Having problems with your Gateway FPD1960 19" Flat Panel LCD Monitor ?

IC Power 19'' LCD-Will not Power Up- No Lites.

\015 I have the above LCD. Mnftr= IC PowerProduct # PA192D, Model 900G,Ser#8540MI004615Mftr Date 9/05 Working fine this AM. I turned off the room power, which shut all equipment off. Few hours later turned it all back on, and this LCD isn\342\200\231t working. The cord is good, with power thru it. I even changed cords, and outlets, in case of a freak anomaly\342\200\246 Suspecting there is a power board/inverter inside that has taken a hit. How to determine problem, and decipher part replacement. Can\342\200\231t find anything on this make/model\342\200\246 I do find 900G under other brands, but no technical data. I also do not see how to crack open the LCD. See two screws, but there\342\200\231s something else keeping it glued together! Please advise! Would really like to fix this. Is a decent monitor! Well, used to be!Thanks. [email protected]\015

Answers :

This is a follow up to my last submission about my discovery of bad caps on the FPD1960 LCD flat screen Gateway 19" computer monitor. To recap: After two and a half years of excellent graphics quality, my monitor suddenly went blackout. After pushing the power-on button, the screen would come on for 1-second, then go black. Repeat, again and again, same result; comes on for 1 second then blackout. THE REPAIR: After carefully but forcefully prying open the case, I unscrewed and unplugged then removed the screen and set it aside, then unscrewed and removed the power supply board. Sure as shootin, bulging (and slightly leaking) capacitors were immdiately apparant on this board. That other fella's submission was right on target. Search Wikipedia for "bulging capacitors" to get the inside scoop on this widespread problem. Major manufacturers are well aware of this issue, but fortunately for them it occurs some 2-years out'a the box, and after the warranty expires. This is one time I wish I'd bought the extended warranty! Anyway, I finally got my 5 caps from Ebay in the mail today. Specifically, they are 470uF 25volt 105-degree (use only 105's because some are right near a power transister heat sink---so I'll bet they get mighty friggin hot. After carefully replacing the old caps with the new (you'll need a solder ****** along with your solder iron), I reassembled, powered-up, and began to thoroughly enjoy the fruits of my labor. It's working like new once again. THE CAPS ON THE POWER SUPPLY BOARD ARE DEFECTIVE.
Gateway Monitor FPD1960 TFT LCD Issues
\015\012To All:
\015\012This is a conversation that I had with a Gateway Customer Technical Support person:
\015\012Incident in progress
\015\012You are in a Live Automation incident with GWSI1173.
\015\012GWSI1173 joined the incident.
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012Welcome to Gateway Chat. My name and badge number are GWSI1173. I am looking at your account and the information you submitted. I will begin troubleshooting with you in just a moment.
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012Thank you for being online. I appreciate your patience. <br>
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012No problem
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012May I confirm that the serial number of your Gateway product is “omitted”<br>
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012That's correct.
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012Thank you for confirming. <br>
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012Customer ,the serial number you have entered is either incorrect or the asset is out of warranty. Confirm the Serial number to ensure it is accurate. <br>
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012This is actually the second monitor that has been replaced by Gateway...with the same problem.
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012May I know the purchase location and the country of purchase?<br>
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012It is probably out of warranty...however, I am looking into know issues so that I can get this fixed.
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012Thank you for the verification.<br>
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012This is a FPD1960 TFT LCD Color Monitor shuts off after short period of time because of some power issue with capacitors....I want to know the fix please.
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012How long you are facing this issue?<br>
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012Two years but I have dealt with this forever and could never get an answer previously. I am able to use the monitor for an undetermined period of time but then shuts off. I am in IT so please understand that this is not a pc hibernate or standby issue.
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012Please check connecting the monitor with a different capacitor and let me know whether you are facing the same issue.
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012What are you talking about...not power supply...capacitor which is housed on the board and would need to be soldered!
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012I have read many blogs and your product is being experienced by hundreds of people...this must be some type of known issue documented on a white paper or document somewhere???
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012May I know when you buy this new monitor?
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012This monitor was replaced by Gateway at Best Buy after the previous monitor was determined defective...approximately late 2006.
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012In this case, kindly contact a local technician to fix this issue.
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012Customer , I am really sorry for the inconvenience.
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012Come on....you can't tell me what the known issue is with this product? Let me speak to management to resolve this....
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012Customer, I do understand your concern. However, my scope of support is limited for an out of warranty customer. Please contact a local technician to fix this issue. And my supervisor also will give you the same option for this case which I have given you.
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012I have saved our conversation and will post to as many blogs as possible so that others will know the extent of Gateways support even after warranty. This is completely unacceptable and I will make sure that every knows about this.
\015\012Customer says:
\015\012Can you at least point me to the link on Gateways website to find out the issue or troubleshoot known issues?
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012Please contact a local technician to fix this issue.
\015\012GWSI1173 says:
\015\012Thank you for using eMachines Live Chat. Have a great day.
\015\012Customer says: Really?
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Gateway FPD1960 19" Flat Panel LCD Monitor

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This is a follow up to my last submission about my discovery of bad caps on the FPD1960 LCD flat screen Gateway 19" computer monitor. To recap: After two and a half years of excellent graphics quality, my monitor suddenly went blackout. After push ... Gateway FPD1960 19" Flat Panel LCD Monitor

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