Having problems with your HP Compaq nc6000 Notebook ?

My compaqnc6000 will not come on at all. I took it in today and the guy couldn't figure it out...said it could be the mother board. Then while sitting in traffic I tried it and it came on.I shut it down, brought it home and tried again and I'm getting nothing. Not a blue screen...nothing. It acts as if it's going to come on and then shuts down. Please help???

Answers :

From your brief diagnoses, and statements made, I'd have to concur with this 'tech',
So far.

Problem is, that many who aren't qualified, tend to give the diagnoses, 'Needs new motherboard'.

Two reasons.
One, more money to be made replacing the motherboard, than doing a repair that truly takes a qualified technician. (Also easier)

Two, bad motherboard design by the engineers, and it truly does require a replacement. It may not be just a solder connection, or more, that can be re-soldered.
The Printed Circuit Board could be cracked, and fixing it, would be like putting a bandaid on a leaky ****.

(A Motherboard, or proper computer speak, Mainboard, is a PCB. Printed Circuit Board. This link from Wikipedia, may give you more information about a PCB,

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printed_circuit_board )

Laptop eventually fails to power up again, customer repeat business is lost, and word of mouth from customer, has a Very detrimental effect on the tech's business.

(Word of mouth advertising from just One customer, can be better than 1000's $$$$ of paid advertising)

From your brief diagnoses given, it would lead me to believe there is a intermittent contact, from the power source.
In this case it's the Battery. (Since you didn't indicate having it plugged into a cigarette lighter, via a power converter)

Motherboards are made so that they have Circuit Traces. Think of Circuit Traces as being Very, Thin, flat, copper wires.
(The link above details the construction of an average PCB slash, Motherboard. Better explanation of a Circuit Trace)

The body of the motherboard cracks in the power section of the motherboard, and breaks one, or more circuit traces.
The laptop is jarred, or moved in a certain way, and the break is closed momentarily. Leading to power going through the circuit trace, and the laptop being able to power up.
Laptop is jarred again? Circuit trace - break, opens back up, and power from the battery is lost.

Now let's be honest here.
Without physically having the laptop in my hands, and diagnosing it myself, there is no way to truly know.

I'm basing it upon repair experience, and what you have stated.
If you get a second opinion of the same diagnoses, then you know what must be done.

My thoughts, based if I were in this situation? I would base whether cost of replacing the motherboard, versus keeping the laptop.

IF, I felt technically inclined, and wished to take on replacing the motherboard myself, then I would look for a reasonably priced, replacement motherboard, and attempt it.

I am Not advising this, just offering it as an alternative. Food for thought.

I am also not advertising Ebay, but they have motherboards for laptops. There may be an Ebay store that has one for the HP/Compaq nc6000, or a reputable seller.

Just to show you what is entailed, this is the Maintenance and Service Guide for the HP/Compaq nc6000 series Notebook PC's. (It states Guide, but it is a Service Manual),


The above link is from HP Support.
On this page scroll down to the heading;
Service and maintenance information

Underneath the subheading; Title,
Left-click on -
HP Compaq nc6000 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service Guide

This is a PDF file download. (Not to insult. Your computer has Adobe Reader on it which uses PDF files)

After you click on the above file name, you may not see anything happening for up to 30 seconds. The file is downloading in the background.

Should a green download progression bar show, let the file download all the way, before looking through it.

(You might break the download connection, if you start looking through the file before it has downloaded all the way)

Page 139 deals with replacing the motherboard, (System Board) It details all of the components that must be removed first, and also the body parts of the laptop.

(Look in the top header of the PDF file.
The box to the right of the blue Down Arrow, is the page number box.
You can use the blue down arrow to go page, by page to page 139, or simply Left-click in the box, type 139, and press the Enter key)

1.Buy, and wear an ESD wrist s-trap, and connect the alligator clip to a good ground source. The average cost is $6.

This is an example, (Not an advertising for said website, nor manufacturer of tool. This tool can be readily purchased in a number of local places)


Your body carries Static electricity. Static will burn out, delicate hardware computer components. The ESD wrist s-trap, (And connecting it to a good ground source), will prevent this.

2.Use a multi-compartment container for the screws. There are as many as 12 different types, up to 60 of them, and some of them look alike. They AREN'T.
Label each compartment for where the screws came from.

3.Make notes, and drawings as you go along. Good reference material to go back to, should you become interrupted along the way.
You may wish to use a digital camera, and take photos also, as you go along.

[When reinstalling the motherboard, tip the side that has the peripheral connectors, down into the bottom half of the case. They have to go through the holes in the case, before the motherboard will sit flat.

{Peripheral connectors/connections.
External VGA port connector. Also called External Monitor connector. Serial port connector. Parallel port connector. All the connectors on the back of the laptop]

Further questions?
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for HP Compaq nc6000 Notebook

Tips for a great answer:

- Provide details, support with references or personal experience .
- If you need clarification, ask it in the comment box .
- It's 100% free, no registration required.

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My compaqnc6000 will not come on at all. I took it in today and the guy couldn't figure it out...said it could be the mother board. Then while sitting in traffic I tried it and it came on.I shut it down, brought it home and tried again and I'm getting nothing. Not a blue screen...nothing. It acts as if it's going to come on and then shuts down. Please help???

From your brief diagnoses, and statements made, I'd have to concur with this 'tech',So far. Problem is, that many who aren't qualified, tend to give the diagnoses, 'Needs new motherboard'. Two reasons. One, more mo ... HP Compaq nc6000 Notebook

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