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I have a dell demension 4300 that recently started having issues, slow cutain effect, freeze ups. harddrive clicking away. Then one day I had the blue screen that said an error was detected. Then it wouldn't reconize the harddrive but it would go into the bios screen and then not do anything else. So I took it in to have it diagnosed and they said the edie circuit on the board was fried. They offered me a card option for the back but I opted to replace the motherboard with one that was listed as

Answers :

There is a No Signal on the monitor because the monitor is not receiving a Video Signal.
Your computer is not producing a video signal.

In essence, your computer isn't working, because there is no Operating System on it.

Your monitor is working fine. No video signal, the monitor power light goes to yellow, indicating it's in a power saver mode. It's using less power than it would if it were receiving a video signal.

Just keeps the monitor at a ready state, for when it receives the video signal.

Since you can get to the BIOS Setup screen, it sounds like your computer is working fine so far.
Install your WD harddrive with no jumpers on the jumper pins. (I believe it comes this way)

Attach the flat ribbon cable to it. (Interface cable, or data cable are the correct terms)


There is Usually a Locating Lug, on one side of the data cable's connector. This is a small rectangular protrusion, or may be two raised ribs.

There is a rectangular cut-out, or properly stated, a Locating Notch, in the area of the harddrive that the Locating Lug lines up with.

This may better illustrate what I'm referring to,


At the top of the page to the right, I would like you to left-click on the photo of the blue connector, with the yellow flat ribbon cable.

You will see the Locating Lug is composed of two raised ribs. I would also like you to look to the extreme left, and view the edge of the data cable. (Yellow)
Looking very close, you can just barely make out a faint red stripe, that starts to come up the edge.

The red strip is ALWAYS, (not shouting), on the side of the connector that has Number 1 pin.

There are 40 socket holes in that connector. Actually 39. One is blocked off.
They have to match up properly on the interface pins that stick out of the harddrive. These pins have specific functions that they are matched to.

Voltage, Data, (Signal), Ground, and so on.

Yes, I realize this may be obvious if you have a Locating Lug on your connector. Not trying to insult your intelligence.
I stated this because some data cable connectors, do not have a Locating Lug.

How does one know where the Number 1 pin goes, in orientation on the harddrive?
The Number 1 pin always faces the power pins on the harddrive.

To illustrate,


The photo on the left shows half of the data cable connection, then the jumper pins, then the power pins.
The photo to the right shows the 4-pin peripheral power cable plugged in.

Number 1 pin, and the Red stripe, faces the 4-pin power connection.

(The connector on the end of the 4-pin peripheral power cable, is referred to as a 4-pin Molex connector.

It is referred to as a Molex connector, because that's the name the connector was given by a manufacturer of that design.
The name stuck for all connectors of this design.

Sort of like referring to a Crescent wrench. A particular manufacturer name. It is actually an Open-End Adjustable Wrench)

Once the harddrive is mounted in the drive bay, and you have the data, (Interface) cable attached, as well as the 4-pin peripheral cable, let me know, and I'll guide you into entering Boot Sequence.

There you will change the first boot device to CDROM.

Then you can install your Operating System CD disk in your optical drive tray, and begin to load Windows.
Have you given any thought as to which version of Windows you'd like to install?

[To regress for a moment:

When you press the Power On button, you are pressing against a Power On switch behind that button. The Power On switch is a Momentary Contact Switch.


Inside that tiny, little switch, is a flat disk of spring steel that is convex shaped.

When the Power On button, makes contact with a plastic post that protrudes from the Power On switch, the plastic post, (Simplified construction explanation), presses against the spring steel flat plate.

This action makes the convex shaped plate flatten out, where it then connects to to contact surfaces, and closes a circuit.

When a Power Supply is plugged into power, there is always a 5 Volt Standby power available in the Power Supply.

Closing the Power On switch, with the Power On button, closes this 5 Volt Standby circuit. The 5 Volt circuit is now complete.

The Power Supply comes on.

Power goes to the motherboard. The first chipset to receive power is the BIOS chipset. The BIOS chipset has the BIOS program 'burned' into it.
(Chip and Chipset are slang terms for Integrated Circuit, or IC)

The BIOS program starts to run. BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. It is usually a 64MegaByte program in size.

BIOS 'looks' to see what devices are installed. Then does a Ram Memory count, turns the Processor on, and hands the computer over to the Operating System.
Have you checked to make sure you have the cables hooked up right? it is possible to have them hooked up backwards, and this will create the problem you are describing.
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I have a dell demension 4300 that recently started having issues, slow cutain effect, freeze ups. harddrive clicking away. Then one day I had the blue screen that said an error was detected. Then it wouldn't reconize the harddrive but it would go into the bios screen and then not do anything else. So I took it in to have it diagnosed and they said the edie circuit on the board was fried. They offered me a card option for the back but I opted to replace the motherboard with one that was listed as

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