Having problems with your HP Pavilion dv1000 Notebook ?

Update CPU in HP Laptop - HP Pavilion dv1000 Notebook

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@kenneth obura. although you are 99 percent correct, alot of notebooks in perticular the hpdv1000 as well as the gateway i used to have and the compaq/hp i used to own utilize modular SOCKET design permitting the upgrade of the cpu. its basically a universal way that the manufacturer can offer a variety of processor options on the cheap. for example the dv1000 series hp notebook/laptop pcs offered 3 different processor options in the PENTIUM-M field. a 1.6, 1.7, and a 1.8 ghz processor. basically all the series were made in the factory in china the exact same way but lets say a customer called in 2004 to hp requesting a 1.8 ghz -m processor, well hp has only 1.6ghz -m processors left in stock but they have on hand 1.8 ghz procs. they would than proceed to "upgrade" one of thier 1.6 ghz laptops with a 1.8 and change the model, part number and serial numbers accordingly.
the cost of upgrading lets say my 1.6 ghz cpu unless i obtain a blown 1.8 ghz laptop free of charge with a good cpu would fully supercede the actual performance notice(200 mhz is nothing in 2012) but my notebook also has a new mainboard that my friend put in a year ago aprox. before she flat out gave it to me. i would only update the cpu if i found a fully functional fully compatable cpu on the dirt cheap or free. its better measures to max the memory out as well as harddrive. get the BIGGEST IDE(PATA) harddrive supported and max at 2 gigs ram. even a 1.6 proc will handle 7 32 bit with ease. or if you have a confirmed stable BIOS update you can possibly go higher on hdd and ram.

fact is its an older notebook and a negative bluebook value would be an order doing all the upgrades(minus harddrive and ram) not worth it. plus youd need a better cooler.
It is possible to upgrade a processor in a laptop. The upgrade may not warrant the trouble though.

Example: You have an Intel Pentium M that operates at 1.4GHz. (Maximum)

Data states that you can upgrade to a Pentium M, that operates at 1.6GHz. (Again, maximum frequency rate. 'Speed' is slang for frequency rate)
The upgrade won't be worth your time. The performance increase is negligible.

How to know if you can upgrade.

1) You need to know what processor socket is on the motherboard.

If this is a reference to an HP Pavilion dv1000 Series laptop, the processors offered are Intel Pentium M, or Intel Celeron M.

The Intel Pentium M processors use the Socket 479.
The Intel Celeron M processors use a variety of processor sockets.
Since, the HP Pavilion dv1000 Series Notebook PC's came out in 2004, I'm going to guess it has a Socket 479 processor socket.

I don't have one in my shop at present to give you the factual data. There is a way you can find out using a free, tiny, software program. I will list it at in an additional comment.

I will also post the link to HP Support, and the download page for the Maintenance and Service Guide, for the HP Pavilion dv1000 Series Notebook PC's.
It's really a Service Manual.

2) You need to know what motherboard chipset is on the motherboard.

A) The motherboard chipset is the Northbridge/Southbridge chipset. Two chipsets on the motherboard.

B) The Northbridge chipset, is what determines the processor that can be used. Determines what processors are supported.

(Also determines what graphics GPU's can be used. GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. The chipset used for graphics. The Northbridge chipset controls high-speed graphics. PCI-Express, and AGP.
PCI graphics is slow speed graphics. It is controlled by the Southbridge chipset.


The above link takes you to a motherboard diagram on Wikipedia.
In the search box on the left side of the page, you can type -
After you have typed Northbridge, a drop down list will come up. Left-click on - Northbridge (computing)

Tells you how the Northbridge works. In the article you will see links in blue. If you click on the link, it will take you to more information about it. Click on - Southbridge, as an example.

Also if you find you have an Intel motherboard chipset, you can type - List of Intel Chipsets - in the search bar.
Gives you information on the Intel motherboard chipset you have.

Same thing with Nvidia, or AMD.
(Comparison of AMD Chipsets
Comparsion of Nvidia Chipsets)

[You can also type - GPU - for more information about Graphics Processing Unit]

C) Chipset is a slang term for IC. Integrated Circuit


3) You have to know what Voltage the processor you have now, uses.
This way you can determine if the new processor will be supported. If the Voltage will be enough, or is too much.

To summerize:

You need to know if the processor you wish to install, is going to be worth your time. Is it a large enough upgrade to warrant your trouble?

You need to know if your motherboard will support it.
Processor socket, Northbridge chipset, and voltage.

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Update CPU in HP Laptop - HP Pavilion dv1000 Notebook

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