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Unable to find replacement motherboard for e-machine 5220

\015 The replacement is seen as the solution to the curent problem where the PC shuts down the systen randomly and leaves the power and fans on.No error messages are generated, no problems rebooting.However, everyone seems to say - forget that solution get anew system.Is the situation really that hopeless?\015

Answers :

\015\012If your current system meets your needs, then there should be no reason to COMPLETELY replace it due to a problem that probably isn't ON the Motherboard.
\015\012The symptoms you describe CAN come from a number of different things. I will list them in the order that I believe is the likely cause.
\015\0121.) Bad power supply - If the motherboard isn't getting enough power, or is not receiving the right "Power on" signals from the power supply that can cause your problem.
\015\012Solution: Remove the Motherboard connector(s) from the motherboard there should be one atx connector (Long 20pin connector) and anywhere from 0-2 12V (4pin square connector) on the board.
\015\012When you do so look at the connectors (On the cable & the board) look for any scorch marks.
\015\012If you find scorch marks there was likely a short in the system due to a power surge and there could be damage to you PSU (Power Supply Unit) and/or CPU, and/or Motherboard
\015\012If you don't find scorch marks then blow in the connectors (To clear any accumulated dust) [Canned air would be best but if it's not in you finances you can just blow in them yourself]
\015\012Then reconnect your PSU connectors Then give it a shot again. If all is well we've found the problem. If not you might invest in a PSU tester, which can be found at most electronics/computer stores for around $20 USD and use that to check your power ratings.
\015\0122.) Overheating; If the temperature of the CPU gets TOO hot most "Newer" motherboards (Late 90's forward) have routines in their BIOS for checking the Temp of the CPU. If it gets too hot they will "Power down" the System but leave the fans goin to cool off the CPU.
\015\012Solution: Overheating can be caused for a number of reasons. Vents/Fans clogged with dust(Particularly if there are smokers around the PC), a failing fan, Thermal breakdown of the "Thermal pad/paste between the processor and the Heatsink. ..... Blow out any dust using compressed air(no substitution this time can't get any moisture on the board) check to make sure ALL the fans are spinning when the systems on, If necessary get a new thermal pad/arctive silver from your local computer/electronics store. Clean any of the old pad/paste from the CPU & heatsink using Qtips and rubbing alchohol (When handling the CPU be careful NOT to bend pins) make sure to dry off any excess Alchohol then let "Air dry" for about 15 minutes before applying the new pad /or paste(Arctic silver) If using a pad, place this on the heatsink where you cleaned up the remnants of its predecesor. If using paste, squeeze an amount about the size of a dime over the "Core" of the CPU (Usually raised a bit (If its not obvious WHERE the core is just apply it to the center of the CPU).
\015\012Spread it evenly over the CPU (do NOT use your finger for this. Oil from your finger can dramatically effet the pastes performance) then Rapply the heatsink.
\015\0123.) Bad RAM: If a memory module goes bad it can bring the whole system down with it.
\015\012Solution: Theres a freeware app available on the web called "Memtest86" that will be able to check your memory modules for fault and if it finds a problem can even tell you what DIMM slot the bad RAM resides in. Run Memtest (Be forewarned this WILL take a long time. I usually allocate several hours to wait for this to finnish. But check back regularly [in case the problem exhibits itself again])
\015\012If the memtests finds bad RAM replace it with the same sized module (Or if you preferr since you have to replace ram anyway, THIS might be a good time to update it)
\015\012Hopefully this gets you back up and running, If not please post your results back here and we can further help you.
Try www.blueraven.com. I've gotten a number of system boards from these folks.

But before you decide the system board is bad, you might want to try another power supply. The ones emachines uses are known to be a common problem.

If the system board is bad, another option is to purchase a new board from any of the many online sellers (I like tigerdirect.com and newegg.com). The case takes a standard system board, not some special proprietary design, so you can put in any one that fits and uses the same processor. Then you can reuse the processor and memory from the old board. New system boards start at only about $50, and you can find them on ebay for even less.

If you decide to replace the board with something other than the original, unless it's the same brand, chipset and features as the original, you won't be able to use the emachines software recovery CD. You'd need to install a new copy of WIndows, but you should be able to activate it with Microsoft using the product key on the computer. Preloaded systems don't make you activate Windows, it's already done.

(I'm doing this right now for a friend's Acer. His system board died, so I'm putting in a new one and a better processor and more memory as well. Parts cost for all the new stuff is $147, and a replacement original system board would cost $199. He'll get a better computer for less money this way.)
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Unable to find replacement motherboard for e-machine 5220

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