Having problems with your HP Pavilion A530n (DW234A#ABA) PC Desktop ?

On a software restart, the system shuts down but fails to restart

\015 The system will close everything properly and then shut down, but it fails to restart. You have to hold the power button in an do a hard shutdown. From there you can start it up again by powering it on. Everything appears to work fine once it is running, but it just simply will not do the restart thing on its own.\015

Answers :

This generally happens when you've got a problem with your Windows installation. I'll spare you the technical details, but the fix is pretty easy.

Put your Windows disk in the CD Rom, and reboot your computer.

When it restarts, and goes into the Windows installation, choose the "Repair" option, and follow the onscreen steps.

This fixes the issue 99% of the time.
The previous answer was correct however doing a repair mode installation on the no shut down problem does not always work due to the vast number of reasons windows can hang while shutting down.
\015\012Windows might be attempting to close all programes etc and may be finding a program like your anti virus (Noron was famous for this) is not shutting now right away. Windows will pause and wait for the application to finish doing what it is doing. This may never happen as some programs simply just hang.
\015\012If this is the case finding the faulting application is the solution. You can use msconfig to interactivally turn applications on and off to see if you can find the faulting app. Simply go into msconfig by clicking on start-run-type "msconfig" and then hit enter. from their click on the startup tab. To see if it is a faulty app click the "Disable All" button. This will turn off all apps that will startup with winodws. Now close this box. Now we want to try to "Restart" the PC not shut it down. If the PC will not restart thats find manually restart it by the restart button. Now once the pc is back up and running go back into msconfig again and see what is still checked. Some apps even though we shut them off they are required to run so lets take note of any apps that are still checked at this point. Once you have done this simply attempt to restart the pc again.
\015\012Did it restart and shut down normally? OK lets move on then, now we need to find the right program that is causing these problems so we will go back into msconfig and interactivally turn these programs on and off until we find the one that causes our pc to hang. Remember uncheck one and recheck the other one that did not cause the computer to hang. We will do this all the way down our list of apps. Once the culprit is found we can do a couple of things either we can go into the program and tell it not to start when windows starts up if that is an option in that particular app. Or we can uninstall it if it is not needed. Or we can go into the Registry and remove it so it does not load when windows starts up. This option is tricky and I recomend you have a local pc repair shop do this one as it can cause you big problems if you do the wrong thing.
\015\012Why a local pc repair shop? We'll simply put local pc repair shops are usually owned by very knowledgable persons in their field and they can usually solve problems like this very quickly and cheaply thereby allowing you to avoid big head aches like this. Our repair shop charges $25.00 for a repair like this. Central Valley Geeks we have two locations in California one in Los Banos and one in Chowchilla.
\015\012Now I'm not saying that this is your particular problem but it can be as the no shutdown problem in windows has many faces. Another can be believe it or not the file system. A good pc cleanup sometimes solves this issue try a disc cleanup and a disc defrag. Also try shutting off your screen saver and any power options like hibernation and things like that. These all can be culprits.
\015\012The last thing I would try is the repair mode option though it is an option it would be my last resort as the repair mode option will also remove any service packs, patches or other modifications done in windows since it was first installed. This can actually lead to more problems with applications that may need certain service packs or patches to function properly causing you more and more head aches.
\015\012Good luck and I hope we have been of some assistance to you.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for HP Pavilion A530n (DW234A#ABA) PC Desktop

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