Having problems with your Gateway FPD2275W LCD Monitor ?

Gateway LP2207 Powers up to a bright white screen... nothing else

\015 When I turn on my gateway 22inch lcd it just goes to a white screen and does absolutely nothing else. the monitor is just out of warranty so can anyone help?\015\012\015\012Tom\015

Answers :

Hey Tom,
\015\012It sounds like you may have had a brown out. Did the power in your house or at least near the computer go out or flicker? A brown out is when there is less than enogh power supplied, which is much worse then a surge of excess power.
\015\012Most new computer hardware have rpeventative measures in place for this namely in the power supplies, but monitors do not. I hate to be the oen to tell you, but you probably need a new monotor.
\015\012You can test this 2 ways. Hook up the monitor to another PC and see if it is still white. Hook up a different monitor to the same PC and see if it works. If for any reason it does not seem to be the monotor, it could be the video card (and/or monitor).
\015\012Hope this helps.
White screen is usually in the video input board. Once in a while it is in the lcd panel.
Does the power button turn on and off normally ? do you hear the gateway boot-up sound when it starts up ?
[email protected]
\015\012\015\012If you don’t have the startup\015\012sound when you plug it in, the main board may be bad.
\015\012\015\012If your picture was pinkish or\015\012dark at the top or bottom when it was working then you may have 1 or more of\015\012the bulbs failing.
\015\012\015\012If your picture wasn't pinkish or\015\012dark at the top or bottom when it was working, then it sounds like probably the\015\012inverter may have went. They are light light bulbs and have life expectancies\015\012on the capacitors.
\015\012\015\012To get to the inverter:
\015\012\015\012remove the stand
\015\012\015\012Take the 3 screws out of the\015\012bottom rear edge (these hold the front trim),and the 4 big black ones at the\015\012middle of the back
\015\012\015\012the the trim then unsnaps. {Be\015\012aware of the small ribbon to the power button board on the right edge} Start at\015\012the bottom and release the trim usually by gripping it on the lcd screen side\015\012with your fingertips and pulling outward, then work your way up each side from\015\012the back where the front trim meets the rear case. Work from the bottom to the\015\012top (a pocket knife or thin putty knife will help release the catches) You can\015\012also sharpen the edge of a credit card-(plastic is a little safer)
\015\012\015\012Then unsnap the top edge (rocking\015\012it while lifting helps)
\015\012\015\012Disconnect the ribbon, (Tiny latch\015\012lifts up on a hinge and ribbon slides out)
\015\012\015\012Once trim is off, remove the 4\015\012corner screws that hold the screen in. Then the screen will lift out with all\015\012the guts. You may have to use a screwdriver like a crowbar in the corners to\015\012start the screen to lift up.
\015\012\015\012You’ll then have to remove a bunch\015\012of screws including the speaker ones and the usb board ones and unplug the\015\012bulbs and wire to the screen
\015\012\015\012then the inverter is under the\015\012center area under the metal cover
\015\012\015\012Shout if you need more info.
\015\012\015\012If you email me a good picture of\015\012the inverter , I may be able to get a better idea if it is the inverter from a\015\012visual.
\015\012\015\012Thanks Fran
\015\012\015\012[email protected]

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