Having problems with your Acer TravelMate 512DX Notebook ?

ACER Travelmate 512DX totally blocked

\015 Switching on the computer, the top left corner of the screen shows an icon (of a red monitor with a key) requiring a password of max 7 digits.\015\012After 3 attempts the computer is completely blockede and you need to restart it depressing the ON/OFF pushbutton; neither is possible to access the BIOS because the F2 button, nor any other combination of commands, doesn't work.\015\012\015\012No one set any protection key.\015\012Since the last 4 years the compouter wasn't connected to internet and was rarely used by my sons for school exercises.\015

Answers :

Some computer companies have an ATMEL chip on their laptop motherboards. I have found this on an IBM Laptop. The IBM Atmel chip has to be cleared on these. They have the same problem that you have. I have also seen a Toshiba do this.
I did not see anywhere on the internet where you should have the same problem Just wanted to pass that along to you for future reference.

You can try the following for your problem. Sounds like someone at some time had to have messed around and put a BIOS password in. To clear this you will have to find the CMOS battery to clear the password. This will have to come out for a couple of minutes and then turn the system on. This should fix your problem. The CMOS battery looks like a big watch battery. There might be a switch or button near the battery that can also do this,
The reason that I told you the first problem that I had; was that I did what I told you to do to solve this same problem. A customer had bought a IBM laptop and it had a BIOS password in it. I took the battery out of it to clear the password. IBM even told me that I could do this. When I did this, I found out that there was another password in it that was not there before. Some laptops can have many types of passwords in them. The hard drive, or bios can be passworded. When the hard drive is passworded, the hard drive password will always be in it. The original system is the only one that can take the password out of the hard drive unless the new laptop is capable of taking it out or changing it. This could be your problem. The hard drive could be passworded.

I might seem crazy to you, but I wanted to explain all of this to you so you could see everything that could go wrong. I hope that taking the CMOS battery out will solve your problem. If it does not you will have to cross the connections where it is installed when it is booting up.

Please let me know if this works. It can help me help others with the same problem in the future.

\015\012\015\012I can't fix this for you, but if I helped you get it fixed,\015\012please rate it as a fixya not a helpful rating. These ratings let me be\015\012allowed to help you and others in the future. \015\012If you need more help, feel free to keep asking, but keep the original\015\012information so I can see it.
Obviously someone did go into your bios setup and enabled the administrator password otherwise it would not ask for one. Now there are only two ways around this problem. 1 you will have to find yourself an experienced technician who is clued up with bios systems and motherboards, because what he needs to do is reset or in some circles they call it, flash you bios and thus this will reset the password and you machine will no longer ask for it inless you set it up again. this it a fairly simple procedure but it has to be done the right way otherwise you might cause other problems. 2 you could just replace you motherboard and problem solved (expensive).
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ACER Travelmate 512DX totally blocked

Some computer companies have an ATMEL chip on their laptop motherboards. I have found this on an IBM Laptop. The IBM Atmel chip has to be cleared on these. They have the same problem that you have. I have also seen a Toshiba do this.I did n ... Acer TravelMate 512DX Notebook

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This link will help you understand\015\012\015\012http://support.microsoft.com/kb/892889\015\012 ... Acer TravelMate 270XV Notebook

I have an Acer Travelmate 5520. Last night while working the screen started to flash and then went totally blank. I powered down and back up again and the same thing happened. The laptop is running but the screen is black and on start up sounded like it was sizzling(as if you put water in a hot pan)but that stopped after a few minutes.

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