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Dell Lattitude D600 Laptop (Secondary Hardrive not found)

\015 Ok our laptop worked Sunday night; Monday morning before work my fianc\303\251 turns it on to check email as he always does. He notices it's taking a little longer to come up, so when he comes back to it, it had loaded to the desktop but it's blank. So he restarted it..which leads to that last time we have been able to get to that point again. \015\012Now we turn it on and it makes this clicking noise and says hard disk drive not found we have done the F2/F3 (not sure which one it is at the moment) and F12 to run the diagnostic test which it passes everything but failed DST and it wants us to insert the winxp cd that the laptop came with (which is another problem because we purchased this laptop a year ago from via a company auction (so it's refurbished) and also means it came with no cd's, then also when we do the F12 sometimes it will show 60 gb, kb or whatever the bites are for the computer but then says secondary hard drive not found.\015\012 I found where I could download the winxp professional cd to try and fix the problem but then there is the issue where it does not have the ability to fully read anything in the cd/d driver. I read on someone's posting on this site about how sometimes the hard drive can come loose so to check that, and when looking at it it says the hard drive was dated 2004...we have been in the market to buy a backup driver for our extensive collection of music we had stored on the computer and pictures..and well needless to say we didn't come home with anything at this point, so if we are looking at a totally hard drive failure then I guess we will have to take our music and pics as a loss. One thing my fianc\303\251 said was that on Sunday night he noticed that the battery felt hot (as if maybe it wasn't cooling down enough and the battery light flashed red, (which the computer was plugged into the wall and wasn't working off battery power). So not sure if it's possible that maybe it over heated and the fan went or maybe if it's possible at all that maybe it's not the hard drive and we can recover our items that we can't get to...also we have another laptop it's a HP and I do have them networked...so not sure if there is any way to, well I guess hope for a miracle. From asking around the clicking noise doesn't sound promising for us, but I'm one of those over kill the problem when it's not the answer I want..and unfortunately since we got the computer for a really good price $$ wise it's not worth paying a ton of money to have it fixed or even at that point purchasing a new internal hard drive if that's what it comes to...Uhhhhhh...Help, sorry about the novel just wanted to put it all out there the first time.!\015

Answers :

Do this in the order :
\015\012Turn the laptop off
\015\0121) Remove the CDROM/DVDROM or combo drive from the Laptop
\015\0122) Turn on the Laptop go to bios setup and save the setting
\015\0123) Turn Off the Laptop
\015\0124) Remove the Harddrive from the laptop
\015\0125) Turn on the laptop (It will give you error which is normal)
\015\0126) Go to bios again change the boot sequence or something save the bios
\015\0127) turn off the laptop
\015\0128) Plug the harddrive back in
\015\0129) turn on the laptop go to bios again save the bios and exit
\015\01210) Turn off the laptop again
\015\01211) Plug the CD/DVD back
\015\01212) Turn on and the error must be gone
It's much better to have a novel that I can skim than: "computer won't turn on, what's wrong?" which is very common for this site.

Ok, bad news: I can't be 100% sure because I'm not there

Good news: I'm pretty sure that I do know what's going on. Your hard drive is about to die completely.

Bad news: read above, that really was a repackaged bad news thing

Good news: it's not dead yet, so you might get all your stuff off it.

Ok, so if it you hear a lot of clicks, like a metal pen striking a steel stapler (that's what I did to recreate it for my mind). anyway, like metal clicks from the area of the hard drive. AND you have the computer telling you the hard drive is failing by it not recognizing it most of the time. the whole "secondary hard drive" is a red herring. The computer can have a secondary hard drive and that option is probably selected in the startup sequence, but the problem is that your Primary hard drive is failing.

So, a couple options.

1) get a new computer

2) get a new laptop drive. The nice thing is that you can get a decent one on eBay for about $0.50-$0.75 per gigabite which is cheap considering that your computer probably had a 40GB drive. So for about $35 shipped you can get a 60GB drive to replace it.

Then maybe, if you wanted you could get a laptop drive enclosure, which is cheap and will let you attach your "ailing" drive to the computer to **** the good tasty parts out of it if it doesn't decide to die completely by that time.

Your computer is licensed to run a copy of Windows XP, so as long as you don't get it through illegal means, you are fine. You don't have to have the original CD in order for it to be legit. You might have some difficulty installing and validating another copy of Windows, but I'm sure you can get around that. The best/easiest thing would be to eBay a copy of a Dell restore CD for the D600

So $35 for a drive (i'd pick a NEW one, not a used one like the link I sent you)

$8 for the drive enclosure

$ 12-15 for the Restore CD

you should be good as long as the issue is confirmed to be with the hard drive.

This is all work you can do if you are as articulate and process focused as your posting indicates you are. Keep googling for more help or walkthroughs for these tasks and you should find plenty of help. Good luck.
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