Having problems with your Acer Aspire 5610-4648 Notebook ?

Got two 5610 s power supply socket pins have broken off in both units no one wants to repair them

Answers :


1.The DC Power Jack, (DC-IN), is located on the corner of the motherboard. The motherboard is a circuit board. Circuit boards for laptops are not of good quality, compared to a desktop computer motherboard. They crack easily.


A.The motherboard could be damaged, whereupon trying to remove, and install a new DC-IN jack is not feasible.

The circuit board is made up of layers. The top layer is a very thin copper sheet. A masking agent is applied to the sheet, where circuit traces will remain, and acid is used to remove the areas not masked.

This leaves very thin copper traces. Think of traces as very small, thin, flat, copper wires.
If the circuit board breaks, (Motherboard), the circuit traces are damaged. Like tearing a wire into two pieces.

You're not going to glue the motherboard back together, and solder the circuit trace, broken ends back together.

This is a bad motherboard design.

Granted the DC Power Jack, isn't the greatest design either.
Bump the AC adapter plug, while the plug is installed in the DC Power jack, and you can destroy a jack in milliseconds.
The body of the jack is Plastic.

2.The average person who refers to themselves as a 'Tech', is no more than a glorified parts changer.

'Problem with the motherboard? Whoa, too technical for me to try to fix. Just replace the motherboard!'

It does take technical skill to replace the jack.

A) If you linger too long with the soldering iron, you will burn the board. (Motherboard)

B) Lift the circuit trace right off of the motherboard.

C) Burn the area around the hole, that one of the leads of the jack goes through.
Renders the area useless to accept solder anymore.

D) If you don't keep the soldering iron there long enough, you will wind up with a cold solder joint.

[Generally you have a 3 to 4 second window]

There is also a technique for removing the jack.
The solder joints for the leads of the jack are heated, one by one, and just enough to melt the solder.
Then each lead is gently pulled out a little bit.

The solder cools. You can only go so far with one lead coming out, because the other leads are still soldered in.

You have to go to the next lead, melt the solder, pull out a little bit. Stop. Go to the next lead.
Eventually all leads will start coming out of the motherboard, and you have the jack in your hand.

2a) Also generates more money for the repair shop. Replacing a motherboard, will cost more than replacing a DC Power Jack.

Sound like a pessimist? Nope, just being realistic, and telling you straight up.

What I can offer:
1.Check the internet for places that may replace those DC-IN power jacks. Average cost that I have seen is around $100. There may be cheaper places.

2.Look for a motherboard to replace the one's you have. I'm not advertising for Ebay, but I have found parts there.

3.Weigh out whether you may want to tackle the job yourself. Practice your soldering, and de-soldering skills, on circuit boards that have become useless.

Look on the internet for - Acer Aspire 5610 DC Power Jack.

Advise using a 25 Watt soldering iron with a small pencil tip. Use a soldering iron holder, keep the sponge damp, and clean the soldering iron tip frequently.
Keep the tip tinned.

Use Desoldering Braid, (Solder Wick), instead of a Desoldering Tool. Works much better.

Use .022 gauge Rosin core solder, or .032 gauge.
(Diameter of the solder)

Use Rosin Flux Paste. Buy a couple of disposable brushes to apply the paste.

Buy, and use an ESD wrist s-trap. (Electro Static Discharge) Connect the alligator clip to a good ground source. (Empty desktop computer case, and connect to the metal frame, is one choice)

Your body carries Static electricity. Static electricity will fry out the hardware components inside a computer, in a flash!
You probably won't see it or feel it. The ESD wrist s-trap will help to relieve your body of Static.
Cost averages around $6.

Use a multi-compartment container, for the screws you will remove. Mark each container for where the screws came out of.
There are as many as 60 screws, and 12 different types of screws. Many look the same, but they aren't.
[You can use a clean egg carton in a pinch. Label each egg holder]

Take notes, and make drawings as you go along. I'm going to give you a link to the Service Manual, (Free), for your laptop.
Shows, and describes disassembling the laptop. Doesn't show the twists, and turns, and what you have to go through.
You may wish to use a digital camera to record your steps.

If you leave in the middle, then return a few days later, it's nice to have a record you can refer back to.

There is an alternative fix. Not a professional looking one, and the jack winds up hanging outside of the laptop.
Wires are soldered to the appropriate solder joints. (Holes in motherboard where each DC Power Jack lead goes through)
Then the wires are led out of the hole in the laptop body where the jack was.

The wires are then soldered to the appropriate pins, (Leads), on the DC Power Jack.

Unsightly, but the laptop becomes usable again.

Here's that Service Manual,


Go to the second heading down that starts with - Aspire. (1200, 1300, 1310, 1350...)
Left-click on 5610
(6th row down, second one over from the left)

After you click on - 5610 - you won't see anything happening for a few seconds. (Up to 24 seconds for some computers, and the internet connection)

The file is downloading in the background. It's a PDF file, and the computer you are using now has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files.

Wait for the PDF file to fully download before looking through it. (You can break the download connection otherwise)

There is a way to copy this fie to your computer, should you wish. (Burn to CD later)

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