Having problems with your Gateway FPD2275W LCD Monitor ?

Power outage,monitor wont power up,hope its not fried

\015 I have a gateway monitor hd 2100,we had a power outage today,when i tried to power the monitor up,it powers up but goes in i guess sleep mode,no picture nothing,is there a restet switch,gateway support wants money!!!!,can someone help me i paid alot of money for this thing its only 2 years old.i tried every thing,\015

Answers :

I may or may not make your day. (But I wish you to know that I want to! lol!)

I believe it's not your monitor, I believe it's your computer. (Oh, that helped, huh!) However, don't freak out yet, it maybe a simple fix.

Let's test my theory. (I'm a computer tech with over 20 years of experience)
1.Do you have another monitor available for a test? Plug it into your computer, see if it comes on.
No can do? How about taking your monitor over to a friends, or relatives house, and see if they will let you plug it into their computer for a test. Even if your monitor should be bad, it absolutely won't hurt their computer.

2.Your monitor checks out okay on someone else's computer?
Or, another known, good, monitor, doesn't work on your computer?
Your power supply isn't any good on your computer.

The power outage is also referred to as a 'Brownout'. Too much electricity was needed, and the power utility service couldn't handle the load, or a transformer down the line, blew.

This causes a voltage spike. The first hardware component in a computer that is affected, is the power supply.

Your computer may seem like it's coming on. Lights light, fans spin, and it sounds like the harddrive is whirring away!

Not so! Inside your computer power supply are Electrolytic Capacitors. These are used as Filters. They filter the incoming AC electricity, and filter the outgoing DC electricity.
These capacitors are the weakest link of a power supply. (Next is the Rectifier bridge, then the transformer. IF this SMPS power supply uses a transformer)

When these capacitors start to fail, they are weak. For simplicities sake, let's just say they are small aluminum 'cans', and have Electrolytic paste inside. When the capacitor starts to fail, the Electrolytic paste develops a gas inside. (Hydrogen gas) This gas expands, and pushes on a seal inside the capacitor 'can'. When the seal is broken, Electrolytic paste starts to ooze out. So much paste loss, and the capacitor operates in a weakened state. Too much paste loss, and the capacitor fails.

The capacitors used in the output stage of the power supply, filter DC electricity. They convert 'raw' DC electricity, into 'true' DC electricity.

Inside your computer is a processor. This hardware component must have a steady, true, clean, supply of DC electricity, ot it won't turn on. (Sometimes it may turn on for a few seconds, but will turn right back off)

ALL the lights for your computer use less than 1 Watt of DC electricity.
EACH fan uses 2 to 3 Watts. The harddrive spinning uses less than 5 Watts.
A typical processor uses 55 to 125 Watts!
Your power supply has enough power for everything else, but when it comes time to turn on the processor, it 'falls on it's knees'.

No processor, No computer. No computer running, the monitor doesn't get a signal, and stays in the power saver mode.
(No processor running, also means the harddrive isn't activated to find the Boot Sector. It just sits there and spins the platters inside)

Solution? Buy a decent, affordable power supply, and replace the one you have.
Your Gateway tower probably has a 305 Watt power supply.
It's an ATX style of power supply. The type used in about 90 percent of computers. These are Cheap, and easily replaced.
http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/category/category_slc.asp?CatId=1077&name=300-Watt-Plus-Power-Supply& (I suggest the Ultra brand. It also has a lifetime warranty)

To replace:

Before you do, however, there is one more thing I would like you to check, first. Check the Electrolytic Capacitors on the motherboard.
Specifically the ones that surround the processor. These 'Caps' are Voltage Regulators for the processor. IF even ONE is bad, the processor won't work.
This link takes you to a website, that shows you photos of visual signs of failure, with the capacitors on the motherboard,

FIRST, computer unplugged from power, computer case open. Touch the metal frame of the computer case, to relieve your body of static electricity.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Gateway FPD2275W LCD Monitor

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I may or may not make your day. (But I wish you to know that I want to! lol!)I believe it's not your monitor, I believe it's your computer. (Oh, that helped, huh!) However, don't freak out yet, it maybe a simple fix.Let's test ... Gateway FPD2275W LCD Monitor

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