Having problems with your Acer Aspire One Netbook 8.9" Notebook ?

I am not happy with my acer aspire one

\015 I bought a reburbished one off of ebay and am very dissapointed. it is a solid state hard drive , which we did not knowabout that. Plus, we cannot upgrade it at all. So we are stuck with a computer that runs slow any suggestions? My wife is very dissapointed. Please do you have any suggestions?\015

Answers :

\015\012I had a similar issue,\015\012
\015\012Try searching for FlashFire on google, and install the application, it will optimize the writes to your SSD and makes a TREMENDOUS difference on its performance. Note that Flashfire is for Windows environments only!\015\012
You can do some very limited upgrades but you will have to wait a while before the larger sshd's come down in price and there are more addon's out there to upgrade with. They are about the same as any laptop so you can't upgrade anything like you can with a desktop.
\015\012These are normally a pretty quick slick machine when I've played with them. Now assuming you are talking slow in general and not just when using a certain program then we need to look at a few of the usual windows slow causing suspects.
\015\012Virus's and spyware. First thing I would do is run a complete system scan. This is the #1 cause of the slows. There are several online scanners such as House call (microtrend) that scan and fix both.
\015\012Spybit S&D and Adaware are good anti malware programs (also free).
\015\012Mal ware are like stupid vi rues and they just keep loading more and more junk onto your computer until it is trying to run way more than it can handle.Had one guy with the slows with a 2 month old laptop ready to go out and get a new one, problem was he had over 700 spyware programs trying to load and run. If you hit ctrl-alt-del and then look at how much ram is being used and how much cpu you should see a small percentage. On a XP install 250-360mb of ram is normal. And if you have a good fairly clean install if you aren't doing anything 0-2% cpu usage no more. If you see more than that start looking at what is running. The single biggest cpu should be system idle process. You can look up each name using a seach engine like google to find out if it is a legitimate process or not.
\015\012The next thing I would check is if your antivirus program itself is the cause. Some are known to cause the cpu to run at 100% when they have problems. If you turn it off and you see a speed jump you may have found your problem. The usual fix is to uninstall then reinstall them. As well you want to check if there is or was one or more antivirus programs installed or previously installed. Sometimes people don't bother to uninstall the old antivirus and when you get a couple of those running at the same time things get rather slow. Same if they didn't install properly.
\015\012If you have a lot of stubborn virus's or they don't really want to clean up, save off your documents, photos shortcuts, email addy's etc and reinstall windows. It's like opening eggs with a hammer but sometimes its the only way to really fix things. If the slows are software caused this usually does the trick but you will spend a few days getting things set back up.
\015\012You can also have a couple of hardware issues. One is overheating. Yours should barely get warm. You can have a bad memory or ram chip. This will fail or develop errors that will slow things but usually you get the blue screen of death with these things. You can also have or could (never seen one yet) a problem with the sshd. Since this drive is just a bunch of nonvolatile ram it can or could have locations going bad or have a connector or controller error.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Acer Aspire One Netbook 8.9" Notebook

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