Having problems with your Compaq Presario 1700 Notebook ?

Repositioning the screen makes the computer cut out. it seems to only work when the screen is tilted far back.

Answers :

I agree with thgrtalex.

I also think the Display Cable connector may have come loose.

I will go further, and state that I think the flat 'ribbon' cable, (Display Cable), may have come loose in it's ZIF socket.

The Display cable used in the Compaq Presario 1700 Series laptops, is a thin, flat cable. Wires separated by insulation, and lay flat side by side, making up a flat 'Ribbon' cable.

The ends of the wires are exposed, and have a conductive coating applied to them.They are flat in shape.

This flat cable then goes down into a ZIF connector, on the motherboard inside the laptop.
ZIF is Zero Insertion Force.

The connector is composed of two parts, but they do not fully separate from each other. For this particular ZIF connector it is rectangular in shape.
It is tough to explain this ZIF connector, but I'll try, and then give you a link that shows it.

Think of a rectangular plastic box. Now insert a smaller rectangular box inside it. The smaller box has a Lip on top. Keeps it from sliding through the larger box. It also has a small plastic protrusion on the bottom edge, which keeps it from coming all the way out of the larger box.

The smaller box is shaped, so that when it is pushed down all the way into the larger box, it locks the flat cable in.
Inside this rectangular box shape are Contact Pins. Each contact, lines up with a particular wire in the flat cable.

To open this ZIF connector, and release the flat cable so that it can be extracted, the Lip of the top box is eased up with your Fingernails.
Using a metallic device may be detrimental, and a slip could damage your laptop beyond simple repair. (Or worse!)

The 'Lip' only comes up just a little bit. Approximately 1/16th of an inch. Then a gentle pull of the flat cable should extract it from the ZIF connector.
(NOTE* Where gentle is used, I mean GENTLE!)

When looking at the connector in a closed position, it is hard to discern where the parting line is for the two parts. You have to look REAL close, and you will see a very thin line down from the top, approximately 1/8th inch down.

I apologize in advance for this being so lengthy, but should you decide to take this task on yourself, I wanted to detail out about the Display cable ZIF connector.
If one has never been faced with this connector before, it can be puzzling, and Easily damaged, as well as the flat cable.

The Display cable ZIF connector is accessed by removing,

1.The LED Button Bezel

2.The Keyboard

(Also Keyboard Cable connection. Use care as the keyboard cable is composed of VERY small wires! The wire insulation is pretty tough! The connector is NOT!
After you remove the LED Button Bezel, the keyboard can be lifted up. I advise you to NOT lift it straight up to a 90 degree position! You can break the tabs off!
Lift it to a 45 degree position. Now lift it part way out, and remove it's cable from the connector. The keyboard cable is Short!)

Check the connection of the Backlight connector too.

If this turns out to Not be the problem, then I would check the connection inside the Display Panel next. (Display screen)

There is an Inverter that the Display cable connects to. The Display Panel Bezel has to be removed to access this.

The above, I hope will make more sense after you view the Compaq Presario 1700XL Series Service Manual.
This is a PDF file download. Your computer has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files.

After you click on the PDF file name, you may not see anything happening for 10 to 30 seconds. Please be patient as the file is downloading. Let it download ALL the way before looking through it. Otherwise you may break the download connection. I just downloaded it, and it is a safe download. (Checked with all of my antivirus software)


This file is from ELHVB.com
On this page look under the heading in the left hand column - Filename
Scroll down, and click on - 1700xl.pdf

The PDF file will now start downloading.
After it has fully downloaded, look up at the top header. To the Right of the blue Up and Down Arrows is a box. This has the page number in it. To speedily get to a certain page, instead of scrolling page by page, just Left-click once in this box, and type the page number. Then press the Enter key.

Disregard the above if you are familiar with PDF files. (Not trying to insult you)

Page 84 has info on ZIF connectors.
Page 91 shows removal of the LED Button Bezel.
Page 93 shows removal of the Keyboard
Page 101 starts with removal of the Display Panel. If you are just going to check your Display cable connection, and the Backlight connection, I would advise starting with Page 103.

If you have to remove the Display Panel Bezel to access the Inverter, the Display Panel must be removed from the body of the laptop.
They do not detail out in this particular service manual, on how to do that.
Should you need this information come back, and state so. I will detail it out, and find you a link to help show you.

(Once you have disassembled the first 10 laptops to repair them, you'll soon find they all have a general procedure for disassembling)
Things to know before you start:

1.ALL power must be removed from the laptop before you begin! I cannot stress this enough. Remove the AC adapter, (Charger), and the Battery.

2.I advise that you buy, and wear an ESD Wrist S-trap. (ElectroStatic Discharge. S-trap is a censored word)
The average cost is around $6. Cheap insurance so that you won't damage your laptop.

Here is an example:


A lot of computer related stores carry these.
The wrist s-trap has an exposed piece of metal, that contacts the skin of your wrist.
The metal is connected to the coiled cable where it ends in an Alligator clip. The clip is attached to a good ground source.

(I attach to the metal frame of an empty desktop computer case. You can also attach it to a working computer's metal frame. (Computer case open, computer off, and UNPLUGGED from power)
The connection from the monitor(screen) to the mother board is loose or there is a nick in the wires. The wires are tucked in one of the hinges.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Compaq Presario 1700 Notebook

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