Having problems with your HP Pavilion ze1210 Notebook ?

Reboots after every startup after SP2

\015 After reinstalling the recovery disk and updating Windows XP to SP2, the laptop will always reboot whenever you turn it on. Then once it has rebooted it will run normal and show an error that has caused why it happened that you needed to send to Microsoft. But when you click to send it to microsoft, Microsoft says there is no solution as of this time. Any comments?\015

Answers :

Microsoft hotfix Q317277 causes this problem in the HP Pavilion ze1210 laptop. I had this happen with my ze1210. The way to fix it is to "flash the BIOS". (I won't assume you know what this means -- if you don't know, you're basically going to just replace a set of instructions that the computer follows when it starts up.)

Now, what you want to do first is get the program jbm130.exe from HP's site (as of today, it's at http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob928_1en&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&os=228&product=86586). Go there and download that file. When you run that program, it's going to ask you to put in a floppy disk to create a bootable floppy that will flash the BIOS. Now, I know the ze1210 doesn't have a floppy drive, but that's okay. There is a way around that. Just format a floppy disk (to format a floppy, in case you don't know, go to My Computer, right \015\012click on the A: drive, or whatever drive your floppy drive is, and click\015\012 Format. You want to do a "Quick Format".) When it's done, run the program you downloaded. It should say "copying sectors" and all this stuff and then close out. If it just closes out without saying a lot of stuff about copying sectors or something, then you probably didn't format the floppy disk yet, or the floppy might be bad.

If you have an external floppy drive that you can boot to, pop that floppy in the drive and plug it into a USB port on your ze1210 and start it up, and boot to the floppy drive. (I'm too lazy to look up which key does that right now, so look it up if you don't know how. I know if you hit F2 when the HP symbol comes up, it goes into the BIOS, and you can set it to boot from different stuff through there.) When you boot to the floppy, just follow the instructions, and it will reboot, and you'll be home free real quick. Once it restarts, if it boots to the floppy again, it's not a big deal. Just take the disk out and restart again and then you'll be done. If you DO NOT have an external floppy drive, read on...

Okay, so you don't have an external floppy drive. That sucks. But hey, neither do I. Now that you're done making that bootable floppy that's supposed to go in the floppy drive you DON'T HAVE, we need to turn that bootable floppy disk into a bootable CD. This is pretty easy. You want to download MagicISO, a program that lets you create bootable images and such on CD or as an ISO (which is an image file that you can use to easily burn a CD, etc.) So install that and start it up. When you do, it will say you can't save ISO images bigger than 300 MB. That's fine, cause we want to make a tiny ISO from that floppy you made. Hit "Try it" and you'll see this window pop up with a ton of stuff in it. Don't panic. Go to Tools, then Load Boot Image. You just happen to have a bootable floppy in your drive, so select "From bootable floppy driver". (I know, they screwed up and wrote "driver" instead of "drive" throughout the program, oh well. The program works, so I don't care that much about their typos.) The thing that said Not Bootable should now say Bootable on the main screen. If it doesn't, then you screwed up making the floppy somehow. If you screwed up, fix it and then move on to the next step.

Now you're ready to save that as an ISO. Hit File, then Save As, and give the ISO image a name. Save it to your desktop (or wherever, just make sure you remember where it is). Now click Tools, and Burn CD/DVD with ISO. A little window will pop up. Pop a blank CD-R or CD-RW in your burner drive, select the drive letter of your burner. For the CD/DVD Image File, you want to select the ISO image file you just made. Tell it what speed it can burn at. (1x or 2x is actually fine for this, as we're barely burning anything on the CD. It'll be a quick burn regardless of what you choose.) Make sure Finalize CD is checked and click "Burn it". Your CD should burn and you'll have your bootable BIOS Flash CD. Label it HP Pavilion ze1210 BIOS Flash to v. 1.30, or something like that, pop it into your laptop, start it up, and boot to the CD. It'll start up and you'll be golden.
I see that this question has been open for quite some time, now. Since HP has been relatively unhelpful in this matter, I believe that I have achieved a bit of a work-around for the situation--after much experimentation.

The machine I'm working with has a 60GB hard drive installed, becausethe 20GB stock drive died--taking the OS and restore partition with it. HP refuses to sell me a restore CD/DVD, so I was left to fix this problem myself.

Some may consider this to be a severe way of coming-about a solution, but it DOES work.

Go to http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareList?os=228&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=86586 and make certain that you have downloaded all of the latest drivers listed there, and applied the latest BIOS upgrade to the Pavilion ze1210. Make certain that you have your COA product code number handy.

Method 1: Obtain an install CD for the retail version of XP Home (SP2), and install, using the product code from the COA sticker on the bottom of the ze1210 system unit.

Method 2: Utilize an OEM restoration CD/DVD for an XP Home (SP2) installation that is designed for the Athlon microprocessor. (I used the restoration DVD for an eMachines [Gateway] W3107 mini-tower system.) Install to the HP and re-boot.

Press F11 to initialize the restoration from hard drive, and allow the process to continue until it hangs at 39/48 of the application restoration process.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete into Program Manager and kill 39/48 and any successive application restoration attempts that hang.

Re-boot and activate, using the product code from the COA on the bottom of the ze1210 system unit.

For both Methods 1 & 2: install the downloaded drivers and patches, as needed; then update your XP installation, including SP3.
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Reboots after every startup after SP2

Microsoft hotfix Q317277 causes this problem in the HP Pavilion ze1210 laptop. I had this happen with my ze1210. The way to fix it is to "flash the BIOS". (I won't assume you know what this means -- if you don't know, you're basically going to jus ... HP Pavilion ze1210 Notebook

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