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Copy of instuctions for fighter squadron

\015 Can i download instructions for the game i cant throttle up?\015\012thank you \015

Answers :

Flight and Weapons\015\012
\015\012\015\012Button 1\015\012 fire main weapon\015\012\015\012Button 2\015\012 fire guns\015\012\015\012Keyboard\015\012
\015\012\015\012E\015\012 engine on/off\015\012\015\012Ctrl P\015\012 props feather on/off\015\012\015\012P\015\012 toggle autopilot\015\012\015\012+\015\012 increase throttle\015\012\015\012-\015\012 decrease throttle\015\012\015\012F\015\012 flaps down\015\012\015\012Shift F\015\012 flaps up\015\012\015\012G\015\012 landing gear up/down\015\012\015\012B\015\012 toggle wheel brakes\015\012\015\012Ctrl E\015\012 eject\015\012\015\012T\015\012 target\015\012\015\012Space\015\012 fire guns\015\012\015\0121\015\012 select main weapon M.G.\015\012\015\0122\015\012 select main weapon cannon\015\012\015\0123\015\012 select main weapon all guns\015\012\015\0124\015\012 select rockets\015\012\015\0125\015\012 select bombs\015\012\015\0126\015\012 select bomb bays\015\012\015\012A\015\012 arm master weapon\015\012\015\012Enter\015\012 weapons release\015\012\015\012D\015\012 toggle bomb bay door\015\012\015\012Wingman Commands\015\012
\015\012\015\012J\015\012 as you were\015\012\015\012K\015\012 form up on my wing\015\012\015\012L\015\012 attack my target\015\012\015\012;\015\012 disengage\015\012\015\012'\015\012 return to base\015\012\015\012Rudder/Trim\015\012
\015\012\015\012<\015\012 rudder left\015\012\015\012>\015\012 rudder right\015\012\015\012/\015\012 rudder center\015\012\015\012Left Arrow\015\012 trim left\015\012\015\012Right Arrow\015\012 trim right\015\012\015\012Up Arrow\015\012 trim up\015\012\015\012Down Arrow\015\012 trim down\015\012\015\012Ctrl Left Arrow\015\012 rudder trim left\015\012\015\012Ctrl Right Arrow\015\012 rudder trim right\015\012\015\012View Selections\015\012
\015\012\015\012F1\015\012 set designation padlock\015\012\015\012F2\015\012 external\015\012\015\012F3\015\012 chase\015\012\015\012F4\015\012 weapon\015\012\015\012F5\015\012 next vehicle\015\012\015\012Shift F5\015\012 previous vehicle\015\012\015\012F6\015\012 command vehicle\015\012\015\012Shift F6\015\012 A.I.-controlled vehicle\015\012\015\012F7\015\012 next crew\015\012\015\012Shift F7\015\012 previous crew\015\012\015\012F8\015\012 tower view\015\012\015\012F9\015\012 quick view 1\015\012\015\012F10\015\012 quick view 2\015\012\015\012F11\015\012 quick view 3\015\012\015\012F12\015\012 quick view 4\015\012\015\012M\015\012 in mission map\015\012\015\012Shift M\015\012 in mission map close-up\015\012\015\012Overlays\015\012
\015\012\015\012H\015\012 toggle HUD\015\012\015\012Shift H\015\012 HUD mode\015\012\015\012Ctrl H\015\012 HUD color\015\012\015\012Shift I\015\012 HUD intensity up\015\012\015\012Ctrl I\015\012 HUD intensity down\015\012\015\012Alt M\015\012 target state\015\012\015\012R\015\012 target map range\015\012\015\012Alt W\015\012 weapons state\015\012\015\012Alt V\015\012 vehicle I.D. state\015\012\015\012Alt I\015\012 I.D. state\015\012\015\012Inside Plane Views\015\012
\015\012\015\012Numpad 8\015\012 foward\015\012\015\012Numpad 2\015\012 aft(behind)\015\012\015\012Numpad 4\015\012 left\015\012\015\012Numpad 6\015\012 right\015\012\015\012Numpad 5\015\012 up\015\012\015\012Numpad 0\015\012 down\015\012\015\012Shift Numpad 8\015\012 pan up(digital)\015\012\015\012Shift Numpad 2\015\012 pan down(digital)\015\012\015\012Shift Numpad 4\015\012 pan left(digital)\015\012\015\012Shift Numpad 6\015\012 pan right(digital)\015\012\015\012Ctrl Numpad 7\015\012 shift up\015\012\015\012Ctrl Numpad 1\015\012 shift down\015\012\015\012Ctrl Numpad 4\015\012 shift left\015\012\015\012Ctrl Numpad 6\015\012 shift right\015\012\015\012Ctrl Numpad 8\015\012 shift aft\015\012\015\012Ctrl Numpad 2\015\012 shift fore\015\012\015\012[\015\012 zoom in\015\012\015\012]\015\012 zoom out\015\012\015\012Shift Numpad 5\015\012 center your view\015\012\015\012System\015\012
\015\012\015\012Z\015\012 screenshot\015\012\015\012Esc\015\012 end mission\015\012\015\012Shift Esc\015\012 pause game\015\012\015\012Ctrl Esc\015\012 end program\015\012\015\012Ctrl -\015\012 reduce window\015\012\015\012Ctrl Equal Sign\015\012 enlarge window\015\012\015\012Shift -\015\012 reduce gamma\015\012\015\012Shift +\015\012 increase gamma\015\012\015\012Network\015\012
\015\012\015\012~\015\012 radio chat
\015\012Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe"Is the only game I could find that had "Fighter Squadron" in it.
How ever, it should have the same game commands, most flying games are basic, and continue game to game, when they are form the same company.. The link below is a complete list of all in game commands for pc. ENJOY

Please rate me, and give me some feed back.
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Copy of instuctions for fighter squadron

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