Having problems with your Acer Aspire 5570-2758 Notebook ?

Display problem Dear I have Acer aspire 5570 laptop but problem is dispaly is not coming after boot. we can see only acer logo and all after that nothing on diaply.

Answers :

The most common beeps that you will encounter 95% of the time in repairing PC's\015\012are:
\015\0121 beep - computer ok
\015\012continous beeps / long beeps - memory error
\015\012continous short beeps - bios boot block/corrupted bios
\015\0121 long beep followed by 3 short beeps - video card error
\015\012or this might help
\015\012you can check out this list
\015\012AMI BIOS
\015\0121 short - Computer ok
\015\0122 short - RAM failure
\015\0123 short - Parity RAM failure
\015\0124 short - System timer failure
\015\0125 short - Motherboard failure
\015\0126 short - Keyboard controller error
\015\0127 short - CPU failure
\015\0128 short - Video RAM failure
\015\0129 short - ROM BIOS error
\015\01210 short - CMOS read/write error
\015\01211 short - Cache RAM error
\015\0121 short, 3 long - Memory failure
\015\0121 short, 8 long - Video adapter failure
\015\012Check board/chipset makers website for more infomation.
\015\012AWARD BIOS
\015\0121 long - Memory error
\015\0121 long, 2 short - Video error
\015\0121 long, 3 short - Video failure
\015\012Continuous beeps - Memory or video failure
\015\012note that AWARD relies on motherboard manufacturers to develop their own beep\015\012codes - the above are only their own internal codes. You will need to refer to\015\012your own manual for an explanation of precise codes.
\015\012Standard IBM beep codes.
\015\012No beep - Power supply or motherboard failure
\015\0121 short - System is ok
\015\0122 short - POST error (code displayed on screen)
\015\012Repeating short - Motherboard failure
\015\0121 long, 1 short - Motherboard failure
\015\0121 long, 2 short - Video display adapter failure
\015\0121 long, 3 short - Video display adapter error
\015\0123 long - Keyboard error
\015\012Pheonix beep codes
\015\0121-1-3 CMOS memory failure
\015\0121-1-4 BIOS failure
\015\0121-2-1 System timer error
\015\0121-2-2 Motherboard error
\015\0121-2-3 Motherboard error
\015\0121-3-1 Motherboard error
\015\0121-4-1 Motherboard error
\015\0121-4-2 Memory error
\015\0122-x-x Memory failure (any number of other beeps)
\015\0123-1-x Chipset error (any number of other beeps)
\015\0123-2-4 Keyboard controller error
\015\0123-3-4 Video adapter failure
\015\0124-2-4 Expansion card failure
\015\0124-3-4 Time of day clock failure
\015\0124-4-1 Serial port error
\015\0124-4-2 Parallel port error
\015\0124-4-3 Math co-processor error
\015\012\015\012 the vga board has\015\012failed, its a very common problem in acer laptops, you can get a replacement\015\012part from www.acerparts.com\015\012im not sure if they ship into us but for europe thats where I get my parts.
\015\012my acers vga failed two times, ones within warranty and 12months after that, I\015\012have to say that acer products are really bad quality, I'm not sure about the\015\012latest models but from what I've seen the vga chipsets have real issues with\015\012the motherboards and keep failing over and over again.

\015\012\015\012I have not looked inside your model\015\012but the vga is either integrated into the motherboard = that means the repair\015\012will cost the whole motherboard, better to buy a new one.
\015\012if your model has a removeable vga like mine does, then you can consider\015\012changeing it to a new one. contact acer parts.

\015\012\015\012One of the covers in the bottom is\015\012the memory, one is network and last one I don't remember.
\015\012\015\012here are the contact details if your\015\012acer is out of warranty
\015\012The parts for your model are at http://www.acerparts.com/index.php?cPath=561_562_1064

\015\012\015\012you will have to contact acer parts\015\012directly, it may be that the vga is build into the motherboard or then the vga\015\012parts are not listed.

Hope this may help;



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Display problem Dear I have Acer aspire 5570 laptop but problem is dispaly is not coming after boot. we can see only acer logo and all after that nothing on diaply.

The most common beeps that you will encounter 95% of the time in repairing PC's\015\012are:\015\012\015\0121 beep - computer ok\015\012continous beeps / long beeps - memory error\015\012continous short beeps - bios boot block/ ... Acer Aspire 5570-2758 Notebook

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