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My 110v PC was plugged in 220v

\015 My 110v pc was accidentally plugged into a 220v . There's no sound or blown was heard, a smoke was just appeared then i try to open again my PC in a 110v but it wont start.i try to change a 6amp , 250v fuse . the usually fuse of my computer is 6.3amp,250v but there's no stock in the hardware so i tried 6amp. My computer was Started!!,, then i thought my computer was return back to normal then i start to use check disk utilities to scan for bad errors, and i left it in 3hrs, after 3hrs i came back to look if the scanning was finish but my pc was off and no signs of power. . my Pc was dead again , then i bought a 6.3amp fuse (the usual amp of my power supply) i tried to Open again there's a light, the Video card and Pwer supply fan was working but there's no response in the monitor and redlight is blinking only. . pls help me to find out what's the problem in my Computer,. my computer brand is Dell. pls pls help me., i hope the genius and master in this profession find an answer for me ,,thx a lot .. im going crazy,, =( \015

Answers :

There is no such thing as plugging something into 220v. That is the voltage at which your power supply will provide power to your computer. What you did was give your computer more power than it needed and you most likely burned out the mother board or other hardware.

Simple way to determine if this has happened. When you turn your computer on the first thing it will always do is run the bios of the MB and give you a beep code. 1 beep u are fine, more than one and u have hardware problems. No beeps....ahem...you need a new MB.

From what u stated you installed a new PSU and were actually able to run the Operating system since you were able to run a chkdsk option. So, if you hear the beep...your MB is fine. If you simply do not get a image on your monitor and the light stays "orange" (I haven't seen a red light on a monitor yet) then most likely u burned out your onboard/AGP/PCI graphics card.

I do not suggest that you continue to tamper with your PC hardware. But if you must, get a graphics card from a old computer or buy a new one and install it. I suggest a used one u may have in another tower as this may save you 40 to 100 bucks.

Now installing the drivers and checking the graphic config in the bios to make sure everything works fine.....you will have to post another request I guess. Good luck and please stop opening your PC if you don't know how to handle the inner parts. Just a suggestion.
Since something smoked I would look for physical damage on the motherboard and other cards. Make sure your video chip isn't visibly fried. If the physical damage is limited to the power supply I would definitely change it out, because it could damage other parts of your system and that's not a chance you want to take. Also, if the video is fried just get a video card and run with it.
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There is no such thing as plugging something into 220v. That is the voltage at which your power supply will provide power to your computer. What you did was give your computer more power than it needed and you most likely burned out the mother boar ... E-Machines eMachines Desktop PC

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