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Is my laptop core2 duo

\015 I bought a laptop lately , the seller said its core2 duo .but i doubt it. the processor writen on it is 'intel (R) pentium (R) Dual CPU T2330 @ 1.60 GHz 1.60 GHz. \015\012\015\012is my laptop core2 duo? what is the advantage of core2 duo\015

Answers :

I see DCSE has given you a way to check the CPU in your system except he left your question unanswered. If he had bothered to read your question he would have noticed that you actually read the markings on the CPU and he would have been able to just say yes that is a core duo chip. He never even bothered to tell you anything about the advantages of running a dual core chip as apposed to a single core. The whole Idea behind the technology is there are 2 separate processors on the same chip die. It is like having 2 CPU's in 1. The particular chip you described runs at 1.60Ghz So as it has 2 cores it performs with the same processing power as a 3.2Ghz single core processor like a pentium 4. Your chip also has 2 separate 500Kb on board L2 cache memory so you have a total of 1 Mb of on-board L2 cache. The on-board cache memory is very important because it is memory located directly on the processor chips die. The processors can access this memory directly without going through the front side bus (FSB)to communicate so it is way faster then the memory on the laptops motherboard. The FSB speed on your laptop with this chip is only 533Mhz so when the CPU's need to send and receive date to and from the RAM on the motherboard they must slow down their requests for data to 533Mhz. As each of your cores have their own 500Kb of on die cache memory you have a total of 1Mb of super fast memory available at the full 1.60Ghz. As there are 2 separate cores this also doubles the speed of your cache memory to 3.2 Ghz. That is the reason why it is better to have a dual core CPU over a single core CPU. Although it may seem weird a 1.60Ghz dual core CPU will out perform a single core 3.2Ghz single core. There are even quad core processors out for quite a while now that follow the same principle. There are 4 cores on a single die with 4 sets of L2 cache memory for a total of 2 Mb of on board cache. A 2.4 Ghz quad core CPU is equivalent to a 9.6Ghz CPU. These quad core based computers are blazing fast. My neighbor just bought one and I freak out when I see what that thing can do. I rip DVD's on my 2.0Ghz dual core laptop and it takes about 15 minutes. His quad core desktop can do the same task in less then 6 minutes. And a little more info for you about the Front Side Bus or FSB. You will see in all the advertising about this figure. The FSB speed is the speed that the computers main bus operates at. Your laptop has a 533Mhz FSB. The computers bus is what connects the CPU to the memory and the expansion ports and the IDE or SATA ports on a computer. It is like the main highway that everything has to travel on. The faster the FSB the faster the entire computer will go. I figured I would tell you more about it because it is a very important factor when considering purchasing or upgrading a computer. I have an old(3yrs) Dell GX60 desktop with a 400Mhz FSB. It came with a 1.6Ghz Celeron chip and I wanted to upgrade it to a Pentium 4. The fastest pentium 4 I could put in it was a 2.8Ghz 400Mhz FSB CPU. Even though it has a standard 478 pin socket I could have put a 3.0 P4 800FSB CPU but it would only run at 1.5Ghz because of the FSB speed. It would have ran slower then the 1.6Ghz Celeron I had in it to begin with. The only difference between the Celeron and the Pentium 4 is the size of the L2 cache. The Celeron only has 500Mb L2 and the P4 has 1Mb. The fastest Pentium 4 400FSB chip is the 2.8Ghz so that is what I put in it and it fly's. I gained 1.2 Ghz in speed plus the extra 500Mb of L2 cache as the P4 has a 1Mb L2 cache. I just thought you should know about the importance of the FSB speed so I told you that story. I hope this helps you get a better Idea how all these different specs relate to the overall performance of a computer. If You ever want to know more You can E-mail me questions to [email protected] or you can call my computer at 607 216 4051. That is the number to my laptop, It rings in just like a regular phone. I can call you if you send me your number that way you won't even have to pay for the call. I have a BA in computer science and I can teach you some cool s#*t. I hope you find this helpful and I hope to hear from you soon. I'm also the guy trying to help you with your password problem. Sorry for being a **** the first time with that. That's why I'm helping you out so much with this. I can teach you things you could never imagine and I have a half a million dollars worth of software. I can teach you how to get whatever you want for free. Note my Motto in my profile: "Never Pay For 1's and 0's" Hope to hear from you soon,
\015\012I am a Dell Certified System Engnieer(DCSE)
\015\012the best option would be you check it yourself
\015\012what you have to do is log on to this link
\015\012on the left hand side you will find an option warranty information
\015\012then click on warranty status
\015\012putin your system's service tag
\015\012your system's service tag located at the bottom pannel of your system, turn it upside down you will find a bar coded sticker which has a 7 digit alphanumeric number
then press enter
\015\012then click on the option orignal system configuration
\015\012whatever you see here is there in your system.
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