Having problems with your Gateway GT5678 Desktop PC ?

Constant BSOD's related to outdated motherboard BIOS

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Posted by SellersCity on Sunday, April 15, 2018

\015 Gents, I'll start off by saying I am a novice when it comes to motherboards and BIOS lingo/fixes. Take it easy on me :). I purchased a refurbished Gateway computer running Windows Vista from buy.com in September of 2008. I immediately updated the video card to a NVIDIA 9800GT and power supply to something more powerful. The computer worked great for about a year and then I started having sporatic computer problems that eventually became debilitating. I ended up replacing the failing video card (with another 9800GT) and upgrading to Windows 7 a few months ago. This almost solved all my problems but I have one major one left. My computer gives me a BSOD when I do certain activities that require a certain type of memory (not sure how to pinpoint it). For example, when I open up google maps or open a webpage with many .gifs on it and start scrolling around, the computer will crash. It doesn't happen when I'm running games or watching movies. I have been unable to find an updated BIOS driver for my motherboard. I updated the drivers for EVERYTHING else on my computer including the nvidia chipset, southbridge and video card. Unfortunately, I feel like this is a BIOS problem and my motherboard BIOS haven't been updated since I purchased the computer. I've linked a few images of my computer specs/problems so you can understand what I'm talking about.I have the following specs:Gateway Desktop Model GT5678Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GhzGateway model MS-7399 motherboard (1.1)NVIDIA GeForce7100 (A2) ChipsetNVIDIA nForce630i SouthbridgeLPCIO = ITE IT8718My mobo BIOS is:American Megatrends Inc. version A7399NG2.108http://img196.imageshack.us/i/systemgo.jpg/http://img685.imageshack.us/i/pb260005.jpg/http://img62.imageshack.us/i/pb260004.jpg/Gateway's website does not have BIOS that match my exact computer and AMI told me I have to talk to Gateway to get them. Gateway support is utterly unhelpful. I was hoping someone on this site could help me figure out a workaround so that my computer stops giving me the above BSODs. Any help or tips would be greatly apprecaited! Thank you very much.Ben\015

Answers :

It is your USB drivers/Ports as per the line that states = WUSBS4GV4x64.
\015\012The x64 indicates it's a 64bit driver. If you have a 32bit Windows then replace the drivers with the proper 32bit drivers.
\015\012You can determine if it is the USB by disabling it in the Device manager and BIOS. Then testing your system in order to see if it BSODs.
First of all, I wish to tell you what an excellent job you are doing, in trying to get us all information you think is pertinent to the problem, and also supplying additional information asked for!

You rock!
(Can you pass this on to other users of this website? lol!)

Secondly, I see that you DID supply all Error Code information, and DID so in the beginning of the problem.

I looked at the imageshack photos you posted right away!

Third, you have nothing to apologize for, as far as expertise in the area. You're way ahead of anyone claiming an amateur status.
You're to be commended for posting screenshots, and CPU-Z!

I feel at this moment we may be failing you!

Fourth, my line of thinking started with what is the main factor, correlating in both situations.

I tend to think BIOS has nothing to do with this problem, as you used that version of BIOS for a year with 'smooth sailing', or so I gather from your statements.

I also tend to think it's something that's breaking down over time, slowly, and is a hardware related issue, not software.
Many times hardware will start breaking down, and software issues will crop up.

I needed to know what power cable you were using, and how.

Some do not have power supply's that have a 6-pin PCI Express power cable, and will use an adapter that may be supplied with the graphics card.

An adapter such as this example,


This 6-pin PCI Express adapter, requires Two 4-pin Molex power cables.
The reasoning is that a 6-pin PCI Express power cable has 2 Yellow wires.

A wire with Yellow insulation designates a 12 Volt wire.
A 6-pin PCI Express power cable requires Two 12 Volt wires.

A 4-pin Molex power cable only has One 12 Volt wire.

This is an example of a 4-pin Molex power cable below,

(Another name used is a Peripheral power cable. Gives power to Peripheral hardware components.
Molex is a manufacturer's name for their style of connector.

It's the same as referring to a Crescent wrench. Crescent is the manufacturer. The actual item is - Open End Adjustable Wrench. People just call it a 'Crescent wrench')


Point here, is that if people have just one Molex power cable free, and not two of them, they will use just one Molex power cable.

This does not supply enough power for the graphics card.
The graphics card will work, however.

But, after a given time period, the power connection on the graphics card, and the pin connectors at the bottom of the graphics card, will start to burn.

This will eventually render the graphics card power connection , the power cable connector, the contact pins on the bottom of the graphics card, and the graphics slot on the motherboard, unusable.

Means the graphics card, and the motherboard may be unusable.

One, the graphics card connections are burned making it unusable, and the graphics card itself may be harmed.

Two, the PCI express x16 slot on the motherboard may be burned, making essentially the motherboard unusable. (Unless you just use On-board graphics from the VGA port on the motherboard. {Blue}

This would be a development that would occur over a time period, such as what you have stated.
Granted, I may be 'Reaching' here.

On the BIOS update.
I do not truly know if it is an update for THE, AMI BIOS version you have now.
(Capitalized THE to make a point, not to be sarcastic)

Upon looking at the file name, it doesn't show any letter/number designation, that is any different than the original version designation.


There was just an indication that it was an update.

I see it is for a 32bit version of Vista.

A 64bit program is backward compatible with a 32bit program, IF,
the program manufacturer (Programmer, actually), wrote the program to work in this manner.

The only way to know is to contact the manufacturer who requested that BIOS program, Gateway.
OR, take a chance, install it, and find out.
Not a good option!

I can't download it, and open it, or it will affect my BIOS.
(Which could render my computer useless)

The above are just some thoughts of mine. I don't really see it as a viable solution to your problem, unless there is a problem with the graphics expansion slot on the motherboard.
This would only be to point out to look for possible damage, and is not a solution towards fixing the problem, either.

It is for this reason, that I would appreciate it if you would not rate this solution.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Gateway GT5678 Desktop PC

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