise as any notes, or drawings you may additionally make.

Note which direction Each cable connector, plugs into the motherboard's connector, and where they go. Reference this in a drawing, and make a note.

Note where the power cables plug into the motherboard, and which power cables go where.

You'll also have to remove the Power Supply, in order to remove the motherboard.

There are two Fan connectors on the motherboard. It doesn't state if the Processor has a Fan, and doesn't look like it does. One of the Fan connectors, is to the computer case fan in the Front.

Observe, and make a note of which way the Front Panel cable connector plugs into the motherboard.
This may be critical.

The connector, (Header), on the motherboard may not have a locking device on it.

If it does, so does the Front Panel cable connector, and this automatically tells you how the connectors line up with each other.

Or there may be a Locating Lug, and a Notch.

If you take the computer all the way apart, don't worry I can tell you how to put it back together.

You do need to note which way that Front Panel cable plugs into the motherboard, though, before you remove it.

(The Front Panel, is the plastic piece on the front of your computer, where the Power On button, LED lights, and drive openings are)

Don't forget to plug in the 4-pin ATX power cable from the Power Supply to the motherboard. This is power for a Pentium 4 and above processor.

Looks like this,


(May be Black in color instead of White)
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for IBM ThinkCentre S50 8183 - P4 3 GHz (8183D9U) PC Desktop

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