Having problems with your Dell OPTIPLEX GX240 P4 1.7GHz 256MB 20GB DESKTOP (PCP417DELL) ?

Can PC100 be substituted for PC133?

\015 I have an old GX240 and I'd like to upgrade its ram, but the PC133, along with being very expensive, is hard to find. I don't want to invest any more than I have to on this machine. I've polled my friends on this, and they're split on whether or not I can do this. Any help on this is much appreciated. Thanks-\015

Answers :

Every configurator i have looked at says it will accept PC133 (up to 2 512MB sticks)

see for example:

No they are not interchangeable normally. If by some chance your motherboard supports both then if you mix them the faster chip will run at the speed of the slower chip. You might be able to find PC 133 at kingston.com, or crucial.com. They will tell you exactly what RAM is compatible for your system if you use their memory finder tool. Hope this helps & please rate this solution fixya. Thanks.
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Can PC100 be substituted for PC133?

Every configurator i have looked at says it will accept PC133 (up to 2 512MB sticks)see for example:http://www.ec.kingston.com/ecom/configurator_new/modelsinfo.asp?SysID=11212&mfr=Dell&model=OptiPlex+GX240&root=us& ... Dell OPTIPLEX GX240 P4 1.7GHz 256MB 20GB DESKTOP (PCP417DELL)

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Hold on a second.. I have fixed a number of T21's and I recall that these units are super anal about the type of RAM they use. I am pretty sure that they require PC100 and will not accept PC133.One second.... Ok, I just opened up my T21 ... IBM ThinkPad T22 2647 Notebook

T22 Doesn't boot on Memory upgrade

Yes there is a difference between PC100, PC133 etc. you must upgrade with the same PC100. ... IBM ThinkPad T22 2647 Notebook

Thinkpad T20 won't accept memory upgrade

According to ibm\015\012you are allowed only pc100 memory with a maximum of 512mb.\015\012when handling memory make sure you are grounded before touching any memory chips.\015\012try getting another set of 256mb chips and grounding ... IBM ThinkPad T20 2647 Notebook

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You obviously seem to have the adequate knolledge so why dont you overclock it...\015\012overclocking used to be a touchy subject but know its undrstood that that it creates no problems..the chips are designed to be overclocked,in fact overcloc ... PC Laptops

Ibm Can i put 800mhz pentium III processor in IBM thinkpad i series 1200 1161?

May be, it depends on the frequency rating of the processors. The 800 is most likey a PC133, if the i-series is a PC133 machine then it will work, however, if it's a PC100 machine, it will not. You will just have to try try it. ... IBM ThinkPad i1200 1161 Notebook

IBM ThinkPad T22 Series (Type 2647)

As a note, as long as both RAM modules are PC133, you can use that, too, but you're still limited to 2x256MB. PC133 seems to be more readily available for purchase and a good deal cheaper than PC100, so it's good to know. ... IBM ThinkPad T22 2647 Notebook

Memory upgrade I have a Compaq Presario 5000 series that I have been trying to upgrade the memory RAM in. After an online scan I was informed that my model is 5302RC with existing RAM of 256MB and Maximum RAM of 512. I purchased a 256 MB PC100 SDRAM to upgrade to 512. When installed I get msg. (216 Memory size exeeds maximum supported hardware) I'm puzzeled

First step : Make sure the memory you purchased meets the following specifications"168pin PC133 SDRAM DIMM" which should be easily accessible from wherever you bought it.If not, then you can find memory ... Compaq Presario 5000 PC Desktop

New memory not recognised when installed into spare slot

"Put it in and reboot"... be sure the aptop is OFF when you add memory! Otherwise, you can damage BOTH memory and laptop! Once memory is installed there is no "trick" to get it recognized. If it is good and meets the BIOS specs, it will be recognized ... PC Laptops

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Dear BJ\015\012\015\012yes I certainly will do how do I do that there is no rating on this page just says locked :( Can I go back to one of my orginal posts ?? If so i will have to do it when I get home using another trusty ... IBM ThinkPad 600E 2645 Notebook

The memory I install to Armada wont boot

You can try updating the bios to use the new memory or you may have to buy a different brand of memory to work in the computer.All memory is not made the same.Some work in one machine and not in another.You won't know till you try it. ... Compaq Armada E500 Notebook

I have a dell c600 laptop I put a new 256 ram in it no boot

The dell c600 only take pc100 ram ... Dell Latitude C600 Notebook

Update failed I have similar problem when trying to add memory it will not be recognized. Should I give up?

You need the low density ram and not high density. Unfortunately the low density stuff is rather more expensive then the high density so you're best trying to get some second hand - ebay maybe? I think the cpx only accepts pc100 even though the cruci ... Dell Latitude CPX Notebook

Ram Question Hello, I had two 128 mb of pc 133 ram in my GoBook, I recently aqcuired a 256 mb stick of PC 133 ram and swapped out a stick of 128 MB for it, but the system only recognized the 256 stick now. Do I have to have equal amounts in both slots for it to work? Seeing as to this is an older computer I didn't think this would be neccesary, as it isn't a dual core processor. Any knowledge or information would be appreciated.

These machines have a MAX of 512MB, but it can only achieve that if two LOW DENSITY 256mb sticks are used. Preferably PC100, and not PC133. I'm typing this on a IX250 with a P3 1ghz (SL53S) and 512MB ram. Hope this helps. ... Itronix GoBook IX250 Notebook

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Memory upgrade for laptop

Older laptops can be VERY fussy about the memory ... you have to have the exact same 'speed' .. I had a similar problem after trying to upgrade an old machine that took slow memory (PC100) with a FASTER (PC133) module ... NB> Some VER ... PC Laptops

I have a versa premium pentium3 1.2 GHZ 128MB RAM. I want to add the max extra 256MB RAM, but not sure where the ram slots into,I have been advised its just a matter of unscrewing a compartment on the back and slotting it in, but there is no such place on this one.I don't mind getting down to motherboard level if have to. can anyone advise please.

Download this tool called "AIDA32" Have a look at your memory then it should say "PC133 or PC100" It depends on how many DIMM slots you have.-Tom. ... NEC Versa Premium Notebook

Hang at startup (BIOS)

Hi,\015\012Yes laptops can work without battery.\015\012If the laptop is hanging on Dell logo and entering into BIOS then normally it is HDD issue but you have already checked without HDD so might be it is RAM or Board issue.\015\01 ... Dell Inspiron 2500 Notebook

Ibm thinkpad 2647

Your limited with the T20 series, the biggest you can go is 1ghz. Try the Pentium M chip, make sure that it's the same mhz (frequency) that's in it now, the board frequency matches the processor frequency. (either a 100 mhz or 133 mhz, you can tell b ... IBM ThinkPad T22 2647 Notebook

Memory problems have a compaq presario sr1103wm and crucial.com claims compatible with pc2700 or pc3200 and up to 1 g per slot so i purchased pc3200 1 g sticks but when i install them it starts to boot but then quits and keeps restarting when i go to setup it shows 32 mg pc2700 whats wrong ?

Hi you have to install one of each as i had this problem i brought two p100 ram sticks and installed and had same problem but when i installed 1 pc100 and 1 pc133 it worked fine but you need to make sure you put them in right slots as each slot will ... Compaq Presario SR1103WM-B (PC183B#ABA) PC Desktop

Installed memory I went to crucial.com and scanned my laptop and it said that i could upgrade my memory to 512mb on 2 slots so when i installed it and turn my computer on it wouldnt restart how do i get it to recognize the memory bc i put the old memory back and it stil works but with the new it turns the fans on but no picture or signs of the laptop being on PLEASE help

Make sure the new memory is the same as the old. Memory has a set frequency, this frequency matches the processor, so you can't just grab any memory and throw it in the machine and expect it to work. Memory will be rated as ... Compaq Presario 2575US Notebook

I put in a 512MB PC-133 memory stick and all my pc does is beep 3 times when I turn it on

1). Changed ram is of high frequency so its not supporting ur motherboard, change the ram and see to its frequency (eg. pc100, pc133)\015\0122). Or you might have wrongly attached the ram to motherboard, so ram slot might have burnt. ... Dell Dimension 2300 PC Desktop

Can't upgrade memory

According to the user manual for your laptop, it can only support pc-100 memory. If your going to upgrade your memory just make sure you use pc-100 and also the max amount of memory is 256mb in each slot so you would be maxed out at 512MB. ... Dell PC Laptops

Not problem, but memory related

Its usualy better to use the same type(PCxxxx, ddr etcect) and this isnt a problem, its a suggestion ... Sony VAIO FX140 Notebook

What steps are needed to upgrade my memory. I have a etower667ir with ramsd64mpc. I want to install 2 128mb sdram dimm pc100. what do I need to do?

First download a system analyzer fromwww.belarc.com and use it to check what is the maximum Ram that it can accommodate. If it will take just make sure you-get Non-parity ram when you buy the sticks. please note that SDram is more expensive that DDRa ... E-Machines etower 667ir PC Desktop
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