Having problems with your Acer Aspire 6930-6455 Notebook PC ?

Computer not finding SD card, I put the SD card in like normal but nothing happens. I go into computer and it does not show up there either

Answers :

SD cards are not created equally! There is so much more to know than just the\012capacity.
\012There are many things about SD cards most people are not\012aware of. After having numerous problems\012with my cards, I thought I would share what I learned, mostly from online\012articles, trial and error!
\012There are SD cards (Secure Digital)
\012\012SDHC cards (SD high capacity)
\012\012and SDXC cards (SD extra high capacity, high performance)
\012Speed Class: There\012may be a C with a number inside the C printed on the card, (or a U with a 1 in\012it) - if there is no C or U on your card, it is a C2 card.
\012\012C2 is for basic data and photo use and has a slower\012processing speed.
\012\012C4 and C6 are acceptable for up to basic video.
\012\012C8 and C10 are high performance, fast processing speeds -\012and cost more.
\012\012The U1 symbol indicates fastest processing speed available,\012and will cost the most. For large size,\012HD videos.
\012\012If you are trying to use a basic SD2 card (no C rating or C2\012rated) for a high quality or high speed video or large RAW photo, you may have\012problems with your device. The card may\012not be able to keep up speed-wise. These\012are generally older, or lowest priced cards. \012More information and photo examples on the speed class here: https://www.sdcard.org/consumers/speed/speed_class/
\012Your device will read SD cards up to the capacity it is\012capable of. A device with SDHC capability\012will be able to read basic SD cards, but might not be able to read an SDXC\012card, so you may think you have a defective card when you actually just have a\012device that does not have the capability to read it.
\012If your computer's SD reader or\012peripheral card reading device has an SD card reader and it cannot read SDHC\012(high capacity) or SDXC (extra high performance/capacity) it will reject or not\012see the card and you might think you have a defective card. Put the card in your camera or other device\012you are going to use it for, and then using the USB cord that came with the\012device, plug that into your PC. The PC\012will be able to read the card that way, edit it, etc.
\012After copying all files on the SD\012card to your computer, you may wish to format the card before using it\012again. When formatting the card,\012IMPORTANT: Make sure you have copied all\012the data you want to keep onto your hard drive, and make sure it is formatted\012FAT32. I kept formatting a card FAT (which\012was the default for this card), and the recordable capacity of the card kept\012getting smaller...and smaller...a 2GB card was only allowing 350, 250, 125 MB of\012data to be stored on it! I kept hitting\012a brick wall trying to copy files onto it. \012I kept formatting the card, thinking there was some de-frag issue or\012corrupted portion, and the capacity of what it would store kept diminishing -\012until I formatted the card FAT32. ONLY\012THEN was the card able to store to its true capacity. I was able to do this in Windows in Explorer\012- right click the drive the SD card is in, select Format, verify the Capacity\012(card size), verify the File System (use the pulldown menu to select FAT32 if\012it is not selected), and then click Start and allow the computer to remain\012undisturbed until the format is complete. \012I found a web page that covers this: \012http://pvillecomp.com/
\012There is an SD website that offers a\012download for proper formatting of your SD card, with downloadable\012instructions. I was using Windows to\012format my SD cards, but the SD website recommends using software that\012specifically formats SD cards. Here is\012the site: www.SDcard.org. Click the Downloads section.
\012Some older devices can only handle\012smaller SD cards (2 GB or smaller), so if your device cannot read a particular SD\012card...check your owner's manual. There is\012usually a limit to the size, capacity, speed, type, etc. of the cards each\012device can handle.
\012It is also possible to partition an\012SD card so it can be read by more devices, or separated for organization\012purposes. I prefer smaller SD cards when\012possible to avoid a huge loss if the card becomes damaged, lost, etc., but for\012those who have cards that are 16+ GB in size they may want to partition\012them. Here is a website for that:
\012Hope this helps!
Hi there, I like to informed you that, 1st confirm when you put the SD card inside in reader, that time your card must be unlocked.There is a small key in SD card for Lock/Unlock.
\015\012Ok now follow my instruction.
\015\0121. Put SD Card in the reader.
\015\0122. If nothing happens then run your ACER driver DVD & select Card Reader then install it. Remember don't remove your SD card, on the moment of Card Reader installation. After finish the installation restart the laptop. Now you will see the card reader is working.
\015\012 Thanks & waiting for your feedback.
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