Having problems with your Dell Dimension 2400 PC Desktop ?

I am unable to open cafe world - Dell Dimension 2400 PC Desktop

Answers :

You've done all the right things - likely the keyboard controller is\015\012shot. If you can live with not turning off your computer you could\015\012probably get years more out of this box ... assuming you can get a usb\015\012mouse/keyboard running. Otherwise you'll have to explore finding a new\015\012motherboard.
\015\012I trolled the Dell forums last night and learned some cool things ...\015\012appropriate to your motherboard are the following comments:
\015\012Troubleshooting cables
\015\012I've seen that where the keyboard and mouse (PS/2 plugs) were swapped\015\012around. Not saying that that's what you did, but does hint that you may\015\012want to unplug both the keyboard and mouse and see if the error goes\015\012away. If so, add the keyboard and see if it's ok, if not try another\015\012keyboard. If the keyboard works, try adding the mouse, and if that\015\012gives the error, try another mouse.
\015\012Here's a software way to clear the NVRAM:
\015\012To clear your NVRAM, just do this.....
\015\012 \011Reboot system and enter the BIOS Setup by pressing F2.
\015\012 \011Turn on Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Num Lock.
\015\012 \011Press ALT+ E then ALT+ F (should hear beep) then ALT+ B
\015\012If you are unable to access the BIOS Setup to clear the NVRAM then do a "hard" reset of the NVRAM by doing this.....
\015\012With the machine unplugged from the wall remove the battery from the\015\012motherboard. Then with the machine still unplugged press the On button\015\012for several seconds to dissipate any remaining electrical charge on the\015\012motherboard. Then re-install the battery, plug the machine back into\015\012the wall and see if it will boot normally.
\015\012If the problem continues after clearing the NVRAM and you only have one\015\012hard drive and one CD drive installed then go into the BIOS Setup and\015\012turn OFF the Primary Drive 1 and Secondary Drive 1 options under the\015\012Drive Configuration menu.
\015\012To get going with USB mice/keyboards:
\015\012The trick here is to get USB legacy support enabled; and I agree it's\015\012almost certainly the default setting for the BIOS. Try booting again\015\012with JUST the keyboard and no mouse. See if you can get into BIOS\015\012setup. If so, be sure to set USB emulation ON.
\015\012I plugged just the keyboard in and it booted right up. If there were\015\012any errors then I couldn't see them. I placed a USB mouse on the\015\012machine and everything seems to be perfect.QUOTE]
\015\012Error 8604:
\015\012[QUOTE]As for the "prognosis" -- it sounds like your PS/2 ports have\015\012failed. If the system will work okay with a USB keyboard & mouse,\015\012the system should be fine. If not, then there may be a more fundamental\015\012issue. If you're willing to spend a few $$ ($10 - $15) we can try to\015\012resurrect it. Otherwise, it may very well need a new motherboard.
\015\012Other comments:
When the system hangs at the XP screen you are past the Bios POST\015\012... it's a windows issue at that point (can't find hardware/drivers).\015\012Since you seem to want to reformat you might try installing windows\015\012over top of itself (the Dell recovery CD) .... after you have saved\015\012your data.
\015\012 The A05 bios should be inclusive of all hardware to date - going back to A03 should not be necessary.
\015\012 To flash the bios you need native dos - a win98 boot disk would work fine.
\015\012 What is your boot drive? I can't see how you could boot to XP with a single diskette ...
\015\012So ... if you can get hold of a usb keyboard you could try that route.
\015\012lastly, about the data on your hard drive; the easiest way would be to\015\012make another partition on that drive and drag all your files over to\015\012it. When you format/install XP it will be to the original partition and\015\012your data will be safe. There are also freeware apps which will allow\015\012you to read/copy NTFS from win98 ... here's one such:
\015\012Play with it a bit before you wipe your drive - you want to make sure your data has been moved.
\015\012Hope this helps a bit.


1. Connect your VGA cable to the onboard port. (Not the Radeon)\015\012
2. Boot the computer into Safe Mode by pressing F8 when you see the blue Dell Logo, and go up to Safe Mode.\015\012
3. Open the Device Manager by Right Clicking on My Computer, select Properties, and then click Device Manager.\015\012
4. Click Display Adapters (or something of the sort) until you see the Intel Graphics Controller. \015\012
5. Right click it, and select Disable. DO NOT CLICK UNINSTALL! \015\012
6. Windows is going to ask you to restart. Click the box that says you'll do it later, and Shutdown your PC. \015\012
7. Proceed to install the card, and connect the VGA cable to the Radeon. \015\012
8. Reboot your PC. \015\012
9. When you get back into Windows, install the Drivers from the\015\012Supplied CD. Also, make sure that the setting in your BIOS for Primary\015\012Video Adapter is set to Auto.\015\012
Done! Hope this helps!\015\012 \015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011
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I am unable to open cafe world - Dell Dimension 2400 PC Desktop

You've done all the right things - likely the keyboard controller is\015\012shot. If you can live with not turning off your computer you could\015\012probably get years more out of this box ... assuming you can get a usb\015\012mouse/keyboard running ... Dell Dimension 2400 PC Desktop

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