Having problems with your HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook ?

Hp g6000 running very slow any suggestions. - HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

Answers :

The HP g6000 slow issue can be caused by many many reasons such as outdated hardware, \012overload startup programs, corrupt registry issues, too many junks, \012virus attack, poor security software taking too much system resources, \012remnants of uninstalled applications etc. The fact is, you should keep \012some system maintenance job regularly. If you don't want to do these \012manually, try the solution http://www.speeduphp.com/fix-slow-hp.html to give a\012 free & full scan of your slow HP PC to find & fix all possible \012issues.

Meanwhile, upgrading hardware configuration (add RAM,\012 change a new video card, larger-volume HDD etc) can be a fast yet \012effective way to improve your pc performance.
Create a new text file on your desktop and rename its extension from .txt to .bat
\015\012Right-click and edit the file, then paste the following text into it:
\015\012@ECHO OFF
ECHO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ECHO ***Temporary **** Remover***
ECHO ********Version 1.2*********
ECHO Written by: Cory Schultze
ECHO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ECHO ********************************************************************************
ECHO This batch file has been written to provide a hassle-free removal of all
ECHO unneccessary files in known locations of temporary data.
ECHO It has been tested on Windows XP and I promise it's harmless - The only things
ECHO you may notice are missing will be your browsing history and cookies. Meh...
ECHO ********************************************************************************
ECHO Please ensure you are not running Internet Explorer, any installations
ECHO or other services that may rely on temporary files.

ECHO ***Temporary **** Remover***
ECHO Written by Cory Schultze
SET Choice=
SET /P Choice=Delete temporary files in the user's folder? Y/N/EXIT:
IF NOT '%Choice%'=='' SET Choice=%Choice:~0,1%
IF /I '%Choice%'=='Y' GOTO UsrTempFiles
IF /I '%Choice%'=='N' GOTO WinOption
IF /I '%Choice%'=='EXIT' GOTO End
ECHO Please select a valid option! Press ENTER to continue:
GOTO UsrOption

ECHO ***Temporary **** Remover***
ECHO Written by Cory Schultze
SET Choice=
SET /P Choice=Delete temporary files in the Windows folder? Y/N/EXIT:
IF NOT '%Choice%'=='' SET Choice=%Choice:~0,1%
IF /I '%Choice%'=='Y' GOTO WinTempFiles
IF /I '%Choice%'=='N' GOTO End
IF /I '%Choice%'=='EXIT' GOTO End
ECHO Please select a valid option! Press ENTER to continue:
GOTO WinOption
ECHO Deleting temporary files from "%UserProfile%"...
DEL /s "%userprofile%\\Cookies\\*.*"
DEL /s "%userprofile%\\Local Settings\\Temp\\*.*"
IFEXIST "%userprofile%\\Local Settings\\History\\History.IE5" GOTO HistoryIE5
DEL /s "%userprofile%\\Local Settings\\History\\*.*"
IFEXIST "%UserProfile%\\Local Settings\\Temporary Internet Files\\Content.IE5" GOTO ContentIE5
DEL /s "%userprofile%\\Local Settings\\Temporary Internet Files\\*.*"
GOTO UsrComplete
DEL /s "%userprofile%\\Local Settings\\History\\History.IE5\\*.*"
GOTO TempInternet
DEL /s "%UserProfile%\\Local Settings\\Temporary Internet Files\\Content.IE5\\*.*"
ECHO All temporary files in the "%UserProfile%"
ECHO folder were deleted successfully.
GOTO WinOption
ECHO Deleting temporary files from "%SystemRoot%"...
DEL /s "%SystemRoot%\\Temp\\*.*"
RD /s /q "%SystemRoot%\\$NtServicePackUninstall$"
FOR /f "delims=" %%a in ('dir/ad/b %systemroot%\\$NtUninstall*') do (rd /s /q "%systemroot%\\%%a")
ECHO All temporary files in the "%SystemRoot%"
ECHO drive were deleted successfully.

\015\012Save and close the file and run it.
\015\012Another thing you may wish to do is to remove any unwanted programs like “Assistants”, “Helpers”, “Toolbars”, “Optimisers”, Demos, Trials, Old versions or updates (especially for Java) and useless programs.
\015\012Additionally, you can do the following:
\015\012Click “Start” > “Run” and type “Services.msc” (Without the quotes).
\015\012Right-click and select “Properties”, then disable and stop the following services (If they exist):
\015\012Apple Mobile Device Updater
\015\012Help And Support
\015\012iTunes Helper
\015\012Java Quick Starter
\015\012System Event Notification
\015\012An advanced performance optimisation is the following:
\015\012Click “Start” > “Run” and type “Regedit” (Without the quotes).
\015\012Browse to HKLM (Local Machine) > Software > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Run
\015\012Delete any items which don’t pertain to your antivirus or devices/applications necessary at startup. Typical things to delete are:
\015\012Adobe Reader Speed Launcher
\015\012Apple (Anything – it’s all useless)
\015\012Sun Java Update Scheduler
\015\012QuickTime Task Tray
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

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Hp g6000 running very slow any suggestions. - HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

The HP g6000 slow issue can be caused by many many reasons such as outdated hardware, \012overload startup programs, corrupt registry issues, too many junks, \012virus attack, poor security software taking too much system resources, \012remnants of u ... HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

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Spysweeper could be the problem, as it may be checking over the system before the pc is allowed to run, also if you have got more than one antivirus if any (hope you have!) or spyware programmes, they all use up system resources reducing your memory ... HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

Froze. very slow. very hot - HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

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My HP Pavilion is running slow now, fairly new. How do I fix it?

Scan Laptop for Viruses\012Laptop runs slow issue may appear if the\012 system is infected by some malicious application. You have to search \012and remove that application from your system. For your convenience \012download and ... HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

My notebook overheats!!!!!

I have never heard of that about AMD cpus, on the contrary it has always been the Pentiums who overheated, nevertheless, it does sound like you are running a little hot, I would suggest a laptop cooler like an Xpad, that should cool it down down at l ... HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

Battery/configuration/ Hi, I have had this hp pavilion dv 4000 for 2 years (bought it new) and I noticed that If I disconect the mains from the laptop, the screen goes blank, but the pc stays on. If I connect the mains back, the image doesn't come back, so I have to switch the pc on and re-start it. If I start the pc without mains, just running from the battery, it shows the boot up process, the logo of windows, but then stays black and doesn't start up as normally does In the 2 years I didn't u

Hello, \015\012\015\012My name is Vikram Kumar Thumu, from India-Hyderabad. I have seen your message on the issue . I would like to provide my suggestions on the issue. I hope that this should work for you and will resolve the issue. ... HP Pavilion dv4000 Notebook

Clean my computer!

Well lets see, First of all I am assuming that the computer is running Windows xp, if so You are in luck, as xp is easy to clean, First thing you should do is Download Ccleaner. this utility basically cleans most of the computer for you, it is a free ... Dell Inspiron 1501 Notebook

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This is a common problem with HP Pavilion laptops, including mine. Check and make sure there are no non-OS programs running that are trying to control power settings (like a power monitor program running in the system/task tray) and then turning of ... PC Laptops

HP Pavilion dv8237 CTO Notebook

Hi,Based on your post/description, you have tried most if not everything.Some possibilities:1. you are about to have a hardware fault (chances are the hard disk) and the reason for the problem(s) is this;2. the mem ... PC Laptops

Internet problem here(wireless)

Unfortunately, you're going to have to do some troubleshooting for this. Possible causes:1. Errant programs running in the background(most likely)2. Somebody else is sucking up the bandwidth3. Someone installed a different wirel ... HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

Conexant audio contoller nuisance!! AAARGH!! HP Pavilion dv1000

The best way to deal with the outdated HP update is to have an online chat with HP support - it is their software and their machine that is causing you problems. If you go to the support page for your machine, you should be able to find "Contact HP" ... HP Pavilion dv1000 Notebook

My acer aspire 7520, running vista takes ages to start up, i hardly use it so its not clogged up with software, also , i am an artist and store 'resized' photos of my work(approx 100)and would like to run these as a slideshow with music, but when i do, sometimes it seems to struggle, with the pics and music breaking up. i thought it was the norton antivirus slowing things down but that expired and i now have a free avg a/virus.

You are dealing with the main complaint about Vista....it's slow, but a lot can be done to move it along. One thing that would help would be to download a reputable register cleaner. Here is a comparison table: http://www.best-registry- ... Acer PC Laptops

HP Pavilion dv4 audio problems

Yes a new sound card witch cost less the nwhat they want you to do the price? $30 to $50 depending, it will go into a empty slot or usb port and they are better then the on board ones any day of the week. Hope this helps. ... HP Pavilion dv4000 Notebook

Hp pavilion dv9628nr notebook just stops running

This sounds like a power problem that I've seen before in Thinkpads (specifically, the x31). Under certain situations, the capacitors will become full and need to be "expressed" (for lack of a better term -- I'm not an electricity guru). Unplug, re ... HP Pavilion dv5000t Notebook

HP Pavilion and you tube - Micromend!

Hi,\015\012\015\012I will provide you few troubleshooting steps which will resolve the youtube issue.\015\012\015\012Perform these steps on the notebook:\015\012\015\012For Vista (32 bit): \015\012\015\0121. Open Computer. \01 ... HP Pavilion dv7-1130us laptop

Notebook make bad sound

Hi,\015\012\015\012Based on the model of your laptop, I would suggest that you increase the memory to max about 2 X 256 (512Mb) (576 MB - 100MHz SDRAM).\015\012\015\012Your laptop came in several versions from PIII 650 to 1.0G. Running XP might barel ... Compaq Armada M700 Notebook

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Many times this is caused by excessive numbers of programs running in the background, they do this so the program instantly starts when select the program to run, it is kinda like a standby mode on a TV, the problem is it eats up allot of compu ... HP Pavilion dv4000 Notebook

Slow system, hard disk problem?

First off, get any important data off NOW. If it took 48 hours for disk check to run AND it found bad clusters your hard drive is on it's way out. Consider yourself lucky that you are getting an early warning sign. Normally computers get slow for the ... Acer PC Desktops

The computer hangs - HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

If the computer is hanging, it very well might be that a latest update, virus or malware has infected the system. I have also found that overheating memory modules will cause this laptop to hang. If you have a DV6000 that has not had the original mot ... HP Pavilion dv6000z Notebook

HP Pavilion dv9207us PC Notebook Will not boot... keeps looping through diagnostics. Will not boot to recovery desk stating "an instruction at ### bla-bla reference mem at ### bla-bla. Memory could not be read. Terminate" Help, please....

It sounds like a malware that corrupted the system. Try booting into safe mode. That way it runs a very reduced amount of programs and processes so that it won't run into that error you are receiving. In safe mode, you can scan your system for malwar ... HP Pavilion dv9207us PC Notebook

Satellite A305-S6883 freezing for no apparent reason

It's an overheating issue.Sometimes you can fix it by updating the bios.Make sure you do it while the laptop is really cooled off or else you could do serious damage.You'll need to check Toshiba's support page for ... Toshiba Satellite A305-S6883 Notebook

The sound drags & vibrates. Very slow

Run A Bios Update and Check If Your Audio Driver Is Updated...\015\012\015\012\015\012Also Run MSCONFIG And Uncheck any unneeded Programs from running at startup/ ... Acer Aspire 5315 Notebook

Computer running very slowly

This is likely due to the problems caused by the damages to system files.\015\012\015\012the damages may be caused by the virus or other problems.\015\012\015\012I suggest you first run the virus scan and see the result. ... PC Desktops
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