Having problems with your Dell Inspiron 1525 Notebook ?

Dell inspiron 1525 will not charge the battery

\015 After several months, the battery would not charge any more. dell sent me a new power adapter. that did not fix the problem. i was able to charge my battery on a friend's computer, so there is nothing wrong with my battery\015

Answers :

1525 owners (possibly other models) DO NOT replace the mobo before reading this! Just read step 3 and 3a.

The Dell 1525, 600 series, and probably all other models using PA10 or PA12 power supplies have a power jack that uses the center pin to detect the presence of a genuine Dell power adapter. There have been considerable writings on the problems with this 3rd pin on the internet.
The symptom is that you can run the laptop when plugged in but the battery won't charge and you get a warning message that you are not using the proper power supply or it can not be identified.
The best place to see power supply status in the BIOS under battery status.
You MUST use a genuine Dell adapter, period. None of the non OEM supplies have the center pin enabled (proprietary chip).
1. The power adapter sensing line can be damaged by static electricity but I find this to be rare.
2. The center pin in the power supply is loose or the wires are breaking (test by wiggling the power cord at the strain relief while holding the plug steady in the laptop - replace the power supply for $<20 on eBay.
3. The center pin connector on the laptop jack is loose - symptom is that it works sometimes and not others. Requires a full breakdown and replacement of the jack. Can be done yourself if you are very handy AND WILLING to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS which are excellent on the Dell web site. Does require soldering on most laptops.
3a. At least on the 1525 there is a sub board for the power and USB which you can get for $80 on eBay and just plugs in - still requires pretty much total breakdown. The board itself is usually the problem so replacing the connector won't help - it is in the multilayer trace from the power jack to the mobo connector. There is a bypass wiring method that requires super close tolerance soldering - I will post that if asked.
4. On some older models (P4 1 core) you can go into the BIOS and turn off Intel speed step to get the laptop running - it will run slower but you probably won't even notice the diff.
This whole mess is the result of Dell trying to protect the mobo and battery (life and fire prevention) but packing too much wiring into a too small package. They should have used a larger, 3 prong type power jack knowing how much strain is put on the power cord.

\015\012The problem is as JCHUNTER identified. On my Inspiron 1525 I got the same dreaded message "plugged in...not charging." What I found is this: The problem is NOT the charger. the problem is NOT the motherboard (at least it wasn't) on mi laptop. The problem is the jack on the laptop that the charger plugs into. There are 3 metal contact parts on the charger jack that mates with three essential contacts in the charger input jack on the laptop. If you look at the charger tip you will notice (1) the outside metal piece, (2) the inside of that same outside metal piece, and, (3) (the metal tip inside that looks like a piece of bare silver wire (forgive me, I do not have the technical terms). If you look inside the power input jact on the laptop (does not require any opening of the laptop) you will see a rounded black piece in the center of the input. This iw where the problems lies. There are four metal contact points on that inside piece that must be in contact with the inside metal on the charger (#2 above). Over time, these four metal contacts gets pushed inside the rounded black center piece on the input jact so that they fail to maintain constant contact with the corresponding area of the charger, so you get the dreaded message.
\015\012Here are possible fixes:
\015\0121. replace the sub-board on which the power input jack & USB jacks are located (I do not know if all inspirons have this sub-board but mine did). To me it was not that difficult to open the computer and take that part out. P.S., I did not even have to remove the motherboard. OR
\015\0122. Replace just the power input jack (if you are good with soldering micro circuitry. Do so at your own risk. OR
\015\0123. This is what I did, and it worked like a charm. Find a way to pull out the four metal contacts on the inner black piece of the input jack of the laptop. This requires a little ingenuity and some patience. I took a straight pin and using a pliers bent the point so that it formed an "L' shape (the bent piece should be short enough so that you can fit it inside the powe jack and maneuver it around). Hook the bent end of the pin under each of the four contact pieces and gently pry them outward. It is my belief that as long as at least one pin gets contact with the charger that it should work.
\015\012(Some people suggested banging the laptop or wiggling the charger tip and some strange other tactis, which appear to work for some people. I have tried them and found that some work intermittently at best. They will work only as long as there is contact of the two parts I mentioned above).
\015\012To arrive at my solution, I opened up my Inspiron 1525. I put a multitester on the power input jact and realized that there was no problem with the sub-board or its connection to the mainboard. I tested the charger and that was fine also. Next I checked the power input jack and the contact points I identified as 1 and 3 above had good contact. It was difficult to check no 2. For this, I used a piece of tin foil placed inside the charger tip before inserting the charger tip into the power input jact on the laptop - and WOW, IT WORKED - NO MORE MESSAGE. I unplugged and removed the foil and.. you guessed it... the message was back. So, I knew that this had to be the problem. Since I used method 3 above, my laptop has been working like a charm, even after multiple times reinserting the charger into the power input jack on the laptop.
\015\012This is only my experience. I am no expert. I am just some one who uses self to save tons of cash.
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