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I have a Acer 9410Z. I can't unlock it

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Posted by SellersCity on Sunday, April 15, 2018

\015 My daughter came home from school for a week broght her boyfriend with.\015\012Well to make a long story short I didn't trust him. So I put a password on my Laptop and now I can't get into it. I contacted Acer and they want me to send it to them, and pay them to fix it..Acer Aspire 9410Z\015\012\015\012Can somebody help me Please..\015\012\015\012Thank you!\015\012Robert\015

Answers :

Hi Robert\015\012
\015\012Please follow this procedure to change the password:\015\012
  1. XP. Go into safe mode by re-starting the computer and \015\012pressing F8 repeatedly as the computer starts up. You will be given a choice on \015\012which "mode" you'd like to start Window in. Choose Safe mode. Then (in safe \015\012mode) click Start and then click Run. In the open box type "control \015\012userpasswords2" (without the quotes). You will now have access to all the user \015\012accounts, including the administrator's account and will be able to reset the \015\012password. Just click the administrators user account, and then click Reset \015\012Password \015\012
  2. \015\012
  3. Just start the computer in safe mode and then click change user accounts and \015\012remove the password on that account...simple... \015\012
  4. \015\012
  5. press F12 and ctrl at the same time to unlock... \015\012
  6. \015\012
  7. if u r able to get erd bootable cd than simple boot from that cd and remove \015\012your admin password \015\012
  8. \015\012
  9. Just a Simple n experimental Solution.

    Attach your HDD to different \015\012Computer and browse through your disk then do the following task

    Rename \015\012your SAM File located in \\windows\\system32\\config\\SAM to SAM1
    Copy SAM from \015\012\\windows\\repair\\SAM and paste it in \\windows\\system32\\config\\SAM
    Attach back \015\012again to your computer and it will work with blank administrator password. means \015\012logging in to admin account without password...
    You should first connect your HD to a \015\012different computer and backup all the important information:

Here is how \015\012to reset your password if you want :

  1. 1. Install an alternate copy of Windows NT.
    2. \015\012Boot up the alternate install.
    2. click on Start->Control \015\012Panel->System->Startup and change the default boot instance to your \015\012original install.
    4. In the original Windows folder, go to System32 \015\012sub-folder.
    5. make a copy of logon.scr, the default logon screen saver \015\012script, rename it to logon123.scr
    6. Delete logon.scr.
    7. make a Copy of \015\012CMD.EXE and rename it to logon.scr.
    8. Shutdown and restart your original \015\012install.
    9. Wait until the command prompt appear it might take some time so \015\012be patient.
    10. Type: net user administrator 1234567
    11. Delete the \015\012logon.scr from %SystemRoot%\\System32.
    12. Rename the saved logon123.scr back \015\012to logon.scr.

    Now you should be able to login as administrator with \015\012password 1234567.
    * if you have a different user name for administrator use \015\012it instead. \015\012
  2. \015\012
  3. Just a note:
    If you wish to remove the alternate install:
    1. Delete \015\012its' folder.
    2. ATTRIB -R -S -H c:\\BOOT.INI
    3. Edit c:\\BOOT.INI and remove \015\012the alternate install's entries.
  4. \015\012
  5. Notes:
  6. \015\012
  7. u can log on to administrator by press CTRL+ALT+DELETE on your \015\012keyboard without safe mode. In the user name enter administrator and enter \015\012
  8. \015\012
  9. U need 1 blank disc and burning program such as nero, alcohol, \015\012ashmpoo or sonic. \015\012
  10. \015\012
  11. from the account you made open the Command Prompt from RUN => \015\012and write CMD
    press CD\\ then enter
    write this command:
    tou will get a password use it login to your admin :D \015\012
  12. \015\012
  13. If you have access to any account goto cmd and type:
    net user \015\012administrator *
    or change administrator to any account name
    or boot into \015\012safe mode, click the admin and do it in there. Admin account might not be \015\012password protected in safe mode. 
\015\012Please do accept this solution and revert for further assistance.\015\012
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