Having problems with your Dell INSPIRON 6000 CENTRINO 1.7GHZ,512mb,40GB,DVDRW,XP (086216118098) PC Notebook ?

Dell inspiron 6000 randomly starts

\015 I got a dell inspiron 6000 laptop and noticed after a while that it turns on after i shut it off just about every time\015

Answers :

Hi svenman18,
\015\012Well I'm assuming that you're talking about resuming from standby and not starting the computer from the OFF state. Because if its starting from the off state without you pressing the power button then most likely it could be the BIOS settings of the laptop or worse a mechanical problem with the power switch. But it is likely a program installed which has automatic updates enabled, or some other function that checks the status periodically.

A good example would be your network card, which could be set to check for a connection automatically and has authorization to bring the machine out of standby, or software like antivirus programs one on top of my head is Grisoft AVG free antivirus, which periodically checks for updates.
The first one to check is the LAN connection or if you're using wireless the WLAN connection, this is a good start since there is only a few to check out and it could be a quick fix.
\015\0121.) Right-click on MY COMPUTER then select PROPERTIES
2.) You should have SYSTEM PROPERTIES, then look for the HARDWARE tab then click on the button for DEVICE MANAGER
\015\0123.) It should open another window, look for the category named "Network Adapters" click the plus sign and it should show the items under that
\015\0124.) Then right-click on your LAN or WLAN NIC and select PROPERTIES
5.) It should show the device property, you should now go to the POWER MANAGEMENT tab.
Check to see if the option "Allow this device to wake the computer" is checked, if it is just uncheck it. Click on OK afterwards.
\015\012You should do this for each of your NIC's if you have multiple one's listed under Network Adapters category. Now the next step is checking to see the settings of your applications and see when it checks for updates, You may have to check a few settings in different places and change one of them. Now if you have a lot of programs installed and you have to check each of them then its very tedious. But you can always focus on the obvious first like the antivirus or spyware applications, or any of your programs that you recently installed before this problem happened.
You can also try disabling some of the applications running on startup, you can do this by choosing SELECTIVE STARTUP mode and on each boot enabling some programs, until it starts doing it again, thus identifying the offending item.To do this:

1.) Go to START, then click on RUN, type there MSCONFIG and press enter
\015\0122.) The SYSTEM CONFIGURATION window will open then you need to goto the STARTUP tab then click on DISABLE ALL then click on APPLY and the OK
\015\0123.) A box will popup asking you to restart your computer to make the changes effective, after the reboot, those start items won't run anymore.

If the problem doesn't occur after doing this, repeat the steps, but instead of disabling them, click on the box beside the items you want enabled so that it is filed with check mark. Now if you still can't find anything, then it is also possible for a virus or a spyware to wake the computer to send information. Then you should run the scan using your antivirus and anti-spyware application.
\015\012Finally, the last thing I can think off is that your BIOS is set to wake your computer up, just like a alarm clock. If that is the case though the computer should wake up at a set time. But in your case, you said the computer randomly wakes up, which makes this not applicable. But just the same, I suggest you check this one out. For DELL systems pressing F2 upon turning on makes you go to the BIOS screen. Now you may have to look for that setting, since the BIOS is different from PC to PC, so I can't tell you where to look for it. You may consult your PC manual or call Dell Technical Support for further help.
I hope these suggestions help you.
\015\012Peace! :)
Is the laptop doing this when you select “Turn Off Computer” from the “Start” button? If so, tap the <F12> key while powering on your laptop. This will bring you to a “Boot Selection Menu”. At that menu, power off the laptop by pushing the power button and see if you still have the problem. If the laptop remains off, you probably have an issue with you Operating software (i.e.… Windows XP etc...). If the laptop turns on by itself from “Boot Selection Menu”, you probably have a bad power switch control panel or motherbrd problem.
\015\012Hope this helps.
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\015\012Thank You.
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