Having problems with your Acer Aspire 9410 Notebook ?

How do I remove keyboard Acer 9410 and replace with new one?

\015 Have to replace my keyboard and need to know how to get current one off so I can put my new one on.\015\012How do I get it off safely\015

Answers :

Start by turning the laptop off and removing the battery so that you don't accidentally restart it.
\015\012As posted eleswere, the 9410 has clips holding it in to the top of the laptop.On some units there are 4 of these clips, not three. On a new unit you can push clips back with very little effort and lift the keyboard up alog the edge closest to the screen with very little effort by gently putting something thin like the edge of a rasier knife just underneath the edge of the keyboard. Don't worry, as you'll see when you get it out, there is nothing to cut there and there are no electronics to damage, even a 1/4" in under the keyboard.
\015\012On some units though, you may be replacing the keyboard because something has been splilled into it. In that case, the little clips may not move as freely, just give them a good push and they should break any little seal that has formed from dry sugar or other things in the drink. The next challenge will be the keyboard. If you look at the bottom of the new keyboard you will see it has a large flat surface with a flat ribbon connector on it. When it's installed, this flat surface is pretty much right up against a similar flat surface inside the laptop. If a spilled drink has been allowed to dry in there you will probably find that the two surfaces are glued together by the sugars and that pulling up on the keyboard just doesn't feel right. At this point you need to know that there are no screws or anything else holding it in place, it's just glued in by the drink. In this case you will need to work from a corner ( R or L, doesn't matter) and really pry up the corner. You will probably bend and damage the old keyboard a bit doing this. Once you get a corner up. Use the blunt end of a table knife or something similar to work your way along the edge of the keyboard nearest the screen until the entire leading edge is free. You can work in an inch or two, you won't hurt anything. Once you have the leading edge free you'll need to peel the keyboard away, probably by working first around the outer edges at the sides and towards the front of the unit to break the seal caused by the dried up drink. If you look at the new keyboard you'll see that the ribbon cable fastens in somewhere near the center. Once you've freed up the keyboard, the ribbon cable will pull loose from its connector by simply pulling it flat towards the front of the laptop. Try not to pull up as much as possible, a little won't hurt and is almost impossible to avoid but keep it as flat as possible. Once you have the flat cable unplugged the old keyboard will simply pull away from the unit. You can clean the area where they keyboard sits wth a vacuum and work on any sticky deposits with a soft cloth or Q-Tip and, if you have it, a little bit of alchohol. Even water is OK on a damp cloth but it doesn't evaporate as quickly so rub it dry when you are done.
\015\012On the laptop side you will see the connector that you will be sliding the flat cable back into. On most laptops the cable locks into place a little better with a mechinsm on the side of the connector that you can slide forward close to an 1/8th on an inch ( 2 to 3 mm). This will make it much easier to slide the flat cable in from the keyboard. If possible you cna make getting the old keyboard out a little easier by releasing this before you unplug the cable. Once you have the cable from the new keyboard inserted, push the mechism toward the screen on the two sides to help lock the flat cable in place. Then, lay the tabs along the front of the keyboard into the slots they fit into toward the front of the laptop (nearest the space bar) and gently push the keyboard in place down past the three or four retaining clips that hold it in place on the laptop along the screen end of the keyboard.
\015\012Replace the battery, turn the laptop on and your new keyboard should be working. If it isn't working you should reverse the procedure to make sure the flat cable is plugged in. If it is plugged iona nd the keyboard still isn't working you hav esomething a little more serious wrong and may want to send the unit in for service. Tehre aren't really any more user-serviceable parts that would affect the operation of the keyboard.
Look across the top of the keyboard and you will see three small clips or tines that hold the keyboard in place. With a tiny screwdriver or knife point, push each of the clips toward the screen - doing so will release the top of the keyboard. Once released, rotate the keyboard up and move it towards the screen - this will release the bottom portion of the keyboard. Under the keyboard you will see the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the computer base - pull the ribbon cable to the rear towards you to release it, and the keyboard and ribbon cable are free of the computer. If the keyboard is damaged or if any of the keys are not working, you can get a brand new keyboard for less than $30
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