Having problems with your HP Compaq Presario SR1610NX (ED865AA) PC Desktop ?

Not booting up showing green light wont show on screen

Answers :

Power supply failing.

Inside your personal computer power supply are components that can easily fail, and have been a known issue. Nor just Compaq computers, but a vast majority of pre-made computers.

Electrolytic Capacitors.
These are used as Filters in the power supply. They filter the incoming AC electricity, and the outgoing DC electricity.

(Computers use DC electricity. Direct Current.
AC, or Alternating Current is converted in the power supply to DC.

Your house, business, what have you, has AC electricity coming to it from the utility company.
A flashlight battery is a good example of stored DC electricity)

Your computer power supply, supplied three main voltages.
3.3 Volts
5 Volts
12 Volts.

Each one is a Power Rail.

If a power rail is weak your computer will not operate.

A failing, or failed Electrolytic Capacitor, (Or capacitors), make a weak voltage rail.

Computer power supplies are rated in Wattage for power.
Voltage times Amperage = Wattage.

The reason you see the green light on, and the computer will not start up?
Not enough Wattage due to a weak power rail. (Electrolytic Capacitor/s failure)

1) ALL the lights for your computer use less than 1 Watt.
2) EACH fan uses 2 to 3 Watts.

3) A typical Processor uses 55 to 125 Watts!

With a weak voltage rail you have enough power to light lights, maybe spin fans, but not Near enough to turn the Processor on.

No processor running, no computer. (Monitor states No Signal. There is no signal coming from the computer)

Replace the power supply.

How does a power supply go bad? (Fail)

1) The power supply manufacturer made a cheap unit. Cheap in price, but also cheap in quality.
Cheap in price means more money saved by the computer manufacturer.
Computer manufacturers do not make their own power supply. They buy them from a power supply manufacturer.
(The power supply manufacturer also buys Electrolytic Capacitors, from a manufacturer who makes them)

Not all power supply manufacturers, produce cheap quality power supplies. Most pre-built computer manufacturers are known for buying cheap quality power supplies, however.

Example? Let's say the computer manufacturer saved 50 cents on every power supply. Now take that times 200,000 units. (Computers)
$100,000 dollars, (Using USD currency for an example)

Other cheap components used will be.
Wiring that is too small. (Too small in gauge size)
Cheap Rectifier Bridge
Cheap Mosfet
Cheap Transformer
Plus other components.

2) Owner of computer fails to clean the inside of the computer, and the power supply with a can of compressed air for computers, on a regular basis. (Computer UNPLUGGED from POWER!)

Looking at the back of your computer, view the Power Supply,and it's fan. (Top of the computer case where the power cord plugs in)

Are the fan blades, surrounding cage, and inside the power supply dirty?
If so, the inside of the computer is also.

Your computer has a case fan in the front which draws air in, and the power supply fan in the back, draws the air out.

The fan for the power supply is it's main cooling component. It draws air over the components inside the power supply, and the heatsinks inside the power supply.

Just a light level of dust, dirt, and hair, will drop the cooling capacity tremendously.
Once the power supply starts heating up it loses power, and tries to make up for it.
Heat = Wasted Energy

Finally when the power supply cannot keep up, components inside start to fail. Usually the Electrolytic Capacitors are the first to go.

This is not an invite to open your power supply!
Even unplugged from power, the typical power supply still has residual power in it. Electrolytic Capacitors are designed to slowly build up a charge, then release it all at once.

(Think of a garden hose slowly filling up a swimming pool, then knock a big hole in the swimming pool, and the water rushes out)

Capacitors can hold a charge for weeks, sometimes months! (Some up to a year)
These capacitors have two terminals on the bottom.
If your finger, or fingers make a circuit by touching both of them, or by touching a circuit they are in, you can receive a bad shock to fatal!

Most tech's have a spare power supply that is compatible, lying around that they use for a test.
For a homeowner I would suggest removing the power supply, and taking it to a computer repair shop to be tested.

You can buy a power supply cheaper online, than you can at that repair shop, believe me.

Your Compaq Presario SR1610NX Desktop PC uses an ATX style power supply.
245 Watts maximum power (Another indication that is of cheap quality)

One like this will get you back on the road,


(Not an advertisement for said manufacturer, or website. Just an example)

Would appreciate hearing the outcome.


(More info on your Compaq Presario SR1610NX,

Try to reinsert the RAM! Remove it, clean it and insert it back!!!

hope it will work!!
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