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It shows me always limited connectivity - Dell Dimension 4500 PC Desktop

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Some of the reasons why " limited or no connectivity" it is because of the wpa or wep passphrase of your network or home network.. : or thewpa and wep was not configured correctly in centrino: easy steps you can appy to resolved the issue:
\015\0121. open gui of your router
\015\0122. check the security settings of wpa or wep passphrase
\015\0123. if needed, change the wep key from 128 bit to 64 or 64 bit to 128 bit.( or wep key settings)
\015\0124. if using wpa passphrase, reset the factory settings of the router or wifi modem and change the wpa keuy or encryption key..
\015\0125. configured again the centrino of your pc: and make sure tat you copy teh wpa or ep key correctly
\015\0126. if still having error messages " limited or no connectivity, disable your wireless network connection or WLAN, then re enable it.
\015\012 if still teh same error,, right click wlan or wireless network connection and click properties, then unclick the " Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity"
\015\012 7. thentry connection:
First try to determine whether you can connect to the Internet \015\012\015\012 loadTOCNode(2, 'workaround');\015\012 You\015\012should first try to determine whether you can connect to the Internet.\015\012If you can connect, the error message is obviously incorrect. If that\015\012is the case, you might want to disable the error message. To disable\015\012the error message, follow these steps.\015\012
  1. \011Click Start, and then click Run.
  2. \015\012
  3. \011In the Open box, type ncpa.cpl, and then press ENTER. The Network Connections dialog box opens.
  4. \015\012
  5. \011Double-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties.
  6. \015\012
  7. \011On the General tab, click to clear the Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity check box.
  8. \015\012
  9. \011Click OK, and then click Close.

\015\012Check for other causes and solutions\015\012\015\012 loadTOCNode(2, 'workaround');\015\012 If\015\012you cannot connect to the Internet, you have to find the reason.\015\012Realize that the reason may not be with your computer, but may be an\015\012issue with your Internet service provider (ISP) or with issues on the\015\012network at your work. Therefore, for some of these solutions, you might\015\012need help from your ISP, or, if your computer is part of a network at\015\012work, you may have to ask your network administrator for help.\015\012Contact your ISP service\015\012\015\012 loadTOCNode(3, 'workaround');\015\012 If\015\012you use an ISP to connect to the Internet, before you go any further,\015\012first contact your ISP to see whether it is experiencing any problems.\015\012If the ISP has problems, wait until the problems are resolved before\015\012you continue to troubleshoot.\015\012Check the hardware devices\015\012\015\012 loadTOCNode(3, 'workaround');\015\012 If\015\012you still cannot connect to the Internet after you have confirmation\015\012that your ISP is not experiencing any problems, manually check the\015\012hardware devices on your small office network or your home network for\015\012problems. For example, if a hub, router, modem, or access point is\015\012installed on your network, check that it is connected correctly, and\015\012that it is turned on and functioning properly. The solution might be as\015\012simple as turning on or restarting a hardware device, and then\015\012restarting your computer. For more specific troubleshooting information\015\012about the hardware devices that you are using, refer to the hardware\015\012documentation for your devices.\015\012Run the Network Diagnotics tool \015\012\015\012 loadTOCNode(3, 'workaround');\015\012 If\015\012checking and restarting your hardware device did not resolve the issue,\015\012your computer may have a networking problem. For example, your computer\015\012may not have an IP address or your TCP/IP settings may be corrupted.

There\015\012are tools available in Windows XP that you can use to help you diagnose\015\012and troubleshoot networking problems. To use the Network Diagnostics\015\012tool to determine the source of the issue, follow these steps: \015\012
  1. \011Click Start, and then click Help and Support.
  2. \015\012
  3. \011Under Pick a task, click the link to Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems, and then click Network Diagnostics in the list on the left.
  4. \015\012
  5. \011Click Scan your system.\015\012The Network Diagnostics tool collects configuration information and\015\012performs automated troubleshooting of the network connection.
  6. \015\012
  7. \011When the process is complete, look for any items that are marked "FAILED" in red.

    Note\015\012If you do not see any categories that failed, please see the\015\012"Additional troubleshooting information" section for more information\015\012about how to troubleshoot network problems.
  8. \015\012
  9. \011Expand a category to view the testing results. For example, to check the results for TCP/IP settings, expand the Network Adapters section. Then, check whether a network adapter has failed.
  10. \015\012
  11. \015\012You can use that information to try to resolve the issue yourself, or\015\012you can provide the information to your network administrator for help.\015\012If you are not sure how to use the results from the Network Diagnostics\015\012tool to resolve the issue, see the "Next steps" section for help.

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