Having problems with your HP Compaq Presario SR2050NX PC Desktop ?

Compag presario sr2050nx with antivirus live issues,please help

Answers :

There's an easy way to remove Antivirus live, with a free anti-virus program.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

The Antivirus Live malware started out as MS Antivirus,


A rogue Scareware anitvirus program.

As you can see from the above link at Wikipedia.org, this malware has changed it's name many times, over the course of the years.

It doesn't work at getting rid of viruses, and only wants you to purchase the fake program. It will eventually not let you access Administrative tasks.

You won't be able to access Control Panel, Windows Explorer, (Not to be confused with Internet Explorer), Task Manager, or other administrative tasks.
(If you are the owner of the computer, you are the Administrator. {Unless you have a computer repair tech set up as the administrator, or someone else)

If you go to Malwarebytes website, you will see there is a paid for version, and a 'free' version. The free version is a trial version.

You CAN download a truly free version, from a reputable website.

I did, and have been using it for almost a year. Never asks me to purchase anything, and works Very well.
(Not advertising for Malwarebytes, or Cnet. I do not advertise for anyone. I only advise using a free program, AND one that truly works)

This free version, works better than the expensive paid for versions, of anti-virus programs.
Works better than any other free anti-virus program.

This is the download website for the free version,


Yes there is advertising on this page. They have to pay the bills.
Ignore it.
Left-click on - Download Now (4.62MB)

Give it a few seconds, and a small rectangular window will come up on the right.
'Opening mbam-setup.exe'

Go to the bottom of the window, and click on - Save File

Now, where will the file go?
IF, you have your downloads set to save to your My Documents folder, the file will go there. It may be in a separate sub-folder named - Downloads. If so, double-click on the Downloads folder name.
(Windows XP. Left-click on Start>My Documents
Windows Vista. Left-click on the Windows button>Documents)

If you Do Not, have your downloads set to save to your My Documents folder, the file will go to your desktop screen.

When you see the file name, Double-click on it.

Go through the installation process. If it asks you to restart your computer, do so.

After Malwarebytes has been installed, double-click on the Malwarebytes icon to open it. (Desktop icon)

As the program is running you will get pop-up, after pop-up. So many in fact, that you won't be able to see the Malwarebytes screen.

DO NOT click on the pop-up's. You'll just slow Malwarebytes down.

The pop-ups are from Antivirus Live. The pop-ups look just like Microsoft Windows shields. They ARE NOT.
There will also be real Microsoft Windows shields.
Do Not click on these either.

Hasn't done any good to prevent Antivirus before, and won't help now. It will just slow Malwarebytes down.

Usual time for Malwarebytes to fully run is 38 to 42 minutes. This depends on how large your harddrive is, how many programs are on it, and how much stuff you have on the harddrive.
(Sounded pretty techy, huh? STUFF)

Malwarebytes will S-M-O-K-E Antivirus Live! Eat it for breakfast.

After Malwarebytes has finished, I suggest you disconnect the Ethernet cable to your computer. Go to Control Panel, and turn System Restore off.

(Windows XP: Start>Control Panel>Performance and Maintenance>Upper left corner - System Restore.
Left-click on System Restore.
On the left side, click on System Restore Settings.
In this window click on the circle to the left of -
Turn System Restore Off. Close all windows, go back to your desktop screen)

You are turning System Restore off because it also saves some of those Antivirus Live files.
Run Malwarebytes one more time.

After Malwarebytes has finished, go back to System Restore, and turn it back on.

Open System Restore, and create a Restore Point.

This way you have a Restore Point to go back to, if you need to restore your computer. The computer will be clean of Antivirus Live for this restore point.

Reconnect your Ethernet cable.
Have any questions concerning this, please post it as a comment.
Would appreciate hearing how this comes out.
This is a very nasty problem to get rid of. If you are able, I would recommend taking your system in to a reputable repair location to have removed.\015\012If you are okay with probing around and playing with the registry in your computer, then you might try the steps outlined in this link.\015\012Be warned, if you make a mistake following these steps, it can cause more harm than good to your computer up to the point of crashing your computer and loosing all information on it.\015\012
\015\012I also recommend reading through the whole process to make sure you understand everything including the posts at the bottom.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for HP Compaq Presario SR2050NX PC Desktop

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