Having problems with your Gateway 7330GZ Notebook ?

How to replace a powerjack

\015 How to replace apowerjack\015

Answers :

This is a difficult task, that only the most proficient tech should try to take on.
There are very fewer, and fewer techs that do this.
Because it is easier, and sometimes wiser, to just replace the motherboard.
[Also generates more money for a repair shop $$$$. There ARE instances when it is necessary to replace the motherboard though, instead of just the DC Power Jack. Read on]

That said, read the following, and see if this task is within what you want to take on.

1.Basic static precautions should be observed. The tech must wear an ESD wrist device to help prevent static electricity shock, to the delicate computer hardware components. Your body carries static, and body movements can generate Static.
Static can silently fry out delicate computer hardware components, and 9 times out of 10, you won't see it or feel it.

[A cheap ESD wrist device can be purchased for around $6 to $8]
The Electro Static Discharge wrist device has a cord attached to it, with an alligator clip on the end of the cord. The alligator clip is attached to a good ground source. (I use an empty desktop computer case, and attach the clip to the metal frame)

You should work on a tabletop, and wood, or fake wood is preferred. DO NOT work on a bed, couch, or directly on a carpet floor. These are high areas of Static electricity!

2.AC adapter, (Charger), and battery removed, the entire laptop has to disassembled, down to the bare motherboard in your hand. No processor, Cooling Tube and heatsink, ram memory, wireless adapter card, harddrive, optical drive, Nada. [The LCD screen is removed from the main body, and is not disassembled any further]

3.After THE correct DC Power Jack is located and purchased, then it's time to use the proper tools for removing the DC Power Jack. It's best to use a Soldering Station, but if you are proficient at de-soldering, and soldering precise electronic components, you can use a pencil tip 40 Watt iron. I recommend using Desoldering Braid, instead of using a Desoldering tool. Much easier, and a better tool.

I don't know your electronic repair expertise, but be aware that lingering too long when melting solder to remove it with the solder wick, (Desoldering Braid), can result in burning the motherboard, rendering it useless. Not enough heat when soldering, can result in a 'Cold Solder Joint'.

I pull up on the DC Power Jack to be removed with my fingers, as I'm melting the solder joint for one lead. Use finesse with the amount of force you apply, as you can apply too much force, and pull up a circuit trace right off of the motherboard! As the solder joint melts for that lead, only pull it up so far. Now go to another lead, melt the solder, and pull it out so far. Keep going around the leads until lead, by lead, comes out of the motherboard, and the DC Power Jack is in your hand.

I clean the DC Power Jack area on the motherboard with Isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is VERY FLAMMABLE, and should be used with Extreme caution! Keep the soldering iron far away from it, use in a Well ventilated area.
You want those mounting holes very clean, for the Rosin core solder to stick to it. I make sure the small area around each mounting hole, is tinned well with fresh solder. Gives a good area for solder to stick to, after the new DC Power Jack is installed. After the new DC Power Jack is installed, you may have to clip the leads that stick out, IF, they protrude too far. I haven't found any yet, but there is always the first time.

4.Now reassemble the hardware components back onto the motherboard, and reassemble the laptop.

If you have made a mistake anywhere along the way, you now have an expensive doorstop.

Some laptop motherboards have an area that the DC Power Jack mounts to, that resembles a Peninsula. (Like an island attached to the main body of land)

This Peninsula can break away from the main body of the motherboard. When it does, the circuit traces on the motherboard stretch, then break. (Circuit Trace. Think - Very, Flat, Thin copper wires)

Replacing the motherboard is the best option in this case.

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