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Compaq Presario R3275US 0 Power Jack issues

\015 Is there a manual that shows how to take apart this laptop so I can check the solder connects to the jack. If you twist or put some upward presure on the jack it connects and changes fine, otherwise it might change for a brief moment and then stop charging.\015\012\015\012Thank you\015

Answers :

Yes there is a manual, and it's at your disposal. It's a Maintenance and Service Guide. Don't let the name -> Guide fool you! It's an extensive manual!

(Your diagnoses is Spot On, by the way!) I would like to offer some tips. Not trying to sound conceited,
but I'm a tech, and this is one of my areas of expertise. You are going to be as deep technically as you can be, when trying to repair this laptop's DC Power Jack. There are not that many of us techs that do this anymore. 'Parts Changers' just replace the entire motherboard. If you are electronics technically inclined, then please disregard the following.

1.My first tip is that you buy a ESD wrist strap. (ElectroStatic Discharge) This item is cheap, and I advise Do Not work on a laptop without it. (Believe Radio Shack has them for $7) I connect the alligator clip to an empty desktop computer case. Clip to the metal frame.
Your body carries Static electricity, and static will burn out your delicate hardware components. You may not even see it, or feel it!

2.I use an egg carton, and label each egg holder, for the areas the various screws come out of. May not sound very 'techie', but I use them once, and throw them away.

3.If this is unfamiliar territory for you, I would like to suggest using a digital camera, and good lighting, as you disassemble. Write notes, make drawings. You may get interrupted, and not be able to resume until a later time.

4.Be sure, of course to disconnect the AC adapter if plugged in, and remove the battery.

5.All peripheral components, and covers are to be removed first, before taking any screws out of the main body of the case.

6.When you are done, you will have the bare motherboard in your hand. No processor, no ram memory, no wireless, no nothing.

This is a photo of a basic DC Power Jack, http://ep.yimg.com/ip/I/yhst-42877593004970_2052_2661810
In the photo the jack is upside down, in relation to how it sits on the motherboard. The center pin of a DC Power Jack is the Positive connection. The outer metal shell is the Negative connection. (Some jacks use a flat piece of metal at the back, and no metal shell)

Here is HP.com/Support, and the download page for the Compaq Presario 3000 Series laptops,

Your Compaq Presario R3275US is part of the 3000 Series.
On this page go down to ->
Maintenance and Service Guide - Compaq Notebook 800 Series, Compaq Presario 3000 Series Mobile PC <- and click on it. It's in blue.
This is a PDF file download. I downloaded it just now with my medium speed DSL connection, and it took 3 seconds for the first page to come up. It took an additional 1 minute, and 6 seconds for the file to fully download. I definitely suggest not looking through it, until it has fully downloaded! You may break the connection if you do. (Your computer has Adobe Reader on it. Adobe Reader uses PDF files. I use Adobe Reader 9.1)

Again, not trying to insult your intelligence. You can save this PDF file to your computer. This way you can look at it anytime you want, and can also burn it off to CD disk, freeing up space on your harddrive. I would suggest trying the CD disk out, before you delete it from your computer)
To do this click on the Floppy Disk icon. In the top header, it's the second icon from the left. Hovering your mouse cursor on it will briefly reveal, "Click to save this file to your computer or another location"

After you click on the Floppy Disk icon, a -> Save a copy.. <- window will come up. If you don't have your downloads saved to your My Documents folder, it will go to your desktop screen. To save it to My Documents, go to the -> Save in: <- box, and click on the down arrow to the right. Now in the file tree to the left, click on My Documents.
Also, unless you want to look in your My Documents folder, and on your saved CD disk for ->
c01142807.pdf <- you may want to do this;
In the -> File name: <- box, put your mouse cursor right after the f in pdf
Left-click Twice. Now make 1 space with your space bar. Type Compaq Presario 3000 Series Service Manual
Now go down to the bottom right, and click on -> Save.
You're done!

I would start with Page 72. Page 79 is the start of completely disassembling. Page 114 is for disassembling down to the motherboard.
Unplug the powercord and try to move around the DC-Jack with a small flatheat screwdriver. If the jack moves around freely or the middle pin has too much slack you most likely have a defective DC-Jack. You can replace it yourself there are guides online that show you how to do this. The repair takes about 2-3 hours. I work for a company called Laptop Repair NYC and we do this repair frequently.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Compaq Presario R3000 Notebook

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Compaq Presario R3275US 0 Power Jack issues

Yes there is a manual, and it's at your disposal. It's a Maintenance and Service Guide. Don't let the name -> Guide fool you! It's an extensive manual!(Your diagnoses is Spot On, by the way!) I would like to offer some tips. Not trying ... Compaq Presario R3000 Notebook

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