Having problems with your Compaq Presario M2000 Notebook ?

My lcd backlight has burned out

\015 The computer boots fine, but the backlight is gone. I've been told I'll have to replace the entire screen - almost as much as the computer. Any suggestions?\015

Answers :

There are four options. One is to replace the entire LCD Panel. Not cost effective but probably the easiest. Two is to replace the flourescent tube, but this requires unmounting the panel from the laptop, disassembling it, desoldering and soldering the old/new tubes, reassembly and remounting. The time and hassle is not worth the amount spent on a new LCD (besides, the flourescents are very fragile and break easily, plus they are made with lead so you must wear gloves for the replacement procedure). Three is that you can use an external monitor, so long as you have no reason to move the laptop. Fourth is buy a new machine.
\015\012I would probably look on eBay for a known good used panel or even a dead system on the same brand/model which has a good LCD and then change the panel myself. It is not that hard, especially if you find the right service manual.
\015\012But how do you know it is the backlight? It might also be a bad inverter. An inverter is about $30 where a new LCD would be $150 or more, and even a used one might run $75. Best to try to find a non-working used system with no video problems, or maybe even a complete replacement top on eBay so you have all the parts you might need.
If the backlight has gone you can replace just the backlight....assuming you start your laptop and you only see a very faint image of your normal windows desktop...this is generally the backlight failure.....you can buy backlights separately and fit them yourself....problem is you have to take apart the screen housing and remove the screen (the backlight is attached to the screen...looks like a minature florescent bulb)...you'll have to remove approximately 8 screws to get the screen out.....its a little tricky and you have to be careful not to damage the screen when tightening screws....I'd suggest taking it to nearest independent PC shop and getting a quote....backlights vary in price and are sized to fit screen size....I've seen some for sale on ebay...that should give you an idea of price...then just add labour..
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