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Installation of a 2nd hard drive steps & tips

\015 Installation of a 2nd hard drive in a Hp a1410n steps & tips\015

Answers :

Step 1: Back up and scout around
First,\015\012back up your critical files (don't forget your Outlook .PST archive) to\015\012optical discs, an external drive, or online storage. Then check whether\015\012a CD comes with the drive, providing drive-specific information and\015\012general upgrade assistance. It may also later help you copy the\015\012contents of one drive to another. Install this software first. Then,\015\012power down your PC, unplug all cables, and open the case. Next, ground\015\012yourself by touching a metal portion of the chassis.

Look\015\012inside—your first task is to determine where your new drive will go.\015\012Bays for internal drives are usually located below the wider,\015\012front-accessible bays that house CD or DVD drives. If you plan to\015\012replace your boot drive with the new drive and don't have an empty bay,\015\012your upgrade will involve more steps than we can cover here. But if\015\012you're replacing your boot drive and you have an empty bay, follow our\015\012steps for adding a second drive. After formatting it, use Norton Ghost\015\012(or a similar program) to clone your boot drive's contents to the new\015\012drive. Then, revisit steps 3 and 4 to direct your PC to boot from the\015\012new drive.

We'll be installing a SATA drive, but the process\015\012is similar for the other common drive type, IDE. SATA drives use a\015\012thin, seven-pin data cable; IDE drives use a 40-pin ribbon cable that's\015\012usually gray. If you're unsure which drive type your PC already has,\015\012check its documentation or label. Most PCs more than a year or two old\015\012employ IDE hard and optical drives, and don't support SATA unless they\015\012have a SATA PCI card installed. More-recent desktops may use (or just\015\012support) SATA drives but should support IDE, too.

\015\012 Tip: If you transfer Windows XP from one drive to another, you may have to reauthorize Windows.

\015\012 Step 2: Examine data and power connections \015\012

\015\012Most hard drive kits include a data cable (SATA or IDE, depending on\015\012the drive), a power adapter cable (with some SATA drives), and screws.\015\012If yours doesn't include cables, you can purchase them separately.

\015\012First, the data connection. If you're installing a SATA drive as\015\012secondary storage, follow the data cable from your current drive\015\012(assuming it's SATA, too) to the other end. See if an unused SATA port\015\012lies nearby on the motherboard or an interface card. If you can't find\015\012one, consult your PC's documentation.

If you're adding an IDE\015\012drive as a second drive, you may be able to connect it to the same data\015\012cable as your primary IDE drive, or along with an IDE optical drive.\015\012Look for a third, free connector in the middle of the cable that\015\012connects your currently installed IDE drive to the motherboard. Note\015\012that some older PCs use 40-conductor IDE cables, not the 80-conductor\015\012ones current drives require. (Compare your kit cable to the one\015\012installed—the 80-conductor variety has much thinner wires.)\015\01280-conductor cables are backward-compatible (both types use the same\015\01240-pin connector), so you can swap out a 40-conductor cable for your\015\012kit's 80 if need be. (The "master" drive goes at the end—see step 3.)

\015\012Next, consider the power connection. Our SATA drive has a 15-pin SATA\015\012power connector. If you already have a SATA drive installed, follow its\015\012power cable (the wider of the two connectors) to see if an unused\015\012power-supply lead with the same connector is nearby. If so, earmark\015\012that lead for your new drive. If it can't reach the empty bay, see if\015\012any bundled adapters help.

Some SATA drives also support\015\012familiar legacy Molex four-pin power connectors—you can use a Molex or\015\012SATA connector. If so, hunt for a free Molex-style lead. Still no\015\012match? Then you'll need an adapter, such as a Molex-to-SATA adapter\015\012(some kits bundle one), or a Y-adapter that splits a lead in two.

IDE drives are simpler: They always use Molex connectors. You just need a free Molex-style lead (or a Y-splitter).

\015\012 Step 3: Mount and connect the drive \015\012

\015\012When installing SATA drives, jumper settings usually aren't an issue.\015\012That's not true of IDE, where a jumper indicates whether a drive is a\015\012primary ("master") or secondary ("slave") drive. Check its\015\012documentation for the proper setting. If your PC has only one IDE hard\015\012drive, it's probably set to "master." Assuming you chain another IDE\015\012drive off its cable, the new drive should be set to "slave." (You'll\015\012later have to change the jumper to "master"—and attach the drive to the\015\012cable's end—if you remove the original boot drive and make the new\015\012drive the boot drive.) Another option: Set both IDE drives on an\015\01280-conductor cable to the Cable Select (CSEL) jumper setting. The PC\015\012will determine master/slave status according to the drives' placement\015\012on the cable ("master" at the end, "slave" in the middle).

\015\012Next, look at your current hard drive to see if mounting rails are\015\012attached to its sides. If so, screw a set onto the new drive (look\015\012inside the case for spares), then slide the drive into its bay.\015\012Otherwise, screw it directly into the bay. Four screws are sufficient.\015\012Usually, the label side points up; mimic the boot drive.

\015\012Attach one end of the SATA data cable (which is keyed for correct\015\012insertion) to a SATA port on the motherboard or interface card, the\015\012other to the drive. IDE data cables, also keyed, usually have a red\015\012stripe that lines up with the "pin 1" marking on the drive.

\015\012Next, plug the power-supply lead (keyed, too) that you scouted out in\015\012step 2 into the drive, including any necessary extender or adapter.\015\012Then close the case.

\015\012 Step 4: Configure the BIOS

\015\012Next, boot into your PC's BIOS-setup utility to verify that it\015\012recognizes the new drive and positions it correctly in the drive\015\012hierarchy. (Check your PC's startup screen to determine which key\015\012launches the utility.) Once there, also check that "auto-detect" is\015\012selected for the drives, if an option. If the utility lets you select\015\012the boot order, give your intended boot drive priority over any other\015\012hard drive. This information may be under Boot Options, Boot Order, or\015\012Boot Sequence.

Save changes and exit the utility. Your PC will reboot.

\015\012 Tip: Using a SATA PCI interface card? It may have its own BIOS to check.

Step 5: Partition and format your hard drive \015\012

\015\012Our PC runs Windows XP, which lets you partition and format drives\015\012within Windows. Older Windows versions, such as 98 and Me, make you do\015\012this from DOS.

With XP and 2000, though, use Windows' Disk\015\012Management utility. Click Start > Control Panel > Administrative\015\012Tools > Computer Management, and choose Disk Management from the\015\012tree at left. Your new drive should appear, with a black bar indicating\015\012it isn't partitioned. Right-click the bar, and choose New Partition to\015\012launch the New Partition wizard. \015\012

\015\012Click Next, and check that Primary Partition is selected; click Next\015\012again, to the Specify Partition Size screen (don't change the partition\015\012size in the "Partition size in MB" field); and click Next to advance to\015\012another screen, on which "Assign the following drive letter" should be\015\012selected. Click Next yet again (to the Format Partition screen), and\015\012ensure that "Format this partition with the following settings" is\015\012selected and that the "File system" drop-down reads "NTFS." Click Next\015\012a final time, hit Finish, and formatting begins.

Formatting\015\012could take an hour or more, depending on drive capacity. But don't be\015\012surprised if your formatted drive has less capacity than the package\015\012claims. A 320GB drive, for instance, formats to about 300GB. Drive\015\012manufacturers advertise preformatted size, but a portion of the drive\015\012is inaccessible.
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