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How to open the case to upgrade rams - Gateway 7200X PC Desktop

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Alert: Before working inside a computer, disconnect all the cables from the back of the computer and make sure you're aware of the potential dangers of ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD).
\015\012Unfortunately, there is no standard for how to open a computer case, which means how you open your case depends on the manufacturer of your case and/or computer. Below are the three most common methods of how to open a computer case.
\015\012Before opening the case, disconnect all the cables from the back of the computer and place it on a table. Next, identify the type of chassis you're working with. Below is a short list of different types of ways a computer case cover is held on.
  1. Screw - Case held on with screws. \015\012
  2. Thumbscrew - Case with screws that require no special tools and can be tightened and loosened with your fingers. Often, these screws also have indents that allow them to also work with tools if needed. \015\012
  3. Screwless - Case that has no type of screws, only held on with metal or plastic clamps that can release from the case by pressing buttons or switches.
\015\012Screw / Thumbscrew computer cases
\015\012The screws, buttons, or other mechanisms to open a computer case are almost always located on the back edges of a computer. If the case has screws, these will need to be removed before the case cover can be removed.
\015\012Note: Often, the power supply screws are also visible from the back of the computer; however, these are often in the middle of the back of the computer case. The screws you want to remove to open the case are always on the outer-edges of the back of the computer.
\015\012Once screws have been removed from the back of the case, push the side cover of the computer case towards the back of the computer. Either the side of the computer case will slide off, or the complete cover will be removed.
\015\012Note: If you've removed a side of the computer but cannot see the inside of the computer, it's likely the wrong side of the computer case was removed; simply remove the other side to expose the inside of the computer.
\015\012Finally, some computer cases use a combination of thumbscrews and screwless mechanisms to hold on the side of a computer case. If you only needed to remove one on the back of the computer, it's likely you're working with this type of case.
\015\012Screwless computer cases
\015\012There are several techniques on how computer and case manufacturers develop a screwless entry chassis. Therefore, keep in mind that the below steps may not apply to your computer case.
\015\012As mentioned earlier, screwless computer cases work by using buttons, levers, or push arms. For example, NEC, Dell, and other major computer manufacturers used a popular screwless entry case where a single thumbscrew is removed from the back right side of the computer case, and while the computer is on its side, press and hold in two small levers on the top and bottom and push the side towards the back of the case.
\015\012In addition to the above example, a screwless computer case may have similar levers that may be located in other locations such as the bottom of the computer case or the front of the computer.
\015\012Finally, there are also several other screwless computer cases that utilize buttons often located on the front bottom portion of the computer case. Simply pressing this button will release the side of the case, allowing it to be removed.
Look at the back of your computer.

There is a large green thumbscrew on the left outside edge. Unscrew it to loosen it. The screw does not come out all the way.

If there is a sticker that wraps around the side cover to the back, you can cut through it. (Silvery sticker with holes in it)

This sticker came from the factory. It was used to see if the computer had been opened by the user, which would void the warranty.
Since this computer was made in 2004, the warranty is long gone.

Now you will see a Black Lever. The lever pivots.

Pull up on the bottom, and the side case cover will pop open a little.
Ease the side cover out to about a 30 degree angle, and lift it straight up.
When you go to replace the side cover, DO NOT use the Black lever. (Not shouting)

Just line the tabs at the bottom of the cover in the slots at the bottom of the computer case, and ease the cover closed.

When the cover touches the side of the computer, you have to push it a little harder. Then it will snap into place.

How do I know this? I'm using a Gateway 7200X right now.

Before you open the computer case, unplug the computer from power. Unplug the power cable FROM the surge protector, and NOT the back of the power supply.

Unplugging from the back of the power supply, while the power cable is still plugged into the surge protector, may cause a Voltage Spike.

Result is that the Power Supply could burn out. It can also burn out the Motherboard, Processor, Ram Memory, and Graphics Card.

(If this is the original hardware inside your computer, there is a chance that you have an ATI Radeon X600XT graphics card, like I do. It's in a PCI-Express x16 slot)

Many have stated, that they have unplugged the power cord from the power supply, while the power cord is plugged into the surge protector.
They also eventually come back, and state they burned they're computer up.

BEFORE you reach inside your computer, and BEFORE you take that/those new ram sticks out of their protective anti-static bag/s, TOUCH the metal frame of the computer case. (Not shouting)

(Computer unplugged from power)

This will relieve your body of Static electricity.
Static will fry out, (Short Circuit), the hardware components inside your computer.

Computer unplugged from power, you are safe.
Touch the metal frame of the open computer case, your computer is safe.

IF, you get up, walk away, then return, Touch the metal frame again.
Work on a table. IF, you have carpeted floors, refrain from swinging your feet back, and forth. Creates static.

Refrain from touching the gold plated contact pins on the bottom of the ram stick. You can hold it anywhere else, as the main body is coated with a see-through plastic.

For ease of removing ram memory, and installing, I like to lay the computer down on it's side, open part up.
I use a clean towel on the table to lay the computer down on, to keep from scratching the table, and the computer case.

It is also a good idea to remove all cables from the computer when doing so. You may want to make notes, and a drawing, as to where the cables go if you are not familiar with their placement.

If you have twin satellite speakers, and a subwoofer like I do, there is a special placement for those speaker cables. Advise Do Not mix them up.

The ram memory slots have locks. One on each end of the slot. They are white in color, and look like 'Ears'
The locks pivot. The top of the lock is eased to the outside.

The method used, is to pivot both locks out at the same time.
This raises the ram stick up out of the ram slot.
Use your thumbs for the locks, and balance the ram stick with your forefingers. Keeps it from flopping over.

You are using DDR Sdram at 400MHz. (400 MegaHertz)
Also known as PC3200.
You will note that there is a Notch in the bottom of the ram stick.

This cutout lines up with a Locating Lug in the bottom of the ram slot. The ram stick only goes in, in one direction.
The Notch may look like it is centered, but it is not.

There are 184 contact pins on the bottom of a DDR Sdram ram memory module. (Stick)
92 on each side.

The Notch is in-between contact pins 40 and 41.
The Notch is not in the center, but off towards one side.

When you raised the ram stick up with the locks, you will note that each lock has a small slot in it.
The bottom corners of the ram stick rest in these slots.

Notch lined up, bottom corners in the lock slots, gently push straight down on the ram stick.
When the ram stick is fully seated you should hear a couple of satisfying clicks.

This is the 'bump' of the lock, snapping into the notch on each side of the ram stick. When the ram is fully seated, these bumps enter the notch on the side of the ram stick.

Sometimes, the bump does not fully go all the way, into the notch. It will go in real close, though, when the ram stick is fully seated.

IF, you are installing a larger size amount of ram, than you previously have now, and there is also a smaller size of ram stick installed, put the larger ram size stick in Slot 1.

To explain:
Let's say you have a 512MB ram stick in your computer now. You are going to install a 1GB ram stick.

The 1GB stick goes into Slot 1.
(512MB + 512MB = 1024MB, or 1GB)

Slot 1 is closest to the Processor.
The Processor reads Slot 1 before the other ram slots.
(You have 4 ram slots)

Need more information? Hit me up by stating so in a comment.
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