Having problems with your E-Machines (T2824) PC Desktop ?

Emachine T2824 will not power on...green lite on m/b on.

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Posted by SellersCity on Sunday, April 15, 2018

\015 I just unplugged my sons computer because i purchased a replacement. I carried it gently down stairs for my daughter to use. I plugged it in and nothing happend. I can hear a sort of high pitched buzzing sound from the back by the plug. I opened it up to see if all the connections are secure. I can see a green led lit up on which I think is the motherboard. I used a screwdriver to jump the power switch pins that didn't work either. Help\015

Answers :

If you plugged it in and nothing happens please don't make sticking a screwdriver in it normal practice.:) It sounds like your power supply went out. It is a normal part you can pick up at any computer parts store. I would take the old one out of the case and get all the numbers off of it and replace it. Before you do that however look in the computer one more time and make sure the motherboard is plugged in. It will be a big rectangle plug. Most of the time it is white.

You can get the power supply out by taking four or five screws out of the back of the computer. This link will walk you through the process one step at a time.

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Emachine T2824 will not power on...green lite on m/b on.

If you plugged it in and nothing happens please don't make sticking a screwdriver in it normal practice.:) It sounds like your power supply went out. It is a normal part you can pick up at any computer parts store. I would take the old one out of the ... E-Machines (T2824) PC Desktop

T2682 emachine running fine video lite went yellow & HD also

The first thing you should do is remove the video card and try to boot\015\012the PC using the onboard video (video on the Motherboard) and see if\015\012that solves the problem. If it does, try putting the video card back\015\012in in a DIFFERENT P ... E-Machines T2682 PC Desktop

EMachine T2824 does not turn on. Power cord/power supply seems O.K.

There are just too many eMachine models to be familiar with every one, however, as a preliminary inspection, remove the side panel, and turn the computer on to see if you see a green "Health" light. This will give you an initial clue as to how to pur ... E-Machines (T2824) PC Desktop

Emachine with XP home edition doesn't start

Hi hearalso, down to the basic's. Replace power cord. \015\012No help there than, remove the case's side panel to expose the motherboard. (Normally it is the left side panel while facing the front of the PC.)\015\012Look closely for a sma ... E-Machines eMachines Desktop PC

EMachines T2824. Does nothing but light on mainboard coming on...

This sounds like an old system and you have replaced the power supply, did you change the little round battery on the motherboard? It may have went bad with the power supply. Unfortantly, if a power spike took out the power supply, it might have take ... PC Desktops

Wont power up

If you are getting absolutely nothing, and it seems you have checked all the obvious, then I guess its just the board given up ... PC Desktops

PC won't boot after changed BIOS memory settings

With all that you've done, you might have worsened your PC mobo's condition. Now try to remove the processor and memory then PLUG it normally to the power outlet and see if the led in the mobo lights. After 3 minutes, unplug it and reseat the rams an ... Toshiba Satellite A135 Notebook

Can not find heat sink switches on motherboard emachine t2862

Heat sink switches? I have to assume that you're talking about a dead mother board but the fans and the LED on the mother board are OK? This is a classic eMachines problem. Their power supplies glitch and take out the mother board sometimes the po ... E-Machines eMachines Desktop PC

EMachines 2824 not powering on

You can check also by removing the boards.you can check the mainboard outside in the box..you remove the mainboard and check if the mainboard is not shorted with another devices. ... E-Machines (T2824) PC Desktop

Monitor does not always come on

Sounds like the power board is starting to lose it's dc voltage power and making it hard to start till the board warms.\015\012This will get worse and eventually it will die totally.\015\012You probably need to rehab the power and inverte ... E-Machines eMachines Monitor E15T4

Cannot shut off & no display

The eMachines M5105 is notorious for failing to boot if left unplugged and powered off long enough for the battery to become mostly discharged. Plugging it in to AC power will cause the battery to start charging; and the hard disk drive to spin whil ... E-Machines M5105 Notebook

EL1200 HOW DO YOU REPLACE THE lite one 220w power supply with a bigger supply.There seem to be no space for any other supply.ITS a eone emachine model and i need to replace the small power supply to run a decent graphics card

Thats the curse of having a mini PC, the power supplies are limited, causing a limitation to add in graphics cards.You may do better using an external power such as the ones I use for connecting external hard drives, then connecting that to you ... E-Machines eOne 433 PC Desktop

Emachine t2742 I also have a wiring problem!

Gtater,It's ironic that you ask me this question today-- i am just now carrying in another eMachine computer to fix. Anyway, unfortunately I do not have one that is the same model as yours (T2742). However, I did some quick research and found t ... E-Machines eMachines Desktop PC

Mobo problems Hi all , I have a T2824 that will not turn on. When i open the case to inspect it i found a little light on. The location of the light is just above F-1 ? I not sure if its a powersupply or motherboard any help would be nice. P.s I have googled it for an hour and still nothing ? Spex T2824,Windows Home,2.53GHz(intel 325), 40g hard drive,combo Dvd drive,256mb DDR SDRAM. Again when i turn it on NOTHING happens ?? No fans no harddrive just one little light ???

I have the same computer (emachine t2824) and the same problem but my computer there are no funs are on, no exterior light on, the only light on is this green light on the montherboard between where the cpu is and the ram slots. and one more thing i ... E-Machines (T2824) PC Desktop

Emachine is only 2.5 yrs old it does not turn on

Chela\015\012\015\012Several things to consider here on this question. 1 make of the E-machine.\015\0122 what happened before this.\015\012If this unit has had hardware internally replaced you can have a variety of issues.\015\012burned up power supp ... E-Machines eMachines Desktop PC

Emachines T2824 Dead System

If it is powering off like that it usually means that the mobo is bad, look at the capacitors on the mobo. if any of the tops are raised or corroding, it needs replaced. also if you see any part of the motherboard that is darker or orange, it is fr ... E-Machines (T2824) PC Desktop

Emachine model T3418 problem

My dad and I fixed our emachines T3418 by changing the boot order from CD-ROM to harddisk by going into the Bios and switching the options. I sincerely hope this can help fix your computer problems. By the way, how do you clean the fan? I know the th ... E-Machines eMachines Desktop PC

CD drive not working

Based on your indication the CD drive is clean, and you know the cables are attached to it, inside the computer. (Flat ribbon IDE interface cable, and 4-pin Molex connector power cable)1.Go to Device ManagerLeft-click on Start ... Sony VAIO PCV-RX462DS PC Desktop

Help i have a e17t4 monitor and i have pluged it in to 2 computers same thing happens on both comps i pluged the monitor to power i get blue lite then solid greenand stays green i can turn it off and onat this point but when i pluge it in to the computerafter sitting awile it comes on normale and shuts off and you cant turn it back on un less u un plug it for a while and then it will do the same thing

Hi crabguy,To my understanding, this is a common problem with some eMachine monitors (including the E17T4) since its production start sometime 2004/5.Your particular concern could be due to several possibilities:1. faili ... ViewSonic VA720 17" LCD Flat Panel Monitor

I would like an internal view of eMachine T4150 to be sure everything is connected correctly

There's a bit of a toughie! eMachines doesn't like to give out this information, lyndapalimas, and I don't have one sitting in my shop.eMachines used four different motherboard manufacturers, to my knowledge. TriGem, Intel, FIC, and MSI. ... PC Desktops

EMachine no power

Ok for a start the power switch is not green and white that is the power led, you need to look for a red and black wire normally marked on the connector and motherboard as pwrsw or pswitch.\015\012if you believe it to be the switch unplug the c ... E-Machines eMachines Desktop PC

I have a T2958 and toof the face off. Can you

EMachines doesn't give out this kind of info, and I don't have one in the shop. eMachines also had the habit, of using a few different manufacturer's of motherboards. Intel, TriGem, MSI, Asus,and FIC to name five. Plus eMachines wou ... E-Machines (T2958) PC Desktop

Emachine m6805 not coming on, just power & battery lite

Its not turning on at all now? are you sure the issue is with the lcd and its inverter have you tried with a external display and see if you get picture there? ... E-Machines M6805 Notebook

How do i reboot my emachine w3609 - E-Machines (T2824) PC Desktop

Hello,\015\012\015\012I'm not sure what your problem may be but to reboot your pc, you can do a couple of things; just power your pc off, press at the same time Alt, Del, and Ctrl buttons. \015\012\015\012Good Luck\015\0 ... E-Machines (T2824) PC Desktop

Emachines 2682 Replaced mobo with Biostar P4M900-M4, also replaced PSU. On start-up I get nothing to the monitor. Fans come on, HDD lite comes on for a minute or so but that's it. Proc is a 2.6 GHz Celeron. Is it possible the proc is incompatible? Need Help!!

Check all the pins for the power supply to the motherboard.actually all connections to the motherboard should be checked. use the manual to make sure all the connections are correct. ... E-Machines T2682 (000002965) PC Desktop
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