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Dell xps m1530 formatted hdd now it wont boot

\015 Dell xps m1530 started acting up so i try to system restore but failed to find it so i formatted the hard drive clean and now it simple boots up to the srceen "remove dics or media" i already brought a new windows vista home prem ready to install but it wont read ?? what can i do to save it\015

Answers :

You might find part of this general trouble shooting process might help? Especially the part of changing you Primary Boot drive so you can load Windows.
\012Assuming you are Windows based and not knowing your specific OS?
\012 Your power supply seems to be functioning and sounds normal.Windows partially boots but always hangs at some point of that process, and that your monitor comes on.
\012 You need to first attempt to determine whether you have a hardware or software issue.
\012 First disconnect all non-essential devices, cords, internet connection, etc. Try rebooting normal. If that works you have some type of external hardware or external software issue that must isolated.Try adding one thing at a time back to your computer, rebooting each time to test. Remove, replace, or repair the conflicting device.
\012 If the initial test fails, now indicating it is your PC, try rebooting in Safe mode.
\012 If windows PC based, try booting to safe mode by tapping F8 as soon as the power is activated. Continue tapping until a menu appears....it should have "Start in Safe Mode" as a selection. If not, find out the proper Start in Safe Mode for your OS. Safe mode operates your computer with the basics.
\012 If you cannot start in Safe Mode you have a PC problem but now have to try to isolate your problem.This could still be hardware of software internal to your PC.
\012 If you can start in Safe Mode you might only have a software issue. If you loaded something prior to the failure, attempt to uninstall that software, or "Restore" your computer to a previous time.
\012 If attempting to start in Safe Mode fails, this is preliminarily indicating a hardware issue, a problem with the Hard Drive, whether that is the drive itself, a virus, corrupted Windows OS, deleted registry files, or some other PC Hardware issue.
\012 Attempt to start from a CD/DVD drive with a Windows Recovery disk or your original coy of the Windows OS program in your drive, (Normally your computer is set to first try downloading Windows from your Hard Drive. That is set in your "Boot Menu".You need to get into your "boot menu" to change these directions. Getting to the "boot menu" varies by the OS version, but in most cases start tapping F12 on initial power up until you get a menu that pops up rather than trying to log in. Your mouse is not usable in this menu. You must arrow up/down etc to move around. Depending on what you see concerning the "primary" drive or list of sequence of drives, you will more than likely see "Hard drive" or "SATA". Write down what you have before changing anything. Change your primary boot up drive to be your CD/DVD drive designation, and save your changes. Power off, insert your windows CD or Windows recovery disk into your CD/DVD and power on. If windows boots up from your CD you probably have a bad or corrupted hard drive, or something in the associated circuitry, wiring, connectors? REMEMBER YOU HAVE CHANGED YOU BOOT MENU TO CD/DVD. YOU MIGHT NEED TO CHANGE IT BACK TO SATA OR YOUR HD DESIGNATION DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU DECIDE TO DO NEXT.
\012 If you still fail to boot from a Recovery Disk from you CD/DVD drive make sure you did change your start up "Primary" Drive designation to the CD/DVD drive, and that you saved that before exiting.
\012 Take your PC cover off and with the power off check to make sure all your cable connectors, ribbon connectors, memory sticks, etcare connected.It is probably a go time to unplug all your memory sticks and other things, and re-plug them in.On the chance there is minor corrosion in the mother board connectors or the stick terminals themselves.Be careful and attempt this only if you are confident you will not damage anything.I would normally unplug and replugall cables, connectors, jumpers, video cards, etc, at this time to eliminate a loose connection (More common with laptops or a PC that was recently moved or bumped)Be extremely careful with connectors you are not familiar with.Many of them have some type of plastic spring tab that breaks easy.Also do not mess with the Chip on the mother board.Prior to sticking your hands inside, double check the PC is powered off and unplugged.Some of these electronic things are static sensitive, so ground yourself out first.If your PC is unplugged no ground exists there to discharge you.You need to find another source.If you don't know what I am talking about I don't advise messing around inside your PC.
\012 Try rebooting with your Recovery Disk in your CD/DVD.If this doesn't work you have missed a step or you have a PC problem other than your Hard Drive.I won't cover more in depth troubleshooting into the PC.
\012 If you are able to reboot with a Recovery Disk in the CD/DVD after resetting all your memory sticks, cables and connectors you have fixed the problem and need to retest the Hard drive now.Remove the Recovery Disk from your CD/DVD drive.
\012 Go back into your Boot Menu and change your Primary boot device back to your internal Hard drive, normally the SATA.Reboot your computer.
\012 If you boot now from your Hard drive your problem has been corrected.If your computer fails to boot from the HD, you have a defective Hard drive, corrupted Windows files, etc.You are not able to reload Windows without formatting the Hard drive and losing any info of value that might still be there.In my past experience I purchase a new HD at this point and install it.
\012 It might be as easy as going to Fry's or another electronics place and purchasing a similar hard drive. Fairly easy to unplug, unscrew and replace. Watch for a "Master" "Slave" connector on the drive itself (Not normally a concern with more recent OS's, Drives, and setup. Some of the old HD's had a little jumper. It has to be placed the same on your new drive. Your machine with a new hard drive installed is basically void of any OS.You will need to reload Windows before proceeding or being able to boot the machine. (make sure your Windows OS disks and have a key code for that) If you get Windows installed and bootable, you will then need all your other drivers, and program software. You will not have any of your old files unless you are able to retrieve them from the old drive. That recovery process is something for someone with advanced technical skills....if it is even possible. If you don't possess the skills to remove and replace the HD, pay someone to do it. They will probably also reload any software at the same time for nearly the same price.
\012 I have installed on old corrupted HD as a secondary HD. I do that after I get Windows loaded and working on the newly purchased HD.If your old drive is still functional as will be the case if Windows on that drive was corrupted, or registry files damaged or deleted (and you haven't reformatted it or attempted to reload Windows OS)....you can often times copy your important files from the old HD to the new HD.
Sounds like you've removed your drivers for your OS try rebooting from CD!!
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